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Tear Jerker / Fables

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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • A small and touching one - the death the Mouse Police Rex and his partner's reaction.
  • The Last Castle, particularly the ending. Also, the funeral for those who fell in the Battle of Fabletown, against the wooden soldiers.
  • North giving an unconscious Bigby a fatherly kiss before leaving to sacrifice himself in order to dispose of Mister Dark. It's even worse when you remember how Bigby had always hated his father for leaving his mother, and even repeatedly tried to kill him, and yet North had kept on loving his son, to the point of giving him that final affectionate gesture.
    • Made even worse by Bigby's reaction. Everyone else is relieved if not celebrating, and when Snow comes next to a deeply miserable looking Bigby to ask if he's okay...
    Bigby: Why'd he do it, Snow? I hated him for so long. I was resigned to not having a father— comfortable with it. Why'd he have to do something so noble?
  • Issue #118 reveals the origin of all of the toys in the land of Discardia, through which Therese is now considered queen. They were all indirectly responsible for the deaths of the children they belonged to. And Therese is forced to listen to how some of them wound up there. At least three choking victims, an infection from a cut, death by lead based paint, and a Mr. Mega Truck relates "blunt force trauma".
    • And then the following Heroic Sacrifice by Dare. It really hits hit home when right before sacrificing himself, he cries and asks why he has to die when he's still just a kid, who never got to do anything yet before finally relenting and asking if anyone will at least know that he did the right thing.
  • When Bigby finally finds his son Dare in the after-life, after they're both dead. Bigby shifts from wolf to human mid-stride and grabs Dare into the longest, biggest hug ever.
  • Snow finally meeting her seventh child, Ghost, after all the people he accidentally killed. What makes it even more tearjearking is that he's still so young, and every line of his emphasizes this (with him apologizing for being bad).
  • When Snow and Bigby finally get married. They were happy tears.
  • In "1001 Nights of Snowfall", it's the story of Flycatcher and the story of his dead wife. Basically, his curse turned him into a frog just as the Adversary's troops invaded, and he could only watch helplessly as the goblins raped and killed his wife and oldest daughter.
  • The illness and death of Boy Blue. The episode ends with one final scene of the hill overlooking Haven's baseball field.
  • After Blue's funeral, Fly and Pinnochio are chatting. Upon a closer look, you can see Blue's horn in Pinnochio's hands.
    • Poor Rose's reaction. Rose had married Sinbad after the victorious war with the Empire, thus after she pretty much broke Blue's heart by telling him she just wanted to be friends. Absolutely regretting her decision to marry, Rose desperately and apologetically proposes to Blue, only to be swiftly shut down by a deadpan "Reason You Suck" Speech where Blue calls out her desire for excitement. He tells her off for rejecting him not because of conflicted feelings, but because the thrill of being with the hero that fought through the Homelands himself had faded. After he passes away, Rose completely loses it out of guilt, bedridden and under the delusion that Blue will return so she is saving herself for him. The mental scarring from Blue's dying rejection is best exemplified when she mistakes a returning Jack for Blue.