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Funny / Involuntary Admission

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  • The sheer weirdness of Námo's mind, which includes Galadriel as Rapunzel and a version of Morgoth trapped in a spiderweb. Poor Irmo doesn't know what to make of it.
  • When Oromë and Tulkas go looking for Námo, Tulkas gives his opinion of why the Halls are so big.
    Tulkas: Lots of war, means lots of dead people, so there's a lot of fëar to house. It seems logical to me that the Halls are big. Imagine they wouldn't be! I mean, if you were dead, would you like having people in your personal space all the time?
    Oromë didn't know what surprised him more, that Tulkas spent time pondering over such completely useless hypotheses, or that he was familiar with the concept of personal space to begin with.
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  • Tulkas tries to help by increasing the range of emotions the fëar can feel.
    The fëar weren't just deeply confused anymore; they were also hungry, wet, cold, and probably plotting a revolution.
  • Irmo's report on the consequences of Manwë's snowstorm.
    Irmo: The sea is freezing, Estë! I was just in Alqualondë and if it continues like this they can walk by foot to Tol Eressëa by tomorrow! Their boats are already stuck in the ice! Not to mention the enormous snowstorm over Tirion. You know things are serious when you have at least thirty Teleri and Noldor in the same room and all they talk about is the weather.