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  • Acting for Two: Quite a few voices were done in-house by the Team Cherry devs themselves, leading to this situation.
  • Creator's Favorite: William states that the Dung Defender is his favorite boss because the fight is so fun. Sadly, it could also be so easy, which is the exact reason why they decided to include a Bonus Boss version of him in the Hidden Dreams content pack.
  • Doing It for the Art:
    • All of the four content expansions were given out as free updates. The only paid DLCs that can be bought are the game's soundtracks.
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    • Hornet was supposed to be a second playable character for the base game. Then Team Cherry surprised fans by announcing that Hornet's campaign will be a new title instead, in Hollow Knight: Silksong. Those who backed this game on Kickstarter were also promised to receive the sequel for free.
  • Fan Community Nicknames: At least in the YouTube community, the believers and supporters of the "Hornet is Void" meme have been called "Vornets" or "Team Vornet" collectively (A Portmanteau of the words void and hornet). Yes, a meme about a character's lore is so controversial for comedy reasons that it has supporters and detractors.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • The game itself gets called "Bug Souls", or to expand, "Dark Souls with Bugs".
    • The Player Character is officially referred to as "The Knight", following the title used by Team Cherry (or "The Hollow Knight" in the game's endings), but players sometimes refer to them as "The Ghost" or "Little Ghost", Hornet's nickname for them.
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    • The community has also taken a liking to naming Grimm's Bullet Hell phase as the "Pufferfish Attack" since he transforms into a spherical object that continuously pulses and emits numerous orbs.
    • The Grimmchild has some fans calling it "Grimm Jr."
    • Any memetic line spoken by the characters can also double as their fan nicknames, especially the short and easily memorable ones. For example, Iselda often gets remembered as the "Bapanada" NPC, while Brumm has been called "Babagundala".
    • The aerial downward slash attack is called "Pogo Jumping" since the nail has an upward recoil when you hit enemies with the attack, allowing you to reach higher areas and navigate paths other than the intended means of double-jumping and/or air-dashing on the platforms. It is also used to refer to the way of cheesing enemy waves and boss fights by spamming the attack airborne.
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    • Characters and bosses get acronyms or abbreviations to easily mention them than their full names:
      • "THK" - The Hollow Knight
      • "AbsRad - Absolute Radiance
      • "PV" - Pure Vessel
      • "NKG" - Nightmare King Grimm
      • "PK" - Pale King
    • The Void Entity that the Knight transforms into during some of the endings have several names or titles for its two forms, like "Lord of Shades", "God of Gods", "Void Given Form" and "Void Given Focus"... But the fanbase just collectively refers to the Void Entity in general as "Shade Lord".
  • Follow the Leader: For fans and some media/game journalists, Hollow Knight gets coined as one of the "2D Dark Souls" of the late 2010's given that this is a Homage to From Software's popular game, inspired by having a similar bleak setting, dark lore presented in Story Breadcrumbs, as well as several gameplay mechanics that combine the key features of Dark Souls with the Metroidvania genre. And did you know that there is a line of Hornet that sounds suspiciously like "Git Gud?"
  • Inspiration for the Work: Despite players and critics comparing it to the genre brought by Dark Souls and Castlevania, Team Cherry has outright stated in numerous interviews that Hollow Knight was inspired by Faxanadu, Metroid, Zelda II and Mega Man X. Hallownest was created as an inverse of the world tree setting in Faxanadu and the devs wanted to replicate the sense of wonder and discovery brought by their childhood games such as Zelda II and Faxanadu.
  • Lost in Translation :The Italian translation couldn't really use the literal translation for Hollow (Vuoto), because it is specific to being physically hollow instead of being ambiguous like the original, so they had to settle for mentally hollow, Vacuo (Vacuous), while the original name meant both, though the objective might have been to hide the second meaning of mental hollowness, while the italian translation was forced to choose the most important meaning. Vessel had the opposite problem, where a word equivalent to vessel doesn't exist, so the word used was Ricettacolo, (Receptacle), which is what you'd use for a container for a liquid, which is why it's the same word used for your Soul (mana) container. The only thing that might have worked would be Host but that would imply something akin to demonic possesion. So it makes the vessel sound like a basin-like object, making the connection with the Hollow Knight harder to make because of his only being described as mindless while the vessel is described as not even alive. Other than that there is no word for Wyrm (only dragons and wyverns), so they ended up making up a new word, Uroverme (Ouroworm), which might actually be a good Woolseyism because it does look like a big worm and the Ouroboros part gets across the draconic aspect.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: As a part of the reward tier at Kickstarter, backers were able to conceptualize some characters to be added into the game, which were dubbed as "Backer NPCs" by Team Cherry. The first Backer NPC was Cloth, by Noah Sturtridge, and many other characters later followed, most of which are the Ghosts that you can use the dream nail on.
