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As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • "I knew you'd come in time to save us! You always do!" What really makes the scene is Snow had been avoiding Bigby for quite some time due to the awkwardness of her pregnancy.
  • In 1001 Nights of Snowfall: kindly Old King Cole on the run from the Adversary with his people finds a way to stretch out their meager rations to fill the bellies of all his subjects. There is not a bite left for himself and he passes out from hunger. He got better though.
    • This doesn't just happen once, though. King Cole takes it upon himself to pass out the rations fairly, and never gives himself an appropriate share, and rarely takes any share at all. Its only after a long while of this and once all of the food completely runs out that he collapses from hunger.
      • Whereupon his people — the ones whom he starved himself for — go out, risking capture and death in order to steal food from a nearby farm. When the raid is successful, all of them insist that King Cole eat his fill.
  • The entire part where Bigby comes back to Snow White. First there's the beautiful scene where she runs to him. Then he offers to marry her. Then there's him meeting his children for the first time since they left for the Farm and the actual wedding.
  • When Snow White is forced to live on the Farm because she just had children who didn't look human. She just quit her job, Bigby left, and she's under a lot of stress from raising six babies who can fly. Upon arriving at the Farm, she is greeted by the other residents who arranged for a party to welcome her and finds that Rose Red has organized a flock of crows to look after the babies should they fly off. Especially since she and Rose have had such a tense relationship for centuries.
  • Chapter 50, when Snow White marries Bigby Wolf.
  • Even Frau Totenkinder has one. After constant hints that her helpfulness is due to some Evil Plan, we found out she does it all out of gratitude to Snow White and Rose Red for nursing her back to health after the oven incident, even though they were on the run from the Adversary at the time.
    • Even sweeter is when she says how the people of Fabletown have had her feeling more at home than anyone in the tribe she was born in ever did.
  • The ending of Issue 124, the conclusion to Bufkin's story, where in the epilogue we see that he and Lily lived a long and full life together in Oz.
  • Issue 134, the Interlude chapter of the Camelot arc. Bibgy is in his personal version of Heaven, when he is visited by Boy Blue. After a deep and meaningful conversation, Blue moves on to his next life, but not before telling Bigby to wait - there's someone else who wants to talk to him. It turns out to be Bigby's son Darien, who Bigby spent months looking for prior to his death. After embracing, Darien promises to tell Bigby everything that went on while he was missing, but in return, Bigby has to promise to tell him - honestly, man to man, wolf to wolf - did he do the right thing? Did he do okay, sacrificing himself for Therese? It's both heartwarming and tearjerking at the same time.
  • Therese's verdict for the toys of Discardia. They each must save one hundred children from death, to atone for the children they themselves caused to die. In return, when a toy reaches that goal, she'll fix them. By the end of the story, all of the toys have made it. The land is green and everyone's healed.
  • The Entire ending! Despite everything, Rose Red and Snow White's rivalry ends peacefully. They realize that while they can't fight their magical tontine, they can work around it. Rose decides to leave peacefully and keep herself at many worlds of distance from Snow. The two reunite many centuries later and we finally see the Wolf Clan, grown to hundreds and hundreds of descendants! Every one of them is a hero or a God and Bigby and Snow are together, intending to do so until the stars and Moon are dust. Happily Ever After, indeed!