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  • Harry fighting Dean's goons at the pub, all while keeping his composure.
  • Gazelle and her weaponized prosthetic legs are awesome on their own, but when she puts them to use, she is practically unstoppable.
    • Her entrance is awesome. Lancelot has just taken down some mooks and is about to free Professor Arnold when there is a flash of one of Gazelle's bladed legs and he is sliced in half from the head down
  • Eggsy using his Le Parkour skills to escape from Dean's thugs. He was already a bit of a badass even before Kingsman.
  • A minor one for one of the guards for trying to fight on against Gazelle despite having his freaking arm taken off.
  • The skydiving scene. All of it, but the high points:
    • Eggsy encouraging Roxy when she hesitates, and his smirk as he steps backwards out of the plane's door like "this is nothing, see?"
    • Eggsy coming up with a plan in about five seconds when Merlin drops the bombshell on them - and then another one a few seconds later when someone panics and screws up his first idea.
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    • Eggsy and Roxy managing to deploy a parachute at three hundred feet - apparently setting a Kingsman record - and not get injured. In fact, not one of the candidates is injured on landing (common in parachute drops), and by all appearances none of them had much if any real training with skydiving.
  • The church fight scene is incredibly well choreographed and very creatively put together. Not to mention satisfying for seeing so many hateful bigots getting what's coming to them, each by their own hand as Harry skillfully disarms and uses their own weapons against them.
    • Also the quote before the carnage said by Harry to one of the church members who's stopping him from leaving. "I'm a Catholic whore, currently enjoying congress out of wedlock with my Black Jewish boyfriend, who works in a military abortion clinic. So hail Satan, and have a lovely afternoon madam."
    • The church scene is a HUGE MoA. Every single person in a packed church becomes hell-bent on murdering each other, and Harry just mows through ALL of them.note 
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    • And being set to the iconic guitar solo of Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird" certainly made it even better.
    • Even when critics bury the film they will point to this scene and point out that it is very much a Take That! at the Westboro Baptist Church and say, "Okay, I have been complaining but give it up for this bit. This scene is awesome."
    • At the end of it, Valentine defying the Bond Villain Stupidity trope and shooting Harry point-blank in the head. Bonus points for Harry, because according to the sequel, he survived that.
    • There's also an extremely subtle moment of awesome in the message of the scene. The fact that everyone who watches the carnage in the church, including Harry, is horrified by the results is a clear way for the film's writers to declare that, despite writing the churchgoers as Strawman Political expies of the WBC, killing such people just for their rhetoric or beliefs, no matter how vile, is still morally wrong. It's a kind of subtle message that normally gets bypassed in action films, where Protagonist-Centered Morality is in full swing.
  • Eggsy literally suiting up for the first time on the plane. It's both the perfect closure to his Training from Hell, and the sure sign that shit's about to get real.
    • Bonus points in that the suit was commissioned for him by Harry before Eggsy had completed his training, with the intention that even if Eggsy failed, he'd have a "lasting and practical reminder" of his time at Kingsman. Harry's faith in both Eggsy and his father is finally being rewarded, even if he didn't get to live to see it.
  • Eggsy taking on Valentine's private army while using every Chekhov's Gun we saw earlier in the film. We also get to see his gymnastics skills and his excellent weapons scores put to damned good use.
  • Eggsy's story in general. Coming from a poor, working-class background, adapting brilliant Le Parkour skills and entering a secret service his father was in, only to end up beating him in training. Even flunking the last test and not officially becoming a Kingsman agent doesn't stop him from showing the program what an ideal candidate he is.
  • Eggsy managing to outsmart Arthur by switching their brandies (so that Arthur gets the deadly glass) when Arthur got distracted by a painting. Simple, yet Awesome, indeed. Bonus points for Eggsy giving no reaction when Arthur clicks the pen; he just sits there patiently waiting for the poison to take its effect on Arthur.
    Eggsy: The problem with common-types is... is we're light-fingered. Kingsman's taught me a lot, but sleight of hand... I had that down already.
  • Gazelle vs. Eggsy was another well choreographed fight that was simply a joy to watch. As was the fact Eggsy kills Gazelle with the toxic knife boot, the only scratch Gazelle had ever suffered in the course of the movie. Also, that was some fast toxin. Forget British spy movies; that ending was like something out of a Samurai film.
  • Major world leaders who were totally fine with their citizens dying en masse getting their heads blown up in a colorful explosion, in slow-mo, set to Pomp and Circumstance.
  • And of course, how Eggsy kills Valentine: Impaled with Extreme Prejudice by Gazelle's prosthetic leg thrown like a spear. Such a Karmic Death, killed by your own Dragon's weapon!
    • Bonus points for the fatal blow being landed right when his mom, Michelle, was about to kill little baby Daisy. Talk about great timing!
  • A Swedish princess rewarding Eggsy with sexytimes for saving the world.
    • Before that, her refusal to go along with Valentine's plans even though she was imprisoned for over a month. She may not be a Kingsman agent, but she sticks to her morals.
    • The implication that many, many other prominent people felt the same. How much better off might the world be now that Valentine has unintentionally murdered all the really corrupt politicians and world leaders?
  • Roxy (Lancelot) doesn't get to storm the base. What does she do instead? She has to fly up into the exosphere and use a shoulder-mounted missile to shoot down a satellite. Bonus points for doing it after one of the balloons exploded, so she's slowly falling and cannot get a firm lock on the target. Then she HALOs back to Earth and lands on the side of a mountain. Not bad for someone with a fear of heights.
