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Heartwarming / My Little Pony: Friends Forever

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Issue #2: CMC And Discord

  • Even if he might've had ulterior reasons for helping the Cutie Mark Crusaders (I.E. causing a little reality-warping mischief), it was pretty nice of Discord to try and help them find their special talents.
  • Sweetie Belle taking the time to thank him after repeated efforts to find their talents don't work, and revealing why it's such a big deal for them—they feel like they don't belong anywhere compared to all the other ponies. Discord's visibly moved by this, and admits that he knows how that feels.
  • Afterwards, Discord undoes his reality-warping bubble—which, by this point, had grown to include much of Ponyville—and apologizes to the Mane Six for things getting out of hand. Who would have ever expected that from a Mad God?
  • By the end, the Crusaders have even openly befriended Discord, giving him a hug—which he tearfully returns!

Issue #4: Twilight Sparkle and Shining Armor

  • Twilight pays her brother a visit while Cadence is out of the kingdom for an unspecified reason. The very first word to come out of Shining Armor's mouth when he sees her after her arrival? "Twiley!". Note that this takes place AFTER Twilight's ascension into an alicorn and coronation into princess hood.

Issue #5: Fluttershy and Zecora

  • It turns out that the animals suddenly gaining the ability to talk was the work of Discord, who wanted to give Fluttershy a meaningful birthday present. Soon after this reveal, Discord admits to Zecora that he's not used to friendship, but thinks it might lead him to something new and fascinating...and that Fluttershy's the one best suited to guide him.

Issue #9: Granny Smith and Flim & Flam

  • Granny doing her best to reunite the Flim Flam brothers. When Applebloom asked why she did that after all they have done, Granny just replied that family and friends are the most important things in our lives. Some ponies just needed to be reminded of that. Even the shady ones.

Issue #10: Fluttershy and Iron Will

  • Fluttershy helping Iron Will, despite the trouble his lessons caused for her in the past.

Issue #11: Rainbow Dash and Spitfire

  • Rainbow Dash really shows her caring side in being incredibly supportive to both the foals she's teaching and a nervous Spitfire.
    • She even flies with Scootaloo at the end.

Issue #13: Rarity and Babs Seed

  • Shadowsmacks tells Babs her mother didn't approve of her playing roller derby at first, but is now completely on board, pointing out her mother in the crowd who's wearing a copy of Shadowsmacks' game makeup and cheering her on.

Issue #14: Spike and Princess Luna

  • Spike getting some recognition for all the times he's helped save Equestria.
    • Likewise, it's nice to see Spike finally interacting with dragons that aren't jerks to him.
  • The dragons of Dragon Town saving ponies from the fire, and being praised for doing so by Luna.
  • Luna apologizes to Spike for her earlier behavior towards him, admitting she let her frusteration get the better of her.
  • Mina, a perfectly portrayed Affectionate Parody of the show's fans, getting to meet Luna.

Issue #15: Applejack and Mayor Mare

  • Mayor Mare says Applejack reminds her of her when she was young, and after relating the story of how she got into politics and became mayor, says she sees the makings of a mayor in Applejack, too, if she wants to go that route later in life.

Issue #20: Discord and Princess Luna

  • Discord tells Twilight the chaos he caused—comparable to what he did in Return of Harmony—was all an accident because he was sleepwalking, and Twilight believes him, even preemptively defending the idea to Celestia.
  • Luna bringing up how Pinkie taught her about comedy in Issue #7.
  • Discord's biggest fear? The incident with Tirek has left him horrified that one day he'll turn on his current friends. He's most worried about turning on Fluttershy and the CMC, to the point of treating a happy dream of all of them playing like an awful nightmare.
  • The ending, where Discord visits Luna in her tower because he "was just thinking how much time you must spend alone up here and... I couldn't sleep and I thought... wouldn't I just love to beat a princess at a card game?" And the last panel is of Discord and Luna playing cards. Even if Discord is visibly cheating, it's a pretty adorable moment.

Issue #21: Spike and Zecora

  • The last two pages, with Spike and Zecora's final dialogue exchange, is pretty much one huge CMOH. After they've cured the ponies in Ponyville of their mysterious disease and bonded over being the only ones of their species around, they part with this dialogue:
    Spike: You're leaving already?
    Zecora: We've found the cure, and the doctors to treat. So I'm heading back home, now that my job's complete.
    Spike: Oh... Well, I'm glad we got to work together... I mean... It's nice to know I'm not the only one who feels alone sometimes.
    Zecora: Indeed, I'm glad we had this chance, to discuss how we are both transplants. But Spike, no matter how you feel, please remember that your friends are real. And even if sometimes you feel alone... remember that this place can still be your home.
    (They hug.)
    Zecora: If you ever need to take a break from being in Ponyville all day, drop by and have some tea! I'm only a short walk away!
    Spike: Thanks, Zecora. And drop by the library next time you're in town!
    Zecora: I shall! My pal!
    Spike: Um... "Come by the library, it's the place to be..." "We've got books," something something, "and you'll get to see me!"

Issue #22: Pinkie Pie and Princess Celestia

  • Luna's reaction to the cake Pinkie and Celestia made for her:
    Luna (tearing up) "Sister, you really have put the past behind us and view me as an equal. Which you have chosen to express in cake. Odd, but lovely nonetheless."

Issue #38: Princess Celestia and Princess Luna

  • Celestia tells Luna she is her equal and that she could never outshine her moonlight. Remember why Luna turned into Nightmare Moon?

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