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Awesome / My Little Pony/Transformers: Friendship in Disguise!

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Huh, suddenly those My Little Panzer jokes seem redundant now.

Again a crossover between two respective franchises of fighting robots and various color coded ponies. That pretty much speaks for itself.

  • Twilight Sparkle saving Optimus and Bumblebee from falling, and the three of them quickly becoming friends.
    • What's more, Optimus was ready to take the full impact of the fall to save Bumblebee before Twilight Took a Third Option and saved them both. Another testament to the Autobot leader's unrivaled selflessness.
  • Chrysalis riding on Megatron in tank form as the two set out on their conquest, which currently provides the page image.
  • Arcee rolling up and kicking Starscream in the face.
  • Rarity and Arcee managing to fight off the Seekers together, with Rarity even getting the final hit in on Starscream, using the very cape she designed for him to tangle him up with Skywarp, who promptly teleports away, leaving Starscream to crash. Only Rarity could pull off a literal case of Silk Hiding Steel!
    • During the battle, Rarity conjures up a diamond barrier to protect Arcee from the Seekers’ attack, one significantly larger than the one she conjured against Chrysalis in the Season 9 finale and also strong enough to shrug off blaster fire as Arcee picks off Thundercracker.
  • Spike defends the Autobots' Ark, saves Grimlock from a hopeless battle and one-shots Devastator all at once by quickly reading a couple of (huge) Autobot books to get a grasp on their language and Teletraan-1's operating system, then climbs on Teletraan's (huge) control panel and activates the Ark's rocket engines to hit Devastator with a fire blast that immediately breaks him apart and forces the Constructicons to run away for dear life.
    • When they first met, Spike is so impressed by Grimlock's size, strength and self-confidence that he takes him as an inspiration model. At the end, Grimlock is so impressed by Spike's quick thinking and still-untapped potential that he decides to take him as an inspiration model. Spike is flattered, to say the least.
      Spike: (fainting) He called me... me... inspiring...
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  • Pinkie and Gauge (an IDW comic exclusive character) teaming up against Shockwave is equal parts hilarious and epic. Heck, Gauge tries to get Pinkie to flee with the other ponies, but Pinkie insists on staying and fighting. The fight ends with the two hitting Shockwave with frying pans and kicking him back into the portal he came from.
  • Fluttershy cements her status as a Friend to All Living Things by quickly befriending Laserbeak, Ratbat, and Ravage, such that they jump to her defense when Frenzy smacks her to the ground. The Power of Friendship is an awesome one indeed.
    Fluttershy: Maybe you're just one of those bullies who thinks being mean makes others respect you? But in my experience, having actually cared for somepony is what makes them stand by you.
    • Discord immediately solidifies Fluttershy's point. He was content to simply fool around and distract Soundwave, but when the Decepticons attempt to hurt Fluttershy, he responds by transforming her animal friends into robot versions of themselves, and they proceed to Zerg Rush Soundwave into submission. Discord then caps it off by threatening to turn the Decepticons into ponies if they don't stand down.
      Discord: The bad news for you? Fluttershy has cared for all of us tremendously.
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    • To make this even more awesome, Soundwave dismissed Fluttershy as a threat and focused more on Discord. He quickly decides that Fluttershy is the more dangerous threat after Discord's quote above.
  • Windblade and Rainbow Dash vs. Misfire and the Rainmakers. After both Autobot and pegasus skirt the initial attack, Misfire orders the Rainmakers to launch their heat-seeking missiles, claiming that the two are too close to evade. How do the two manage to evade the missiles anyway? With the Flyin' Fox Trot maneuver— not only do they dodge the missiles at the last possible second, they redirect them right back into the Decepticons' faces!
    Windblade: I think I like the Flyin' Fox Trot.
    Rainbow Dash: Not bad, right?
  • Spike's triumphant return to Equestria is full of awesome things, because 1)- He uses Cybertronian science to create a portal from Earth to Equestria, 2)-He arrives just in time to turn the tide against the Decepticons and Changelings because 3)-He brought Grimlock along and 4) Spike is wearing a transformable Exosuit he uses to deliver an effective flying punch to a stunned Megatron.
    Bumblebee: Whoa! That's a heck of an entrance and a flying Exosuit! But who's driving?
    Spike:(Removing his helmet) Spike, of course! Eh... have we met?

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