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  • Taylor grasps the full scope of her abilities in 2-04, just in time to save her new friends from being killed.
  • Dinah is working on inflicting Lima Syndrome on Othala, rather than remain imprisoned by Kaiser. She starts with this line:
    Dinah: “I thought I had it bad, being kidnapped by monsters. But I was only kidnapped a few hours ago. You've grown up with them. They're your family, your friends, everyone you know. And how can you recognize the monsters when they're the ones that make you food, that teach you how to read, that drive you to school, that tuck you in when you're a kid?”
  • 4-05 - 4-09 has the Wards and Faultline's crew against the Undersiders and Uber's group:
    • Vista combining her space warping with martial arts.
    • Shadow Stalker using an Exactly What I Aimed At to nail Grue.
    • Archive and Laserdream deal with Trainwreck and Chariot.
    • Redshift accomplished her mission and dealt with Newter and Clockblocker.
    • Taylor fought Uber, who made himself an expert martial artist, to a standstill.
  • Dinah's interlude reveals that she got herself kidnapped by the Empire ON PURPOSE to avoid Coil. Pretty much everything that has transpired since her "kidnapping" has been according to her design.
  • Aisha blinded some Empire thug when he tried to kidnap her and delivers a Groin Attack in 5-05before Sophia stepped in and put the other two down. Sophia respects her for it.
    • She later tops that in 5-08 by crashing an E88 gang fight. This ends up triggering her with the ability to create Imps, which she uses before getting ready to get into a knife fight. And then Sophia took down Hookwolf.
  • Interlude 5-A shows Canary managed to go seven months without being captured by heroes and villains alike, and she Took a Level in Badass on her way to Brockton Bay.
  • In 6-04 we see that Taylor is having fun in Las Vegas.
    A truck that was ahead of the SUV that the news chopper was focused on slowed slightly. I saw a man in some kind of black and gray costume lean out the passenger side of the truck, aiming his hand back toward the SUV. Electricity gathered around his fist before shooting back at his target.

    Somehow, the driver of the SUV (Taylor) managed to spin their vehicle just right so that the bolt of electricity traveled through the open window on the passenger's rear side, and out the open window of the other side without ever touching the vehicle itself. It continued on, hitting the hood of the nearest pursuing cop car. As soon as it was hit by the electricity, the cruiser's lights went dead and it slowed to a stop.

    As for the SUV, it did that single full 360 spin right there in the middle of the freeway, timed perfectly so that the bolt passed through exactly when the windows were lined up properly, and then continued its pursuit while barely losing any ground. Hell, it actually stopped one of their own pursuers
    • And then Kaiser managed to fight off Brandish, Laserdream, Archive, and Seraph on his own.
  • We see the full car chase that Taylor is leading in 6-07. It is glorious, with a full-on Hot Pursuit including an Off Bridge, onto Vehicle with an SUV and Car Fu.
  • Hinder vs Foil in 7-05. Both of them are extremely proficient fighters in their own right, and it shows.
  • Madison and Rune begin their their escape in 8-01, locking the building down and leaving them trapped and unable to communicate with the outside while they begin to rescue Dinah.
  • Bryce and Aisha's Hidden Depths in 8-02 not only allowed them to correctly guess Muse's situation and offer her a solution, but Bryce pretty much guessed what Sophia was doing without realizing it. They're both crass, but they aren't stupid.
  • The Great Escape in 8-04, with Rune and Archive making it to Dinah after going through a number of mooks, Logi, and Stormtiger. And then Iron Rain's group shows up to get them to safety.
  • Anne's Big Damn Heroes moment in 8-05.
  • Bryce shows how much his Tinker-swagger has improve in 9-05 by revealing that both he and Aisha defused several bombs and found a secret base for the group to use, but he also upgraded Sophia's gear to include a Energy Shield and came up with a viable strategy to search the list of bases for Foil's sister.
  • In 9-06:
    • Shielder's One-Hit Kill on Stormtiger.
    • Ariadne going One-Woman Army to get to the cape that hurt her friend and then breaking every single bone she could and giving him a case of Eye Scream.
  • In 9-08 Laserdream kills Kaiser after a triple assist from Brandish, Iron Rain and Archive.
  • Say what you will about the circumstances, but Sophia being capable of escaping from Dauntless, Triumph, Clockblocker, Veil and multiple PRT troopers with specifically modified weapons to bring her in, with no warning with nothing but her own skill and power shows off her amount of sheer experience. Vista also gets points for perfectly positioning herself to catch Sophia when she ran, as well as being the only one to see through the Frame-Up and realize that Sophia didn't actually do it.
  • Ellie in 11-09 not only shows that Shaker 12 isn't for show, but she uses a shotgun to save Taylor at one point.
  • Elsa in her interlude during the Simurgh attack, upon deciding that she was making her own choice to go be a hero once more and saving Chronicler.
    Elsa: “Right now, you can't tell me what to do. They won't. I'm... right now... today, this moment... I'm going to do what I want to do. Not what you want. Not what they want. Not what Pride wants. Not what anyone else wants. I'm going to do what I want to do. They won't stop me, you won't stop me, nobody is going to stop me. I'm gonna do what I CHOOSE TO DO.”
  • Emma in 12-03 manages to save an entire Endbringer shelter of people with constant stopping time to catch rubble that would kill people and then redirect it towards the hyena monster.
  • The battle between Ziz, Alexandria, Eidolon, Lung, Valkyrie, and Legend in 12-05.
  • Julia in her interlude, despite being scared shitless, moves to distract the horrible monsters about to eat Danny.
  • Vista sticking to her guns in her interlude, despite being called out on letting Sophia go when she had her a gunpoint.
    “There's nothing to come clean about,” she informed him. “Yeah, I let her go. Because she's not guilty. She didn't do that, she didn't kill Armsmaster and she didn't hurt Director Piggot. And if we brought her in, everyone would stop looking for whoever did do it. As long as she's out there, I figured people would at least be looking and they might find the real killer.”
  • In 14-04, despite being restrained and held captive by the Sins, Elie has been steadily replacing bits and pieces of the warehouse so that she could control it at whim.
  • In 15-06:
    • Seraph and the others come up with a way to stop Lust by freezing her clothes in place. It doesn't work since she has a way to teleport, but A for effort.
    • Madison strips Hookwolf of most of his blades to render him useless. Crystal finishes him off when he tries to kill her afterwards.
  • In 15-08:
    • Taylor fights her way though all of Crusader's ghosts before getting the drop on him using a Barrier-Busting Blow.
    • Madison, meanwhile, tackles Lust and activates her absorption field. This ends up sucking her entirely inside since she's not organic at all.
  • "My name is Elsa Levi. And you can go fuck yourself." Followed by stabbing out her own eye and, not just escaping, but rescuing Burnscar as well.

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