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Per wiki policy, Spoilers Off applies here and all spoilers are unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Who knew that a bleak world full of little critters can have some fantastic moments even in the darkest times?

  • When the CHALLENGE prompt appears, you'll know that the Knight will be facing an awesome duel as it readies its nail. It happens twice - against the Mantis Lords, and against the Radiance.
    • The intro against the Radiance can be an awesome Wham Shot in itself. Without context, it would be quite odd as to why the Knight would brandish its nail against the sun in the distance. As it turns out, the "sun" is a sentient being, which proceeds to unfurl its wings and teleport close to the arena.
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    • The "Dream No More" ending wherein the Shade of the Hollow Knight assists you for the last time, holding the Radiance in place, while the Knight would unleash the Void Heart and transform into into a Shade. You have a brief period to control the Knight and make it lash out the darkness at the Radiance's face, until it gets swallowed by the Void below.
      • The prelude to that scene, where you race to the top commanding your many siblings and the void itself to give the Radiance the final blow and seal her away once and for all.
      • The Godmaster DLC can up this scene up further. With the "Embrace the Void" ending, there is no shade of the Hollow Knight to assist your playable Knight in the last phase against the Absolute Radiance. While the Knight's shell cracks and a shade takes its place, it will soon be replaced by the Void Entity, whom the Godseeker even refers to as the "God of Gods". It is a massive being of Void with a spiked head, four arms, eight glowing white eyes, and a series of flailing tendrils that trail behind it. When it even took the might of two Void beings to even defeat the Radiance, this new entity emerging from the playable Knight manages to be even stronger as it defeats the Absolute Radiance alone. What entails afterwards can double as a Nightmare Fuel however, since the Void will be seen raining down inside the Godhome.
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  • The Knight getting their own statue in the Hall of Gods.
    Inscription: Not bug, nor beast, nor god.
  • Both of Grimm's boss fight introductions. When you fight him physically in his tent, he even does a gentlemanly gesture of bowing down on you before starting the fight. When you use the dream nail to fight Nightmare King Grimm, the arena is also much more sinister. He bursts forth from a large cocoon in the background, and the entire screen flashes black with his name colored red.
    • This also brings to mind the other bosses who are positively Graceful Losers on their own, who bow their heads down after you defeat them. The Nailmasters in the Pantheon fights are examples of this.
  • Some of the scripted story scenes with Hornet:
    • How she does a Big Damn Heroes moment by saving the Knight from the crumbling Cast-Off Shell. Note that she saves you even after you defeated her a while ago, a sign that she truly cares for you and just wants you to succeed.
    • Hornet pulling an 11th-Hour Ranger moment by pinning down the Hollow Knight so that you can Dream Nail it to fight the Radiance from the inside.
    • Once you defeat Hornet in Kingdom's Edge, she will acknowledge the Knight's strength and will, letting them through the Cast-Off Shell. Her dialogue is also a Wham Line as it is:
      Then do it, Ghost of Hallownest! Head onward. Burn that mark upon your shell and claim yourself as King.

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