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Awesome / Ducktales Twenty Years Later

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  • The Sherlock Scan performed by both Darkwing Duck and The Green Phantom quickly deducing each other's secret identities.
  • The invasion of Duckburg is a villainous awesome, seeing the town utterly overwhelmed in criminality.
  • Dewey breaks the communist spell on Cape Suzette, using all his self will and inspiration by Scrooge to eventually rise up and destroy the device.
  • Fenton Duckworth stopping Camille the chameleon using his old armor once again.
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  • Webby's Get a Hold of Yourself, Man! and What the Hell, Hero? speech to get Dewey out of his funk after Magica steals Scrooge's dime.
  • Dewey defeats Magica DeSpell, first with a quick shot to the heart, and then reveling in her arrogance in failing to see that HE is now the number 1 richest duck, not Scrooge anymore.
  • Hewey defeats a soviet Expy superblimp almost single handedly.
  • Hewey's dramatic duel with "Junior".
  • Despite everything, you have to admit that the Big Bad had a pretty detailed plan. And in a way, it would have gone off without a hitch...if not for a little luck, some well placed friends, and of course, dramatic drastic action.
  • PK's true identity: Donald Duck. Pretty spry and lively for someone in their 50's
  • NOBODY!Fucks! With! My! Family's! Money!

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