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Unmarked spoilers below.

  • Much to the excitement of fans, the heroine of P3P is among the playable characters, making her first appearance in 10 years. She first appears in the 1st dungeon by slashing a Shadow with her naginata. And as a rendition of Danger Zone begins to play, she summons Orpheus to kill one of the other Shadows.
    • This also marks the first time we see her Persona summoning in an animated cutscene.
  • Unison, a new gameplay element that resembles the combination attack in Persona 4 Golden by having specific characters in the party:
    • Koromaru, Teddie, Morgana: Morgana transforms into his van form and lets Teddie and Koromaru drive him into the enemy.
    • Akihiko, Shinjiro and Yusuke: The three of them chug a protein shake before charging into the enemy with their weapons. More protein shakes explode from the enemy when they land a hit.
    • Junpei, Yosuke and Ryuji: When they attempt to charge at the enemy, all three of them trip and roll into the enemy.
    • Yusuke and Yukiko: Yusuke paints a cherry blossom tree and the two of them pose in front of it, then Yukiko opens her fan and Yusuke pulls out his katana and the two charge towards their enemy. The opponent is slashed in a breeze of cherry blossom petals.
    • Fuuka, Rise, Futaba: The girls join hands and restore a massive amount of HP to the party.
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    • Akihiko, Chie, Makoto: A ring of fire surrounds the three of them before they rush at their enemy and beat them at close combat.
    • Ryuji, Ann, Ken and Morgana: Ryuji uses himself as a stepping stool to allow the others to jump on his back. They land on the enemy in a Pillar of Light
    • P3 Hero and Joker: The two first point their guns at their head before charging at their enemy with their weapons.
    • P4 Hero and Joker: Joker spins towards the enemy while the P4 Hero zips around him in bursts of lightning, then the two converge on their target. Also, the first time they awaken to this Unision was during a Big Damn Heroes moment when trying to save Yosuke from a T-rex... and awesome it was indeed.
    • Kanji and Ryuji: The two prepare to beat up their enemy with their weapons, and make an impact in the from of a skull and crossbones.
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    • P3P Heroine, Ken, Aigis and Koromaru: The Heroine gathers the others before they charge to their enemy.
    • Naoto and Akechi: Naoto fires at the enemy, while Akechi zips alongside the bullet like a superhero, ready to stab at the enemy with his Laser Blade. As a final note, Akechi hits the emeny before the bullet does.
    • P3P Heroine, Akihiko, Mitsuru and Shinjiro: Mitsuru and the Heroine first slash the enemy with their weapons followed up by Akihiko and Shinjiro.
    • Makoto and Mitsuru: The two stand back-to-back before rushing the enemy, who receives several impacts from Makoto's fists, followed by a slice from Mitsuru.
    • P3P Heroine, Fuuka, Yukari and Junpei: Fuuka powers up the others as they charge the enemy.
    • Yukiko and Haru: Both girls stand side-by-side and simultaneously throw their weapons at the enemy. The axe and fan slice through a field of metal chains before reaching the target.
    • Rise, Aigis, Haru and Teddie: The four of them declare themselves to be the "Beauty League of Pretty Gals" (Teddie is in his Alice getup) and bombard the enemy with giant hearts.
    • Ann and Chie: They high-five, then proceed to attack the enemy with three whip lashes and one powerful kick, respectively.
    • P3 and P4 Hero: Both heroes slowly walk toward each other before meeting up at the center. They then pull out their swords and do a flying somersault straight at the enemy.
    • All four protagonists: Joker jumps onto the ground and pull out his knife with the other protagonists standing by his side. All four of them rush at their target and attack them with their weapons. First the P3 Hero, followed by his female counterpart, then the P4 Hero, and finally Joker. Each of their attacks has visible sharpness with each protagonist's main color applied.
  • The game's All-Out Attack, if it kills all of the remaining enemies, ends with the party walking away from the ensuing explosion.
