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Heartwarming / Ducktales Twenty Years Later

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  • Despite this being a Duck Tales adventure, the way Hewey and Louie become friends with Cloudkicker and Gosalyn is pretty sweet. Especially as they both helped the two find new purposes after splitting up.
  • Huey, Dewy and Louie reunite in Duckburg.
  • Dewy's restrained happiness that it was his dime rather than Scrooge's that broke the communist spell.
  • Dewy and Louie reconciling their differences and getting drunk together having a 40 dollar bottle of alcohol.
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  • Despite being unable to have enough conclusive evidence to seriously hold the heroes's claims about Farid Kagan's evil ways, he is generous enough to give them a 5 minute head start before they have to start chasing them again.
  • Jose finding his adventurer spirit once more as he leaves the story.
  • The triplets parting on good terms now that their last great adventure was completed.
  • Dewey finally coming to terms with his legacy issues with Scrooge, finally understanding why he kept Scrooge's dime: a memory of his adventures.
  • Donald saying goodbye to his nephews after so long.
    • Huey gets a big hug and an apology, helping to give him some closure to his Disappeared Dad issues after so long.
    • Dewey and Webby offering Donald a chance to get his old job back with a pay bump.
      • Webby musing that his return would probably earn him a punch and then a kiss from Daisy
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  • The final scene of the fic: Dewy and Webby swimming in cold cash just like Scrooge of old.

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