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  • Alternate Character Interpretation:
    • Did Sophia Hess unintentionally cross a line because she didn't mean for Taylor to get hurt in the locker incident, or was her I Was Just Joking excuse simply her way of rationalizing what she had done? Does her backstory warrant her behavior to others, or is she simply taking out her rage on them by leaving them to their fate?
    • Was Alan Barnes simply doing his best for his daughter and family by covering up her mistake and leaving Danny to suffer the consequences? Or was he in the wrong for stopping her from being punished as she wanted? Stuck with a choice between doing the right moral thing, or keeping his daughter's future intact, was in right by picking the latter against her wishes, in an attempt to protect her in a way he couldn't when she was cornered in the alley? Or should he have reached out to his old friend and supported him?
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    • With the revelation of 10-01, was Danny wrong in refusing Alan's money out of anger and pride? Or was he correct in thinking that it would have been a poor attempt by Alan at 'fixing things' by putting a price on her misery?
  • Broken Base: Piggot's treatment of Sophia is one. Considering how she treated Taylor, some feel that she's getting everything she's had coming to her. However, others point out that not only is she being unprofessional, but she's setting Sophia up to fail from the start rather than trying to redeem her and being just as much of a bully in abusing her authority as well. The fact that the other wards stand by and watch her abuse her authority doesn't help either, because if any other one was in their position they wouldn't.
  • Genius Bonus: Verduyn's name is based on Pieter Verduyn, the Dutch Surgeon who helped revolutionize prosthetics by developing a lower leg that used special hinges and a leather cuff to improve the way it attached to the body in the 1600s.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • Sophia approaches it from the other end-as a child, the stepfather she looked up to and trusted attempted a murder-suicide on her, with her only being saved by her trigger. This led directly to her predator and prey mentality, and to her becoming a misanthropic, bitter shell of a girl who drives away everyone close to her, and is only now starting to realize she's partially to blame. And then she gets framed for murder and her own mother holds a gun to her head.
    • Julia, one of the trio's hangers on, also qualifies. According to Word of God, she was lured in by Elsa, knocked out (by nearly being drowned in a toilet), tied up in the locker, and than overheard Elsa arguing with the voices in her head over how to kill her before being locked up and left to die in the locker.
  • Ship Tease: Taylor x Newter, based on how she blushed seeing him and how his powerset was similar to Dionysus, whom her Cape Name counterpart married. At least until the latter dies.
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  • Ships That Pass in the Night: An In-Universe example, but people on the forums are apparently shipping Redshift (Emma) and Alloy (Theo) together after the trainyard incident.
  • The Woobie:
    • Taylor, even more than canon. She was bullied by her former best friend, triggered with power that left her unable to speak or move for months, and her father had to sell her house to pay for her treatment. She has so many anger and trust issues that she finds it hard to suppress them, and there was no justice for her before Faultline took her in.
  • Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds:
    • Greed; she was a Lonely Rich Kid who gained superpowers to avoid an incoming train right after seeing her father figure (her real parents often forgot she even existed) die in front of her. THEN she killed the 15th Greed... and inherited the collective voices of him and his predecessors... then she's forced to kill because she can't resist the voices. By the time she comes to Brockton Bay she's a shadow of herself.
    • Pride also qualifies. Unlike Jack he has a far more sympathetic motivation. Many years ago his family died when Abaddon crashed into his world, which destroyed his civilization. Abaddon reached out and promised to restore everything to the way it was before he came if Pride helped him retrieve Eden's corpse. It's ultimately implied that for all his godlike power Pride's ultimately a lonely man desperately trying to regain the family he once had.


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