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  • Faultline's interaction with Taylor in 2-02. She's truthful in that she's helping out because she's got the potential to be powerful, but also because the male nurse who asked is a friend of one of her crew. She spent weeks studying hospital footage, her doctor's notes and reports, and details of the locker incident as well as the extensive bullying campaign leading up to it, and the entire time she's patient and doesn't treat her as being less intelligent than she is. And, as a favor, she and her crew help fight Lung's men when they enter the Hospital.
    • And what finally gets Taylor to move her body is that very same nurse and her new friends being in trouble.
  • Madison still saves Sophia despite the falling out in 2-06 before Menja could stomp on them.
  • Dinah somewhat bonding with Othala in her interlude.
  • All of 3-02, but to summarize: Faultline takes Taylor to her father and shows him she's a parahuman, not ill. We then learn that Danny sold his home to keep her in care. She sums up her entire reasoning for wanting to take Taylor with her.
    Faultline: “You sold your house, Mr. Hebert. You sold your house to keep paying for Taylor's hospital bills. You live like this because of that system. The system those people protect are why you live like this, and why Taylor has not found any justice. The system does not care about you, sir. The system does not care about Taylor.”

    Lifting a hand, she pointed to herself. “I do. I care about Taylor. I care about all of my people. My people, my team, are my family, and I will die before I let them be hurt or give up on them. I believe that I can help her, that we can help her. But it's your choice, and I won't interfere with that. If you want to trust those people, that's up to you. All I ask is that you think about what you're doing. Really think about it, not from the point of view of what you're supposed to do, but from the point of view of what is best for Taylor.”
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  • Madison joining up with the Brockton Brigade.
  • Sophia saving and helping Bryce because she feels he deserves some vengeance against the E88. Even knowing he isn't likely to find who exactly killed his sister, she can help him so he doesn't get himself killed.
  • Emma confessing why she wants to join the Undersiders and Tattletale assuring her that her reasons are acceptable, given a lot of them have similar reasons.
    • This is part of the reason she decides to stay and help break out the ones who get captured. And in that chapter we learn that Regent's sister is also helping because she wants to look out for him.
  • Taylor's power let's her interact with Elle (Labyrinth) in 3-07. She can see the world Elle does through her eyes, feel the trust that she has for Faultline's crew, and Elle can understand her and speak for her.
    • 4-02 also expands on this, and it's enough to bring a tear to the eyes.
      • Really, any interaction between them.
  • 4-01 reveals Amy was raised by the Pelhams, so she's much happier in canon since they treated her better. Considering how that ended, it's great that she had a chance to grow up happy and she's even dating Parian.
  • 5-03 shows Faultline got a tinker to make Taylor a bodysuit so that she could move without being in battle. The first thing she does is give her a hug.
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  • Elle giving Taylor her Cape name in 6-07.
    Ariadne, the daughter of Minos, who had been made lady of the labyrinth. She had been the one who knew the labyrinth, who cared for it and who had helped Theseus defeat the Minotaur. I knew the story well enough that Elle had only had to say a few words to remind me of who she was. After that, I knew what that sort of name would mean to her. Ariadne had been linked to the labyrinth. Elle had been offering to tie her name to mine. I couldn't just say no to something like that.
  • Emma refuses to give up on Madison, even if they weren't talking now, in 7-01, even if she had to take on the Merchants by herself.
    Emma: "I'm not abandoning my friend. Not again.
  • Sophia calmly, despite having to deal with Aisha's attitude, explains to her how she screwed up and how she will do better the next time in 7-02. It shows she's really coming into her own with her Character Development.
    Sophia: "No. I want you to listen. Now, and in the field. Pay attention. We will do better. We will make up for what happened, and next time, we will do this right. But only if you listen to me. Look, any other time, in here, when we're doing... I dunno, whatever, then you can fuck around. You can argue, you can tell me to screw myself. But when we're in the field, when there's people that need help, that are depending on us? That's when you listen. That's when you stop fucking around and pay attention. Not for me. Fuck me. For them. For those people that are trapped right now because you didn't listen before. Get it? When it really matters, when it counts, that's when you listen.”
