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  • Regent thanking Emma for saving their hineys.
    Regent: “I don't know about you, but I consider mine a pretty winning feature. I'd hate for something to get it all bruised.”
    • And after she admits she's a hero, though not a good one in her opinion.
    Regent: “You did say you were pretty bad at it. We could use some more 'pretty bad' heroes. Maybe you'll drag down their average.”
    • Regent continues to be hilarious in 4-07:
    Regent (While running from Clockblocker): “Bad touch, bad touch! I need an adult!”"
  • Taylor blushing when she meets Newter.
    Oh sure, that my body was actually capable of doing on command. Traitor.
  • Seraph claimed dibs on Archive to the PRT. Shielder points out that she literally did this.
    Shielder: “She's not kidding. She called Armsmaster at six in the morning and yelled, 'DIBS' before immediately hanging up on him.”
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  • Elle making a Pokemon joke in 4-09:
    Elle: “Taylor, I choose you.”
  • The Wards reaction to Grue unmasking in 6-03:
    Sophia (thinking): No. No, this wasn't right. Grue was ugly. He was a selfish, nasty little piece of work whose looks could only be improved every time I punched his smug face. I knew what he was supposed to look like. I'd seen his face in my head so many times. It wasn't like this. He wasn't supposed to be... to be...

    Nooo nooo noo. No! This wasn't fair. This wasn't... he wasn't supposed to be... he was supposed to just... It was all I could do not to start sputtering out loud right then and there. Fuck, Grue looked... handsome. And not just sort of either, but really handsome. He was all tall, dark skin, high cheekbones, perfect stature, it was... it was...

    Clockblocker: “Bullshit. This is some Grade-A bullshit. Hell no. Uh uh. No fair. You turn around and march on out of here and don't you come back until you have the ugly face and the beady little eyes that we all know you're supposed to have.”

    Chronicler: “Uh. Just wondering, are the rest of us allowed to hire professional models to stand in for us, or is this just a one-time thing?”

    Clockblocker: “Oh, oh, oh! I got it, I got it. Do me a favor, stand right there and say, 'I'm on a horse.' Please? Pretty please?”
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  • Madison manages to de-pants Kaiser using her power in their fight in 6-04.
    Archive: “Huh, Kaiser's a boxers guy. Gotta say, I didn't see that coming.”
  • The Snark-to-Snark Combat between Rune and Archive in 6-06.
  • During 6-07 Spitfire and Mockshow are flipping out about every stunt Taylor pulls. Elle's reactions?
    “Wheee!” Elle... sat in her spot, hands raised above her head, waving like she was on a roller coaster.
    • Taylor starts the chase by flooring the engine... while it's in park.
  • We have this gem from 6-08:
    “Good.” Breathing out, Dad sounded even more relieved. “Good, just... just be careful. Seems like the only gang not causing some kind problem tonight is the Undersiders. Which probably means they're about to do something huge.”

    I looked up at Alec, who was busy puffing one of his cheeks out, poking it with a finger, and then puffing out the other cheek as if the air had been pushed that far.

    “Yup,” I replied. “They're nefarious criminal masterminds all right. Listen, Dad, I need to go now. Lisa wants to know what's going on.”
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  • The reactions to Sophia disguising her voice in 6-09:
    Both Imp and Dauntless stared at me for a second while Bryce spoke in my ear, “... the fuck was that?”
  • Madison in 8-01 does her best Kool-Aid Man impression during a Dungeon Bypass sequence... while in her underclothes only.
    Following her instructions, I used my power and "Oh Yeah'd" my way through the next several walls.
  • Rune's banter with Madison in 8-01
    “Fantastic.” The sarcasm was thick on Rune's voice. “I always thought Die Hard would've been better with more glittery sparkle unicorns.”

    I made myself brighten at that, straightening with a broad smile. “You too?”

    “We are so going to die.”
  • Taylor's response to an armored truck turning into a person (a cape named oneway) in 8-06.
    Taylor: God damn it, powers were weird.
  • Basically all of 9-05, but especially this exchange between Sophia and Bryce in the beginning:
    “Wait, this is an Aisha plan?” I asked before letting out a long, low breath as that sank in. “Suddenly I've gone from optimistically cautious to genuinely terrified.”

    “Hey, my plans got upgraded to optimistically cautious reactions?” Bryce punched the air. “Sweet!”

    “Don't flatter yourself too much,” I advised. “The optimistic part is me being pretty sure you're just barely scared enough of me to ask before you do anything too crazy. I don't think Aisha gives a shit.”
  • Sophia being cautious and apologizing in Chapter 9-08 are so foreign to the Wards that it serves as an Out-of-Character Alert to them and they quiz her on the Master/Stranger Trust Password.
  • Bryce being Distracted by the Sexy in Chapter 10-02.
    Bryce had stopped talking. He was just staring in the direction of my stomach, mouth open in a sort of gape.

    Rolling my eyes, I yanked the sweaty shirt all the way off and tossed it aside pointedly. “I'm still wearing a sports bra, kid. You do have the internet, right? Pick your jaw up off the damn floor and focus.” That said, I bent down to grab a clean shirt out of the backpack that I had brought with me. “Which spot was it?”
  • Emma learns in 10-04 that people on PHO are shipping her with Theo.
    I promptly choked, staring across the van at her. The exposed lower half of her face left her smirk in plain sight. “Excuse me? Why the hell would they think that? We haven't even—they don't—why?”

    It was Tattletale who answered. “Never underestimate an internet forum's capacity for relationship rumors. The world wide web is a uniting force, and in this case, what it united was all the teenage girls, gossiping housewives, and guys who secretly like to listen in to that stuff but always felt like they weren't allowed to.”
  • We learn that Sophia isn't all that good at banter in 10-08.
    “Hey!” I shouted at the brute to get his attention. “Your costume's so ugly, I bet your mother sewed it for you.”

    Banter was harder than some people made it look, okay?. Especially on the fly. I just wanted the guy pissed off.
  • Sophia's description of Ziz playing Lung in 12-01.
    Fuck, she was just hovering there, not moving. It was like she was taunting Lung. It reminded me of a little kid going, 'Neener, neener, can't catch me!' Actually... fuck, it was pretty much exactly like that.

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