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Self Moderation of This ForumPosts: 548Dec 1st 2018 at 7:14:12 PM
On-Topic Conversations Debate Guidelines Posts: 1Apr 11th 2013 at 12:04:48 PM
Introducing On-Topic Conversations Posts: 2Oct 4th 2012 at 8:43:14 AM
Politics in Media - The Good, the Bad, and the PreachyPosts: 3,381 Mar 22nd 2019 at 5:27:56 AM
Male Roles Vs. Female Roles in Fiction: Discussion/Analysis/TroperwankPosts: 12,700 Mar 22nd 2019 at 5:22:51 AM
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Gun Control and RegulationsPosts: 300 Mar 22nd 2019 at 4:18:32 AM
Race- Privilege, Relations, Racism, etc.Posts: 20,668 Mar 22nd 2019 at 3:17:15 AM
Food and Food CulturePosts: 653 Mar 22nd 2019 at 2:29:53 AM
East Asia News & Politics Thread: China, South Korea, Japan...Posts: 3,779 Mar 22nd 2019 at 2:27:25 AM
The General Economics ThreadPosts: 18,587 Mar 22nd 2019 at 2:15:32 AM
General Education ThreadPosts: 301Mar 21st 2019 at 11:56:24 PM
Venezuela and the Chavez LegacyPosts: 3,577Mar 21st 2019 at 9:29:07 PM
The Law Enforcement Officer ThreadPosts: 6,187Mar 21st 2019 at 8:11:34 PM
Privacy, Government, Surveillance, and You.Posts: 4,135Mar 21st 2019 at 7:01:38 PM
The Global Refugee Wave and Migrant CrisisPosts: 3,460Mar 21st 2019 at 6:54:25 PM
The U.S. Culture(s) threadPosts: 2,476Mar 21st 2019 at 6:53:56 PM
British Politics ThreadPosts: 36,441Mar 21st 2019 at 5:04:49 PM
ParentingPosts: 782Mar 21st 2019 at 4:43:57 PM
The Gun ThreadPosts: 16,606Mar 21st 2019 at 2:20:06 PM
Net NeutralityPosts: 1,763Mar 21st 2019 at 12:28:17 PM
Israel and PalestinePosts: 13,934Mar 21st 2019 at 11:58:17 AM
General Politics ThreadPosts: 1,305Mar 21st 2019 at 3:09:58 AM
Global terrorism threadPosts: 9,471Mar 20th 2019 at 8:58:04 PM
General Crimes Thread
Posts: 130Mar 20th 2019 at 8:23:54 PM
The Military ThreadPosts: 56,211Mar 20th 2019 at 3:55:15 PM
Canadian PoliticsPosts: 4,830Mar 20th 2019 at 3:36:36 PM
Lets talk about cars/motorsportsPosts: 948Mar 20th 2019 at 1:49:20 PM
The Medical ThreadPosts: 2,970Mar 20th 2019 at 1:10:29 PM
The Arab SpringPosts: 28,235Mar 20th 2019 at 1:04:40 PM
Eastern European PoliticsPosts: 1,892Mar 20th 2019 at 12:43:31 PM
General Science ThreadPosts: 1,415Mar 20th 2019 at 12:41:45 PM
Central Asia - General Discussion ThreadPosts: 112Mar 20th 2019 at 10:21:39 AM
General Japanese Culture ThreadPosts: 4,997Mar 20th 2019 at 9:20:40 AM
General Australian Politics ThreadPosts: 1,904Mar 20th 2019 at 8:17:36 AM
European Politics ThreadPosts: 8,681Mar 20th 2019 at 2:24:31 AM
The Islamophobia ThreadPosts: 1,734Mar 20th 2019 at 1:25:54 AM
Tropical cyclones & hurricanes & typhoons of 2019Posts: 2Mar 19th 2019 at 12:53:33 PM
SexismPosts: 8,579Mar 19th 2019 at 11:22:25 AM
Public/Mass Transport Thread
Posts: 151Mar 19th 2019 at 1:41:34 AM
General RIP ThreadPosts: 1,468Mar 17th 2019 at 10:57:02 PM
French PoliticsPosts: 4,091Mar 17th 2019 at 9:45:40 PM
Crisis in UkrainePosts: 9,431Mar 17th 2019 at 7:44:26 PM
The Latin America thread (VZ, BZ, AR, CB, MX...)Posts: 970Mar 17th 2019 at 6:28:26 PM
EspionagePosts: 120Mar 17th 2019 at 1:23:21 AM
Southeast Asia ThreadPosts: 292Mar 16th 2019 at 10:18:38 PM
North KoreaPosts: 7,034Mar 16th 2019 at 10:12:08 PM