  • Harry giving Eggsy's abusive stepdad a well-deserved fright through a mini-speaker planted on Eggsy's shoulder. It is also an awesome moment for Eggsy as the whole reason Harry put that on him was to see if he would spill the beans of who he was. Eggsy sticks to his morals and endures the abuse rather than break his word. This is what makes Harry accept him into the Kingsman program.
    Dean: I could kill you right now... and no one in the whole world will notice!
    Harry (mini-speaker): But I would. I have enough evidence on your activities to have you locked up for the rest of your life, Mr. Dean Anthony Baker.
    Dean: What the fuck?
    Harry (mini-speaker): So I suggest you leave the boy alone or I shall be forced to deliver it to the appropriate authorities.
  • Merlin's reveal that Eggsy had a parachute the whole time.
  • A subtle one, but during Harry and Eggsy's first official meeting (after Harry busts Eggsy out of trouble with police), Harry criticizes Eggsy for wasting his talents and throwing away his growing career as a Marine. Eggsy then not only successfully counters all of his criticisms, but manages to rub it back in his face that given the right circumstances, slobs like him could be as good as, if not even better than, the snobs who only complain about things they don't like about slobs without knowing all the reasons why they did what they did. This impresses Harry enough to consider him as a potential Kingsman candidate.
    Eggsy: [Eggsy's mom] didn't want me being cannon fodder for snobs like you! Judging people like me from your ivory towers with no thought about why we do what we do. We ain't got much choice, you get me? And if we was born with the same silver spoon up our arses, we'd do just as well as you, if not better.
    • On the other hand, Harry shows his good sense by acknowledging what Eggsy says and counter-arguing that things aren't as black-and-white as Eggsy thinks and that there are both Royals Who Actually Do Something (such as himself and the Kingsman organization as a whole) and Lower-Class Lout (such as Eggsy's "friends").
  • A lot of Kingsman candidates tests are Moments of Awesome for Eggsy in general. Not only did he keep up with the other elite candidates who received higher education than him, he managed to beat most of them, despite all those Training from Hell subjected to him by Merlin, and managed to be one of the two last candidates left facing the final test along with Roxy. One of the most prominent moments being the semi-final test, where Eggsy got tied up onto the train track and threatened by a man who wanted info on the Kingsman. A train is approaching at high speed, and the only way to escape is by using the knife the guy is holding which he will only give when Eggsy spills out every secret. Eggsy, demonstrating extreme loyalty, refused to rat out his associates, despite being scared out of his mind as he saw the train coming closer and closer. He even showed his extreme loyalty when the guy asked him "Is Kingsman worth dying for?" How does Eggsy respond? "FUCK YOU!" This applied to Roxy, as well, offscreen, as both of them passed the test. Defiant to the End moment at its finest, people.
  • At the very end, when Eggsy, dressed very much like Harry, comes into the pub to confront Dean and take his mother and half sister to live with him. Dean tries to start a fight with him, only for Eggsy to recite Harry's words about manners, and use his umbrella to fling a beer pint at Dean's head. The look on the faces of Dean's Mooks, make it clear that they know first that whatever is coming, is not going to be pleasant.


  • The fact that the film managed to take in $35 million at the US box office on its opening... which just so happened to be the same weekend that Fifty Shades of Grey, a major film adaptation of a hugely popular novel, was released. Its projected box office was only in the 25-30 million box office range given the circumstances, and even though it lost first place to said movie, that is one insanely impressive debut for a smaller British film released on the same weekend as a major blockbuster.
    • At the end of its theatrical run, it's made just shy of $415 million, more than five times its budget even before DVD, Blu-Ray and On-Demand sales are factored in.
  • For fans of Mark Hamill, seeing him return to the big screen—in his biggest non-Adam Westing live-action role since Return of the Jedi, no less—is awesome. Even if Professor Arnold is just a supporting character, and he gets killed off less than halfway through the movie, it's great to see him sharing the screen with the likes of Samuel L. Jackson and Colin Firth.
  • Taron Egerton gets one for, while being pretty much a rookie like his character, managing to stand well on his own against established legendary actors such as Colin Firth, Michael Caine and Samuel L. Jackson. Of course, the writers don't make the film rely on those actors, but rather give Taron enough of his own screen time to carry the film and good enough character development too so that when the film no longer revolves around Galahad and Arthur, the audience doesn't even notice the transition.
  • How the female characters, Gazelle and Roxy were written. No nude scenes, neither are sexually objectified, and prove to be badass. Even Princess Tilde gets a nod in the post:
    • Roxy isn't made to be the typical Love Interest for Eggsy and proves to be very skilled despite not getting a lot of screen time. She even earns the title of "Lancelot", when everyone in the audience likely considers it a Foregone Conclusion that it'll be Eggsy.
    • Gazelle: "A woman of colour, who is not only mentoring the villain, but she turned her disability into deadly advantage."
    • Princess Tilde: "The princess proposed sex to him, not the other way around, and it was her idea to make it anal. She didn’t passively fell into Eggsy’s arms as a prize, she very actively wanted to have sex with the guy, who saved the world. I don’t know how owning her sexuality and enjoying sex lessens the fact that she was the only one who stood up to Valentine or that she didn’t break after month of imprisonment."

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