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  • Taylor being genuinely happy in 7-03, taking a minor vacation and learning Sign Language from Mockshow.
  • Madison almost, combined with Dinah's needling, makes Rune commit a Heel–Face Turn in 7-09. Kaiser put a stop to that.
    • And the next chapter she not only saves Rune, but finishes her Heel–Face Turn.
  • Sophia leaves the offer to join Normandy open for Muse in 8-02 after Aisha and Bryce give her basically a place to stay. Her own thoughts about them are warming up as well.
    Maybe it was dumb and I'd regret it, but for a moment, I wanted to think like a girl that had worked with her team, who didn't have to deal with any of this other bullshit. I wanted to think like this fictional version of me who hadn't fucked up so badly that the only people in my life that would even talk to me were the ones that didn't know anything about me. Because right now, when these three looked at me for advice and my opinion, they weren't glaring or accusing me. They were just... asking.
    • In 8-05, Sophia throws herself into danger to save Gallant and almost gets squished for it.
  • In Danny's Interlude, he offers comfort to Fleur over the death of her husband and it is revealed that he'd been the one helping and aiding Zoe while she tries find a cure for her daughter.
    • Elle's faith in Taylor also extends to her father, to the extent that he's aware of them unmasked.
  • In 10-01, Faultline reassures Taylor that it isn't her fault that Newter and Emily died.
  • Sophia's concern for Emma and Madison in 10-02 and opening up to her teammates, asking Muse to Take Care of the Kids if something happens to her. She's really come a long way.
    Sophia: “Just... just trust me, okay? They're both sort of fucked up. It's a fucked up I understand. I get it. I know it. If they don't get help, they'll get worse. They need a guide. They don't get one, if they get left out with just themselves... bad shit will happen. Really bad shit. If I can't be here to help, you have to promise you will be. Got it?”
  • Despite everything they've gone through, the Brigade won't abandon Madison after learning what she did in 10-03.
  • Two things in 11-05 for Sophia:
    • The first is that she swears to avenge Armsmaster.
      Sophia: Right, I'm a piece of shit. I'm the fucked up loser who deserves pretty much everything bad that happens to her. But I didn't kill Armsmaster. And whoever did was going to pay for it. Whatever it took, whatever I had to do, I was going to track this fucker down and make them pay for what they did. Not for my sake. Fuck me. But for Armsmaster. He didn't deserve to go out like that. I'd drag this piece of shit into the light and make them admit what they did. After that... well, whatever happened would happen. I just wanted to make sure the son (or daughter, whatever) of a bitch that did this paid for it.
    • The second thing is that Muse has been a Secret Secret-Keeper all along and is the first person (outside of Vista) who sincerely believes her innocence.
      Muse: “I went to find you, I thought you might need help after what happened...”
  • Hax makes it clear in 11-06 the only reasons she's fighting against the Simurgh is because her brother is asking.
  • Elsa fights off the voices long enough to save Chronicler during the Simurgh attack, once more becoming a hero.
  • Sophia not only prevents Battery from running off to her death, but chooses to stay rather than escape the impending quarantine to keep Aisha and Bryce safe in 12-01.
  • Danny goes out of his way to be The Bait for monsters to save Julia, despite knowing what she had done to his daughter in Julia's Interlude. She then tries to go save him.
  • The Brigade and Faithful have a movie night, giving them and Elsa a reprieve from everything that's happened in 13-06.
  • Muse and Sophia have become close enough in 13-08 that the former covers for the latter to allow her to hide her secret in getting the bomb off Jade. At the same time, Sophia has reached a point of comfort with them that she wants them to know about her powers as Shadow Stalker. Given the reputations she has now, that's saying a lot.
    • In 14-05, both of them come out with their secrets and back one another up, showing that both they and the team they've formed have reached a point of solidarity that they can put the past behind them.
      Paige: You and Bryce started this team. Without you, it doesn't exist. Yeah, maybe you weren't honest about everything. But neither was I. So if you have to leave because you kept secrets and weren't the best person in the world, then I have to leave too.

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