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Headscratchers / My Little Pony: FIENDship Is Magic

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  • In Issue 1, Twilight and Cadence learn that Sombra was created by a crystal-creature called the Umbrum. They also learn that an army of evil is apparently hidden under the Crystal Empire. Yet they're biggest concern after learning this is the fact that the room their standing in is creepy and decide to leave? What about the Umbrum?
    • When you discover that an army of evil is buried away beneath your city, it is probably not in your best interests to go ahead and disturb it, now is it.
  • In Issue 4, Nightmare Moon arrives on the moon and witnesses the Nyx creating ponies' dreams. One pony is made to dream of "flying with the Wonderbolts". However, in Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3 the official history is that the Wonderbolts were formed and named at least one year after Nightmare Moon's banishment. Issues of what's canon or not aside, anyone want to take a stab at how this could work?
    • The best guess I could come up with is a similar situation to the US Army Rangers. The modern Rangers are not the only company known as "the Rangers" in US history, not even close.
    • Every time it's brought up they refer to being banished in the moon. But Nightmare Moon's shown out and about on the moons surface. Is "in" being used metaphorically? Did no one actually check on Nightmare's status?
  • Wait, so Chrysalis and her army have all been stuck in that room since the end of the first comic arc and they still have not gotten out yet? Dude, how are they, like, even alive still?
    • Considering the shorter time frame within the show's world (season 1 to the beginning of 4 were about a year), it's likely only been about a number of months, but even then, that's still pushing it a bit.
    • The ponies kept chucking in more lovecats to keep them fed?
      • Twilight mentions some sort of diet, so they are keeping them fed... somehow.
    • Chrysalis put her people into suspended animation.
    • What's more, there's a Series Continuity Error if this issue is supposed to be taking place in Season 4. Chrysalis was shown to have escaped in Friends Forever issue... the one with Rarity and Applejack.
  • Chrysalis and the changelings' origin leaves a lot of ambiguity. How many changelings emerged from the ooze? Thousands, millions even? If Chrysalis had to kind of EARN her Queenhood through conquering Timbucktu (suggesting a Hun/barbarian-esque society where 'might makes right') had they already splintered and formed multiple kingdoms/colonies by then? How many changelings are there out there? All bad, good, neutral? Who knows?
  • The Changelings' volcano-escape was heavily implied to end with the lava killing Sergio. But didn't "Dragon Quest" reveal that Dragons are lavaproof?
    • I doubt it killed Sergio, but she holed his wing and dropped him through a mountain. He wasn't in any shape to come after her. That poor minion on the other hand is almost certainly toast.
  • If the holes in Queen Chrysalis' legs are the result of injuries form her battle with Celestia, how do all her minions have exactly the same damage? Celestia hurting all of them in precisely the same way seems a heck of a stretch.
    • The changelings are obviously quite different from natural, biological creatures - even moreso if the origin story is to be believed - and Chrysalis is clearly very different to the rest of them. Perhaps all changelings are somehow "linked" with Chrysalis, such that if such damage is done to her, the rest all suffer the same.
    • It's also entirely possible the magical spell that resulted in the holes in the changelings has been passed down generations as a genetic trait of sorts.


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