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  • Tom mowing down the KKK with a Coal Uzi in the 2004 Christmas special.
  • In the 2007 Halloween special, Matt is cornered by the killer. What does he do?
    Matt: Not today, matey! [kicks the maniac in the balls]
  • The battle with the ghost in Hammer and Fail 2. Even though it was more like a Hopeless Boss Fight, the ghost was actually friendly. Turns out he's really after Eduardoooooo...
  • Edd and crew against hundreds of their clones in Spares... it's a Curb-Stomp Battle delivered by Edd and crew.
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  • The fact that the show's still going, even after Edd's death. Doubles as a Heartwarming Moment.
  • In Climate Change, Edd stops a tsunami tearing up London by unplugging everything in his house. Even he's amazed by it. It even goes backwards, reversing the damage.
  • Edd, while he was still around, turned down several offers to have Eddsworld on TV. Even though it would boost popularity, it wouldn't work out with the fans of the original version. It takes guts to do that.
    • There was another reason to this, as stated in one of Tom's vlogs, which could depend on a CMOF or a huge facepalm: the BBC (as Tom believes) had sent an email to Edd, asking to create a show for Eddsworld, which used a word (the word being "monetization") that Edd didn't know. Instead of looking up the word, Edd asked the BBC what the word meant. According to Tom, they never replied back.
  • An offscreen one for the Staring Kid from "Fun Dead"; after seeing him in the arcade, Tom nonchalantly gives the kid a giant gun just as a bunch of ravenous zombies are advancing on him and the scene cuts away, leaving the kid's fate unclear. At the end of the episode, the kid can be seen, alive and well, holding said gun and looking more grizzled. He not only faced off against those zombies, he WON.
  • "Saloonatics" has a lot.
    • Detective Edward (Edd) seems to be a failure at keeping the law in the town of Spitbucket. But then he drinks some cola for the very first time. He fixes everything in seconds, which leads Sheriff Thompson (Tom) to agree to help him out.
    • Prince Matthew (Matt) displays an unexpected Guile Hero side when he comes close to successfully tricking the bandit Juan (Jon) into giving up the keys to his cage. When that fails, he just punches the cage open, which doubles as a funny moment as it's made clear that he wasn't aware he could do that.
    • A meta one: Tom's really good at doing an American accent.
  • Tord's return in The End. He came to get a Mini-Mecha that he tries to use to Take Over the World.
  • Is it really "The End"? Not yet, gang.
  • Two words: "WE'RE BACK."

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