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Awesome / The Interference

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  • The final bosses of each of the stories.
    • In the first story, Alex finally achieves Final Form with Sora and Riku as the others, and defeats Xemnas.
    • In the second story, Joumae destroys the sentient Anti Alex and allows Alex to turn to Final Form to defeat Dilan.
    • In the third story, Alex uses a shard of the Epoch to transform his Lightning Guard into the Time Fracture, giving him his first completely unique skills that he uses to take down Aeleus, though Ed deals the final blow.
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    • In Dark Renegade after Joumae Curbstomps Alex. Jak and Daxter prove themselves to be some seriously hardcore Badass Normals by fighting him and winning.
    • A villainous example in Re:Coded: Hyperion defeats the Lingering Will steals Terra's armor and Keyblade with Alchemy then effortlessly defeats Mickey, Donald, and Goofy with Chrono Cross magic. And he does it all while wounded!

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