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  • Radiant Hope's magic being strong enough to stop Sombra's body from tearing apart, earning her cutie mark in the process. Also, in a way her warning Celestia and Luna about the now fallen Sombra is what ultimately leads to his defeat, which is awesome in its own right.
    • In turn, Sombra instead of randomly cursing the empire upon his defeat. Turns out (in the comic universe at least) he set up the curse ahead of time knowing he'd lose to the princesses.
  • The random, nameless unicorn in the Tirek comic. He's been kidnapped, drugged, just woke up in some cave half-way across the world away from Equestria, and the first thing he does is demand his freedom, and when the untrained Tirek tries the Mana Drain on him, the unicorn wins leaving the cave in ruins and Tirek's Evil Mentor trapped under debris.
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  • Turns out Celestia and Nightmare Moon had a second battle, within Celestia's own mind. After seeing the greatest nightmare of all, losing Luna, Celestia is reminded of The Power of Love, and lays down an epic "The Reason You Suck" Speech in the process.
    Princess Celestia: You are too selfish to set my sister free of your dark magic. You are too scared to feel empathy or sorrow for another! You are too weak to wield love's power!.... But I am not!
  • In a dark sense, Chrysalis proves to be a legitimate threat to Equestria thanks to her conquests of Timbucktu and Trot. The Changeling Queen proves to be a good strategist, such as disguising herself as a guard in the middle of a Changeling attack and order the fighting citizens of Timbucktu to retreat so that she can hoard them in a secluded area to easily steal their love or exploit a Trojan Horse and the vanity of Trot's king to invade the city after her plan of impersonating the king's bride failed.
    • For a more physical sense, Chrysalis proves to be a strong hoof-to-hoof fighter as she easily subdued a guard in Timbucktu and even put a couple of ponies in a headlock while she was sucking the love out of them. When she escaped the volcano, she actually threw a Changeling soldier into a dragon's wings with her own hooves.
      • Not just into his wings. Straight through. Enough to cripple said dragon so badly he tumbled into the volcano instead. Bloodless Carnage or not, this is almost certainly the most graphic bit of violence to ever appear in the MLP franchise.
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    • Her fight with Twilight is an Offscreen Momentof Awesome, but the onomatopeias imply that Chrysalis appears to use a combination of hooves and magic when she is fighting Twilight. Considering that the last time that they faced each other, Twilight defeated Chrysalis while they were both powered up, you'd expect the fight to be even but it was a complete Curbstomp Battle in Chrysalis' favor.
      • A small one, but before the fight starts with Chrysalis not revealing her past to Twilight, the purple alicorn lights her horn with magic only for Chrysalis to slam her against the door and give her a beating. It definitely shows that Chrysalis learns from her mistakes as she attacked Twilight while the latter was incapable of using magic rather than face her in a straight fight.
  • While we don't actually see it, we learn that several hundred years ago, Celestia fought Chrysalis and her army in Trot. The only depiction we see is Celestia blasting the Queen with a massive blast, and it ended with Chrysalis and her army imprisoned in a volcano. If the depiction is to be believed, Celestia was in her fiery form that she used to fight Evil Celestia in Reflections. This makes it rather clear that if Chrysalis hadn't been powered up at the time, their fight in "A Canterlot Wedding" would have ended very differently.
    • Not only that, but its implied by the LOCATION of the wounds, Celestia may have done all this while aiming for nonfatal blows (all the wounds are to their limbs, not their head or torso).
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    • Also, take note of the above. Chrysalis is a skilled fighter and has dealt with trained fighters. Celestia beat not only her but her entire army by herself. THAT is Celestia's power.
  • Queen Chrysalis's plan works perfectly, manipulating Twilight into releasing her and her horde almost without any conflict.

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