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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • A good lot of Storybook Love. Notably, Snow White riding Wolf!Bigby. Later she finally gets some payback towards Goldilocks by axing her head.
  • The Good Prince is a Crowning Story of Awesome for Flycatcher.
  • Homelands is a Crowning Story of Awesome for Boy Blue.
  • The fight between Totenkinder and Dark is just pure awesome, especially when she reveals her preference for using candy... which rots your teeth. Even the ones you stole. That's right: Totenkinder/Bellflower weaponized Candyland.
    • It gets even more awesome when we find out that all the way up to just before the last fight with the North Wind, Mr. Dark is still feeling the after effects of that fight, and still weakened because of it. And then when you consider that this weakness dooms him in the fight with the North Wind, which would otherwise have been a battle of equals with an uncertain outcome AND the fight with the North Wind was deliberately set up by Totenkinder when she revealed Ghosts' existence to him, it means that in the final analysis, she won. Though in the process she essentially assassinated the North Wind.
  • In issue #8, Shere Khan, after stalking Snow White through the wilderness for over thirty miles, finally corners her and pounces. And then she empties a revolver into him.
  • In issue #9, Snow puts down the revolt at the farm by walking out, alone and unarmed, into the village square and ordering the rebels to throw down their guns and disperse, to which Papa Bear replies "But we've got you outgunned!" Snow comes back with an immortal retort: "You dumb bastards! I'm Snow White! I run Fabletown and I'm never outgunned!" Then she calls in an airstrike. From a dragon.
    • Of course, things kind of go sideways for Snow when Goldilocks shoots her in the head with a sniper rifle. Snow White survives, though, and that just means that she gets another crowning moment of awesome when Goldilocks tries to kill her and the Big Bad Wolf in issue #17: Snow sneaks up behind her, buries an axe in Goldilocks' head, and then beats her with her cane until Goldilocks falls down a cliff into the path of an oncoming semi.
  • Of course, the Big Bad "Bigby" Wolf is no slouch either. In "March of the Wooden Soldiers," just as the eponymous invaders are about to overrun Fabletown's defenses, Bigby shows up in the nick of time and literally blows them away with the ol' huff and puff. It then turns into a Heartwarming Moment when Snow, by this point massively pregnant with Bigby's cubs, rushes out into the pouring rain to embrace him.
  • Frau Totenkinder's defeat of Baba Yaga during that same battle was pretty kickass too. Made especially awesome by the fact that Baba Yaga was totally assured of her victory when she flew up to fight Totenkinder, since the Fables are at least partially fueled by Popularity Power... only to have Totenkinder reveal that most of the nameless witches in European folklore are actually her. The battle that follows isn't shown on panel, except for a brief moment where King Cole views it and it's reflected on his glasses that two awful looking creatures are going at it (whether these are summons or shapeshifted witches is hard to say). The sight terrifies Cole so much that he bars anyone from going up to the scene of the fight until they're sure it's over. At the end of the fight, Frau is drenched, but otherwise whole, and has calmly resumed her knitting, while Baba Yaga lies barely alive and struggling to remain conscious on the ground before her.
    • A subtle moment of awesome for the illustrators. A reflection of the battle can be seen on the panel, in which we see monstrous serpentine dragons doing battle. It is the same dragon Totenkinder transforms into when she fights Mr. Dark.
  • Prince Charming deserves some credit for the Battle of Fabletown as well. He was the tactician, the strategist, and worked 'public relations' as well. He was the leader on the front lines, and just as Bigby showed up to save the day, King Cole was rushing in to fight. Charming was actively trying to replace Cole as the leader of Fabletown in the upcoming election, and he was the one who pulled King Cole to safety. Then, after Bigby ended the battle and started barking orders about the first tasks to be accomplished, the first (and most dangerous) order was to put out the fires in the buildings and rescue people. Prince Charming immediately volunteered for that one without waiting for any further orders. "Firefighters, form on me!" Here's hoping he was buried with a lot of medals from that battle. He sure earned them.
  • Boy Blue gets one when he fights off wooden soldiers with the Vorpal sword, which has been duct-taped to his hands because they were too injured (after several days of torture) to hold it any other way.
  • King Cole's reappearance in the Arabian Days and Nights arc. Having spent a few months, if not years, off-page feeling rejected and depressed for having been voted out of office as Mayor of Fabletown, he sweeps back onto the page smoothly defusing an already-in-progress diplomatic explosion. In perfect Arabic.
  • Rose Red's recovery from her Heroic BSoD over Boy Blue's death is one giant CMOA. She instantly shuts down Geppetto's bid for leadership of the Farm, tells Beast and Beauty and all the rest who worked in the Fabletown mayor's office, who were used to being in charge that SHE(Rose Red) was the one in charge of the Farm and if they don't like it, they can take a hike. She also got Brock Blueheart and his flock on her side and convinced them to work together rather than just sit around waiting for Boy Blue to return to fix everything.
  • Pinnochio gets his revenge for centuries of being eternally a child on the Blue Fairy and easily beats her down.
