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Drinking Game / Persona Q2: New Cinema Labyrinth

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  • A lot of the characters undergo Flanderization, so it may be much safer to take a drink during a conversation where the following do not happen when they're present:
    • Morgana shouts, "I'm not a cat!"
    • Yusuke complains about being hungry.
    • Chie is part of the conversation and meat is brought up in some fashion.
    • Teddie hits on one of the girls and gets shot down.
    • Akihiko mentions protein in some manner, doubly so if his "Protein!" voice clip plays.
  • For less common character-based examples, do drink to each of the following:
    • Aigis is The Comically Serious in one of her own lines or when translating for Koromaru.
    • The P4 girls bring up cooking and their leader tries to change the subject.
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    • Kanji or Shinjiro's tough guy facades break.
    • Yukiko threatens to immolate Teddie.
    • Marie has one of her tsundere poetry rants.
  • Dungeon crawling:
    • Drink if you make a mistake while mapping and it got you stuck.
    • Drink if you get ambushed at a Treasure Spot.
    • Drink when the action inside of a dungeon stops so the party can talk about a new FOE.
    • Drink when a new icon gets added to your map-making tools.
    • Take a drink if you reach the floor's exit, but are a few tiles short of 100% floor completion.
      • Drink again if you have to backtrack to the golden chest to find the exact tiles you need to walk on.
      • Take two drinks if you decide to just shell out the Play Coins to open it.
  • Combat:
    • Drink if you perform an All-Out Attack but it only leaves the Shadows with just a sliver of health that any other attack from you will kill them.
    • Drink if a Rare Shadow escapes.
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    • Drink if you get tagged with a crippling ailment or bind but don't have the items/skills to cure them. Incurable binds inflicted by Absolute Power or Infinite Despair don't count.
    • Drink for each individual party death when fighting Super Kamoshidaman.
    • Count the number of turns you took to defeat Mother Computer, Doe and Enlil's second form. Take half that many drinks after you win.
    • Take a drink each time someone casts Hama on Joker on Risky difficulty. Take two if he dodges. Laugh and take zero if you were smart enough to give him Resist Bless. Scream and finish your drink if it kills him anyway.
    • Drink if Fuuka's Oracle actually does the things that you want her to do.
    • Toast when you manage to defeat a Boss or FOE.

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