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Awesome / My Little Pony: Friends Forever

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Issue #1: The Pie's the Limit (Pinkie Pie and Applejack)

  • When Marine Sandwich charges into the contest with a frosting gun, encasing everypony in sight with the stuff, how do Pinkie and Toffee respond? Why, whip out a Party Cannon full of pastries and use it to clog up Marine's gun, of course! The contraption explodes, trapping Marine in her own icing! Her expression after she's trapped is priceless.

Issue #2: CMC And Discord

  • Some of the things that the CMC pull off while travelling through Discord's reality bubble are no less daring or dangerous than some of the Mane Six's adventures.
    • Not to mention that they tell Discord that they've tried some of this stuff already. One can only imagine the kind of hijinx these three have gotten into during their ongoing quest for their cutie marks.

Issue #3: Princess Celestia And Spike

  • Spike's response to being imprisoned by rock lobsters? Chewing up the bars of his cage and letting them know that dragons eat rocks.

Issue #4: Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor

Issue #5: Fluttershy and Zecora

  • There is a Panel, where the Cast of FIM, did a reading of this Story! Andrea Libman & Brenda Crichlow reprise their roles of; Fluttershy & Zecora, with Vincent Tong (Flash Sentry's Voice) providing the voice for everyone else, includng Angel Bunny & Discord! You can see the panel, here?

Issue #6: Rainbow Dash and Trixie

  • Rainbow Dash and Trixie coming up with a plan to get Trixie out of the Diamond Dogs' kingdom and pulling it off without a hitch.

Issue #7: Princess Luna and Pinkie Pie

  • Pinkie having the guts to explain Luna's motivations to her without being intimidated by A) a member of Canterlot royalty, B) a Physical Goddess, and C) the former Nightmare Moon.

Issue #8: Reins, Trains, and Carts with Wheels (Applejack and Rarity)

  • Applejack and Rarity fighting off a group of old west bandits without breaking a sweat, not even bothering to pause their argument.

Issue #9: Granny Smith and Flim & Flam

  • Granny Smith reuniting the Flim Flam brothers.

Issue #10: Fluttershy and Iron Will

Issue #11: Rainbow Dash and Spitfire

  • Spitfire neutralizing the tornado Rainbow Dash made, with Rainbow explaining the whole procedure to a class of young pegasi.
    • A minor yet equally awesome thing from the same issue is that Rainbow is now officially part of the Wonderbolts' reserves; she's just one step away from being part of the core team.

Issue #12: Pinkie Pie and Twilight Sparkle

Issue #13: Rarity and Babs Seed


Issue #14: Spike and Princess Luna

  • This issue singlehandedly undoes all the Unfortunate Implications of the show's portrayal of dragons, while still playing completely fair with what we've seen of them before. Hats off to that writing job.
  • Spike and the dragons of Dragon Town mobilizing to save ponies from the fire.

Issue #15: Applejack and Mayor Mare

Issue #20: Discord and Princess Luna

  • Discord being able to turn Ponyville into a World Gone Mad again without even meaning to (due to being asleep and all), while scary, shows just how powerful he is.
  • Luna having a Home Field Advantage over Discord in the dream world, thus proving her moniker as the "Princess of the Night".
    • Likewise, Discord still being able to prevent her from actually entering his dreams against his will.

Issue #25: Twilight Sparkle and Rainbow Dash


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