  • The first arc in Fairest has both the now good Snow Queen and Briar Rose going up against Hadeon the Destroyer, the evil fairy who put the death curse on Briar when she was a baby. Lumi holds her own for a while, until finally Briar steps in, royally pissed off that Hadeon tried to kill her simply because she wasn't invited to her christening. And none of Hadeon's spells have any effect on Briar. The reason is because, technically, Hadeon's original death curse did work even if it was changed slightly. Hadeon's powers are aware that curse was fulfilled, so they perceive Briar to be dead and won't exceed themselves on a target they've already felled. Seems Hadeon set a type of Department of Redundancy Department filter on her magic to conserve her resources, which in hindsight is not a good idea when you're engaging in combat with beings that can come back from the dead.
  • From the first arc: Bigby delivering the real version of his famous "huff and puff" threat.
    Bigby: Drop the knife and back away from the boy or I'll rip your fucking throat out.
  • In the Rose Red edition, when the titular character reclaims her leadership after coming out of her Heroic BSoD, the tree dryads that Geppetto had created as bodyguards at one point tells her to watch her tongue around him, or they'll make sure to punish her should she repeat herself. To this, Rose Red casually orders Clara (her dragon sidekick in a raven's body) to burn "Grandfather Oak" that the dryads were made from to the ground "the next time any of these three bozos threatens me, verbally or physically." And likewise, this exchange later:
    Female Dryad: We'll need to find a way to work with each other, Miss Red. My brother and I have an obligation to protect Geppetto. We can't do that while under a constant threat to have our sacred patriarch burned.
    Rose Red: No, Princess Alder. We don't need to find a way to work with each other, because you two won't be here much longer. Your job is over. By nightfall, if you two dryads are still lurking around the farm, you'll be arrested, or worse.
    Female Dryad: But..?!
    Rose Red: No one gets special treatment on my farm. No one gets bodyguards. I don't abide hired thugs. Now, move along and send the next fable in.
  • Buffkin, oh good heavens, Buffkin. He manages to outwit a freed djinn, tricking the genie back into its bottle and sealing it tight. He then, through use of the centuries of reading of Fabletown's various books and the resources available in the Fabletown library, creates a plan that puts an end to Baba Yaga.
  • Rose's quest for redemption with her Camelot arc is pretty great, particularly with The Reveal that Rose is a very powerful magical being on her mother's side. Side awesome is that Snow White, by default, is as well.
  • Despite her Creepy Child tendencies, Winter assuming a powerful grown-up form and threatens the embodiments of the East, West, and South Winds. And they flee! Note that these guys are almost as powerful as North himself, a god.
  • Towards the end of the series, when Bigby Came Back Wrong as a Brainwashed and Crazy killer and threatens his family, the one to stop his rampage is Connor Wolf, (prophesied to be "a hero bold" but thus far showing no sign of it,) who points out that the cubs are all experienced in the full gifts of their shapeshifting heritage, and that he is fully capable of turning into an even greater monstrosity than his father. He promptly demonstrates this point, along with a Badass Boast about how he suspects he could turn into something of Planet Eater size if he really wanted to. This threat actually gets through to the Ax-Crazy Bigby, who had failed to respond to entreaties and pleading, but is brought back to normal by the sight of Connor standing up to him. Few heroes could get a more impressive start to their careers than making The Big Bad Wolf back down!
  • The issue Wolves which revolves around Mowgli trying to track the missing Bigby. Eventually Mowgli realizes he's not getting anywhere asking people and fittingly decides to ask wolves, as not only are they Bigby's species, Mowgli himself was raised by them. He comes across a wolf pack who refuses to talk to him since he's not a part of their pack, making him realize he'll have to fight and defeat the pack leader, which is followed by an impressive, all-out brutal fight between a naked man and a wolf.
  • Prince Charming's duel and subsequent slaying of Bluebeard. After throwing a very public swordsmanship demonstration against the bride killer (to lull him into a false sense of security), and later using the Mouse Police to gather evidence of Bluebeard's wrongdoings, Charming challenges Bluebeard on his own home ground, deftly outclasses him in swordplay and eventually skewers him. A masterpiece of gamesmanship. As Rose Red so succinctly put it, "Well done, Prince Charming".
  • Despite being the prototypical Con Man and all-around louse, Jack Horner proves he's no pushover, when, in the prelude to the War of Fabletown, he battles and gets the best of three of the Adversary's top Wooden Soldiers.
  • Snow White's duel with her hated "betrothed", Prince Brandish. Using the sword skills taught her by ex-husband Prince Charming, she outmaneuvers and defeats Brandish, running him through his non-existent (or rather, currently absent) heart.
  • Prince Charming, as Fabletown's Director of Homeland Recovery. He willingly (and gladly) returns the reigns of Mayoralship to King Cole, so that he can effectively spearhead the war effort against the Empire. While his ex Snow White operates as Mission Control, coordinating the overall campaign and all its various moving parts, it is Charming who is in the heat of things from the Glory of Baghdad airship, destroying key warp gates and commanding in the front. And even after things go south and the ship is destroyed, Charming and its captain Sinbad fight through a phalanx of Imperial troops and goblins to deploy the last bomb, and Charming pulls his Heroic Sacrifice to win the war. Even more awesome, it turns out he survived.