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  • Shrug of God:
    • From the Reddit AMA, Team Cherry stated that they do not know how the Knight escaped the Abyss (when its gate was sealed in the first place).
    • Someone wanted to confirm from the same AMA if Hegemol is actually Sly since the former was believed to have went into hiding. The latter was the most probable candidate whom the fanbase thought that Hegemol may have disguised himself as. William's answer to that was merely "!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!", seemingly dodging the question.
  • Sleeper Hit: Team Cherry was known at that time to be a small indie group and had to partner with other development teams when porting and releasing the game. Development was partially funded with Kickstarter, raising 57,000 Australian Dollars at the end of 2014. But behold, it has sold 250,000 copies in 2 weeks, and as of February 2019, had sold over 2.8 million copies.
  • Teasing Creator: From the Reddit AMA:
  • The Wiki Rule: The game has a wiki database in Fandom and Fextralife.
  • Trolling Creator:
    • When asked who their favorite enemy is in terms of design, William answered "Primal Aspids", and that they are the best enemy in the game, and that they have an idea for a boss version of the mook that sadly didn't make it into the game... "yet". Considering that they are aware of the Primal Aspids' Demonic Spider status and have been memed so much by the community, this answer could just be satirical.
    • One of the advertised features of the Godmaster update was "expanded romance options". Some took it literally as a Romance Sidequest. Nope, it was revealed that you can just give the Delicate Flower to more characters... nothing romantic involved. Nonetheless, the "Romance Options" phrase became a meme afterwards.
  • What Could Have Been: The game is surprisingly long as it is, but there's a big amount of things shown during development that were cut or heavily changed, in addition to features whose crowdfunding stretch goals weren't reached.
    • The Colosseum of Fools, the Abyss, the Hive, and the White Palace have less content than proposed. Updates later gave the White Palace a secret area and added a boss for the Hive.
    • You could dive underwater in certain areas.
    • You could access small areas inside the minds of any NPC, but the developers felt it was an unnecessary feature.
    • Tiso's storyline was supposed, or at least teased, to have a better conclusion than him just dying offscreen.
    • The Nailmasters and the Five Great Knights were teased to be bosses. In the game proper, the Nailmasters teach you their skills via cutscenes and most of the great knights are dead (you do fight Ogrim the Dung Defender and the maggot in possession of Hegemol's armor). Eventually, the Nailmasters as well as the Great Nailsage were made proper bosses in Godmaster, though the missing Great Knights remain out of the action.
    • Godmaster itself originally had the much easier on the tongue name "Gods and Glory", but this had to be changed a month before the DLC came out due to copyright concerns over other media with a similar name.
    • The various Backer NPCs went through some changes before they were finalized into the game. For example, Cloth was supposed to be named "Burlap" and was referred to using male pronouns.
    • Hollow Knight: Silksong was originally merely DLC for the original game. However, the developers felt the scope of the DLC ended up being greater and more unique than imagined, so it became its own game. It'll still be free for few thousand who backed it on Kickstarter.
  • Word of God: From this AMA which answers some of the lore-related theories and game design decisions made by Team Cherry:
    • The Player Character doesn't have a distinct name in-game, only going by the nicknames other characters give it. However, the community uses the title that Team Cherry commonly uses when referring to the playable character, "the Knight".
    • The playable Knight was drawn back into the kingdom, which is why the game starts off from the Howling Cliffs, despite the Knight being created by the Pale King. However, they didn't go into details explaining why the Knight left the kingdom and where he went prior to the start of the game.
    • The reason why the enigmatic Mister Mushroom was made? It's because Team Cherry felt that the unique nook Cornifer used to be in the Fungal Wastes would be left empty and sad if he moved. They needed someone to put in that nook again, and it became Mister Mushroom's first point of appearance.
    • Hornet and the Hollow Knight do have some sort of relation to one another. As the Hollow Knight is the creation of the Pale King and the White Lady, where Hornet is the creation of the Pale King and Herrah the Beast, this makes them half-siblings, though perhaps not biologically. This is corroborated by the second ending, "Sealed Siblings."
    • Hornet is fully limbed, her arms are simply obscured. Exactly how many arms she has is unclear though.
    • Hornet's needle is unique, it was made for her, and that there aren't many other bugs skillful enough to use it.
    • Quirrel is "gone", but if he's dead or simply travelling isn't clarified.
    • The Failed Tramway was an attempt of the bugs of Hallownest to expand the kingdom into unknown territories below. Unfortunately, things didn't work out well for them.
    • As for Cornifer appearing in all areas, most of which are hazardous and deadly, it is stated that his sturdy shell keeps him out of harm's way.


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