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  • The Undertaker got an unsung moment here. When Taker went to do his entrance, he got burned by his pyro and was seen immediately taking his ring jacket off as it was covered in flames. Despite this, he basically has the ref pour bottles of water over him off-camera and is passed more water while he's waiting in the Chamber pod. Aside from foregoing his ominous walk to the ring (because, you know, he's on fire), he does not break kayfabe for a moment and still wrestled the match to its conclusion. That is what you call a badass. (Michael Cole, despite not knowing what happened, covered for Undertaker's break in character rather well by saying that he was ready for a fight and he didn't want to wait to get it started.)


  • John Morrison continues to steal the show at every PPV with his innovative Parkour offense. This time, he scaled the actual dome of the Elimination Chamber structure and hit Sheamus with a cross body block. In the closing moments, he would do a TRIPLE JUMP FLASH KICK on CM Punk. Although John Cena would predictably win the match, it was first and foremost a showcase of Morrison's athletic ability.
  • Extreme Rules 2011: An all around great show, with the opening match being Randy Orton vs CM Punk's Last Man Standing Match which had both men go to town on each other with everything from kendo sticks, steel chairs, and the announcers table ending with Orton hitting an RKO from the top turnbuckle.


  • Santino Marella, nominally a comic relief midcard face, actually makes it to the final two of the SmackDown Elimination Chamber match, even eliminating both Cody Rhodes and Wade Barrett in order to do so. Sure, he ultimately lost to Daniel Bryan, but holy crap, what a freakin' performance.
    • Another awesome spot during that match was The Big Show breaking into Bryan's pod, with Bryan's smug expression changing to one of pure terror, and proceeding to beat the ever loving crap out of him whilst in the pod. Given Bryan's behavior since becoming WHC, quite a few can safely say he had it coming.
      • After Bryan does his usual overcelebrations at the end of the match, he's interrupted by the arrival of Sheamus, the 2012 Royal Rumble Winner. What follows is Sheamus kicking Bryan's ass, and pretty much confirming on what title he's coming for at WrestleMania.
  • The brutal Ambulance Match between John Cena and Kane, which ends with Cena giving Kane an Attitude Adjustment off the ambulance to knock him out long enough to throw him in.


  • The six man tag team match between The Shield and Sheamus, Ryback & John Cena. Aside from isolating & systematically taking apart John Cena for the bulk of the match, there's the ending - Roman Reigns spears Sheamus through the security barricade, as Cena & Ryback to hoist Rollins & Ambrose up for a simultaneous Attitude Adjustment/Shellshocked, only for Reigns to slide into the ring & spear Ryback, with Rollins landing on top & collecting a three, as a confused Cena questions the referee what just happened. The Shield didn't just beat three of the WWE's biggest faces, they did it clean & by pinning Ryback, providing the first clean defeat of his career.


  • The Shield and The Wyatt Family finally faced off in a brutal back and forth match which had the crowd on either side which culminated in the Wyatts taking the win. To pick out one specific moment from the match is a disservice to all 6 men, but one moment sums up just how much the crowd wanted to see the match - before a single punch had been thrown, the crowd were chanting "This is awesome!".
  • The titular match had several noteworthy spots:
    • John Cena was about to give the Attitude Adjustment to Daniel Bryan until Cesaro slams the both of them while Cena had Bryan on his shoulders.
    • Orton enters the match, and upon realising everyone else was gunning for him, promptly locks himself back in his chamber. After a minute of Orton taunting him, Sheamus decides to just Brogue Kick his way into Orton's chamber & pull him out.
    • Christian performing a splash on Sheamus by jumping from atop the chamber pod.


  • Bray Wyatt winning the WWE Championship (his first singles title since arriving to the main roster three and a half years prior).


  • The Boss 'n' Hug Connection outlast five other tag teams inside the Elimination Chamber to become the inaugural WWE Women's Tag Team champions.
  • The WWE Championship match inside the Elimination Chamber comes down to defending champion Daniel Bryan who had started first in the match and had outlasted Samoa Joe, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles and Randy Orton, versus Kofi Kingston who had been a last minute replacement for the injured Mustafa Ali and had come off a critically acclaimed performance at a gauntlet match on Smackdown five days prior. With the entire crowd supporting him, Kofi gives Bryan everything he has, even managing to kick out of the Running Knee and coming very close on several occasions to pinning Bryan and win his first WWE championship. At the end of the match, Kofi tries to finish Bryan off by attempting to hit a frog splash from atop a chamber pod. Unfortunately for Kofi, Bryan is able to roll out of the way and hit Kofi with the Running Knee to retain his championship.

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