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Series / Casada Con Pino

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Vos no entende' nada, Pino, no entende', esto es culpa de los Kernell, los Kernell!
Casada con Pino is an Argentine series, with parodies of the politicians from Argentina. As Elisa "Lilita" Carrió and Fernando "Pino" Solanas made a political coalition for the 2013 elections, the main characters are Lilita and Pino, who appear Like an Old Married Couple. In the 2013 season they had their romance, got married, Lilita got pregnant, and eventually gave birth to their daughter, the "Republic".

The 2014 season featured several more politicians: Cristina, Mauricio, Máximo, Michetti, Sanz, Larreta, etc. Lilita cheated Pino with Mauricio, so the Swedish nurse kidnapped the Republic: she thought that she had terrible parents, and that she must be taken to be raised in Sweden so it can become a world power. The police followed her, but she lost the baby, which was placed over a random truck. The baby fell from it afterwards, and was retrieved by Michetti (who had been brainwashed to support Cristina). Michetti took the Republic to Cristina's house, as Pino and Lilita tried to locate her. Eventually, Cobos told Lilita the location of the Republic, so they stole her from Cristina's house.

The name is a parody of the series Casados Con Hijos


Casada con Pino contains examples of:

  • Accidental Misnaming: Poor Ernesto Sancho, nobody ever remembers his name correctly...
    It is not Sancho! It is Sanz! Sanz! My name is Sanz!
  • Adam Westing: The real Elisa Carrio liked the whole joke so much, that she uploaded a photo of herself with "The Republic". See here.
  • Double Meaning: Lilita screaming that "Cristina Kernel stole the Republic". Don't you get the second possible meaning?
  • Innocent Fanservice Girl: The Swedish nurse. So much that, when Thomas Griesa ruled in support of the vulture funds and began to seize valuable Argentine properties, he began with her.
  • It's All About Me: Cristina says "Yo" ("I") at most of her sentences. When in doubt, she says "Yo... yo... yo..."
  • Professional Slacker: Máximo Kirchner, the son of Cristina, is a Professional Slacker up to eleven. He never says a word, never does anything at all, he just stays all day hypnotized by television or playing with the X-Box. Except for the day when Pope Francis showed up, made a laying on of hands, and made a miracle: Maximo standed up, took a nearby wheelbarrow, and began to work!
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  • Real Life Writes the Plot: When the real Elisa Carrio proposed to add Mauricio Macri to the UNEN coalition, the parody one cheated on Pino with Mauricio. And when the real Macri and Cristina Kirchner began to amend their conflicts, fictional Michetti showed up and revealed a secret romance between Mauricio and Cristina.
  • Take That!: After the rescue of the Republic, Lilita left a note for Cristina. "Cristina Kernell, la tenés adentro", with a good photo or her middle finger.
  • "Where Are They Now?" Epilogue: The 2014 season ended with one of those.