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Funny / In Times of Trouble

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Hell, it's the most snarkies immortals guys together. Fun is a certainty.

  • Chapter 2: Their first interaction.
    Loki: Feathers, really?
    Gabriel: Not all of us feel the need to compensate, cow.
    • And Loki laughs.

  • Chapter 6: the whole porno thing. Especially because counted from the unimpressed Loki's view.
    Gabriel: Why not? With your looks and my me-ness, awesome.

  • And in chapter 7 we discover that Loki accept. And he accept to play the Princess too, with Gabriel playing the Airship Pirate. Their relationship progresses by leaps and bounds, don't it?
    • 'The Jotun Bride' becomes a meme.

  • Chapter 10: Learn by the news of the Disproportionate Retribution's Gabriel and Loki.
    • There is something wryly funny in the Fury's exasperation when he says to assemble the Avengers.


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