  • Before the end of the first dungeon, the P3P heroine proves her Badass Adorable credentials: Taking on several enemies by herself before the P5 team finds her, taking down a guard with a neck chop after her Dressing as the Enemy plan goes awry, and the above-mentioned stomping on Kamoshidaman to knock him out of the air.
  • Seeing the fall of Kamoshidaman is just as satisfying as in Persona 5:
    • In true Phantom Thieves fashion, the Thieves steals Kamoshidaman's gold statue and replace it with a prop. When the false hero finds out about this, he tries to catch them but the P3P Heroine stomps him.
    • The depowered Kamoshidaman is an inversion of the Hopeless Boss Fight he previously was, as his binding skill is nullified and his attacks only do 1 damage.
  • Near the end of the first floor of Junessic Land, the team discusses the odds of encountering a dinosaur, particularly a T-Rex, and what they'd have to do. Haru suggests chopping it in half with her axe, Ann declares she'll just barbecue it, and Makoto reasons the first good move would be to blind it. Ryuji and Morgana discuss how much braver the girls are compared to them.
  • Shortly into the Junessic Land labyrinth, Joker tries ambushing an approaching enemy, only to discover it's actually the Persona 4 cast. Immediately after turning the corner the Persona 4 protagonist - who already detected him - knocks his gun aside, and nearly cuts his mask in half with one sword strike. Joker recovers quickly from this and counters with Gun Fu, until they both get into a position of mutually-assured mortal injuries... which is a huge bluff on Joker's part, since his gun doesn't work in this setting.
  • Yosuke was separated from the other P4 characters when they entered the labyrinth. Where do the group find him? Taking on a T-Rex F.O.E alone to protect one of the herbivores. And he seemed to have it covered even before the others came.
  • The three protagonists summoning their respective Personas.
  • The P3 Hero and Aigis are separated from the rest of S.E.E.S at one point during the Science Fiction labyrinth, "A.I.G.I.S.". When the united Persona users finally meet up with them, the two have been fighting endless waves of robots. Aigis activates Orgia mode to shoot many of the enemies down until she overheats. Despite losing his Evoker prior to this, the P3 Hero steps up to defend her by blocking the incoming attacks with his sword. It is also here that the P3 Hero meets his female counterpart for the first time.
  • It's been a very, very long time coming, but in A.I.G.I.S you finally, finally get to fight Shuji Ikutsuki, the guy who put everyone through so much in Persona 3. Sure, It's just a movie version, and the Persona 3 crew haven't gotten to that particular time yet, but still.
  • Despite just being Hikari's cognition of her father twisted into a Shadow-like form by her depression, Doe is revealed to have been the one who changed the movies playing in Hikari's Cinema, summoned the Persona users and the Velvet Room attendants from different years (and in one case a different universe) to the Cinema, and locked Nagi (the god of the realm) inside the theater while also taking away her powers. All of which he did to support Hikari and help her overcome her deep depression.
  • The protagonists unveil their plan to take down Enlil in the classy Persona 5 style — a calling card declaring they will steal her twisted films as they have secretly swapped her films of despair with hope-inducing ones. The effects are truly spectacular as the replaced films are reflected all through the Theater District.
  • At the end of the fight against the Final Boss, Enlil appears unshaken despite having all her HP depleted, and she effortlessly vanquishes your frontline. When all seems lost, Hikari steps forward to face Enlil alone with only a megaphone in hand. One attack from Enlil would kill her, and yet she continues to cheer on the heroes. Responding to her feelings, the four protagonists appear and finish off Enlil with a special Unison Attack, detailed above.
  • Your reward for finishing all Special Screenings is the ability to fight all the Velvet Room attendants in quick succession. You beat through the Twins first, then the Twins with Theodore, then with Margaret, then with Elizabeth, all without a mid-battle break. Finishing the battle is a feat on of itself. Finishing with a Self-Imposed Challenge is even better!


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