General Middle East & North Africa ThreadPosts: 1,538Mar 16th 2019 at 6:51:19 PM
Lowering the voting age (and more general "ages of whatever" discussion)Posts: 62Mar 16th 2019 at 9:35:09 AM
Anthropogenic Climate ChangePosts: 813Mar 15th 2019 at 2:39:13 PM
Personal FinancePosts: 30Mar 13th 2019 at 3:49:04 PM
The Brazilian Politics ThreadPosts: 525Mar 13th 2019 at 1:57:10 PM
Sexism and Men's IssuesPosts: 20,501Mar 13th 2019 at 9:46:51 AM
Official China Discussion Thread Posts: 831Mar 12th 2019 at 6:13:55 PM
Job search strategy discussion threadPosts: 2,459Mar 12th 2019 at 6:09:45 PM
Could you enforce a law to makes it illegal to disobey laws?Posts: 4Mar 10th 2019 at 5:21:36 PM
Environmentalism and Wildlife Conservation DiscussionPosts: 814Mar 10th 2019 at 4:11:46 PM
The General Religion, Mythology, and Theology ThreadPosts: 16,771Mar 10th 2019 at 2:39:32 PM
California mattersPosts: 67Mar 9th 2019 at 4:38:00 AM
German Culture Thread
Posts: 231Mar 9th 2019 at 3:23:15 AM
The South Asia Politics, News, and Analysis ThreadPosts: 1,073Mar 7th 2019 at 5:31:23 PM
German Politics ThreadPosts: 3,298Mar 6th 2019 at 2:42:34 PM
LGBT Rights and ReligionPosts: 16,685Feb 26th 2019 at 5:47:11 PM
Filum Romanum - A Thread for the Catholic ChurchPosts: 3,422Feb 25th 2019 at 5:29:28 PM
The General Russia ThreadPosts: 10,438Feb 25th 2019 at 1:09:46 AM
LGBT Rights WorldwidePosts: 2,346Feb 24th 2019 at 2:40:05 AM
General autism/Aspergers discussionPosts: 6,125Feb 23rd 2019 at 2:03:12 PM
The Biology, Agriculture, and Paleontology threadPosts: 795Feb 21st 2019 at 7:41:33 AM
LGBT Rights and AmericaPosts: 19,801Feb 20th 2019 at 9:16:04 PM
International Interventions and their comparability Posts: 341Feb 20th 2019 at 5:22:30 PM
So how long can we expect outdated technology to last? (R.I.P. GameCube)Posts: 14Feb 19th 2019 at 11:41:45 AM
Artificial IntelligencePosts: 398Feb 15th 2019 at 8:19:39 PM
The Space ThreadPosts: 4,031Feb 13th 2019 at 1:33:49 PM
Catalan ReferendumPosts: 753Feb 10th 2019 at 6:44:12 PM
Media that makes you cry Posts: 1Feb 8th 2019 at 1:57:58 PM
The NFL ThreadPosts: 4,933Feb 6th 2019 at 6:37:40 PM
Old WW2 bombs and other unexploded ordnancePosts: 350Feb 2nd 2019 at 7:12:44 AM
Julian AssangePosts: 261Jan 30th 2019 at 5:35:03 PM
The Computer ThreadPosts: 6,624Jan 26th 2019 at 6:51:27 PM
The MLB ThreadPosts: 1,026Jan 22nd 2019 at 3:34:01 PM
The dinosaur threadPosts: 422Jan 17th 2019 at 5:03:47 PM
A coup in ZimbabwePosts: 45Jan 14th 2019 at 7:01:53 PM
The Psychology ThreadPosts: 1,793Jan 9th 2019 at 10:19:17 AM
Millennials/Generation Y discussionPosts: 254Jan 6th 2019 at 4:18:43 PM
Gatekeepers - writing for the under-13sPosts: 2Jan 5th 2019 at 5:59:47 PM
Merry ChristmasPosts: 63Dec 26th 2018 at 9:20:49 AM
The Drone News and Discussion ThreadPosts: 1,130Dec 25th 2018 at 5:43:47 PM
South America culture and politics threadPosts: 625Dec 24th 2018 at 1:10:13 PM
Philippine PoliticsPosts: 464Dec 10th 2018 at 9:02:12 PM
Is it wrong for parents to have "too many" kids? Is there a point where it's abuse?Posts: 1Nov 21st 2018 at 6:30:17 PM
Non-Leftwing Politics Posts: 2Nov 21st 2018 at 8:54:28 AM
All Asian Maritime DisputesPosts: 1,009Nov 19th 2018 at 8:29:26 PM
The American Immigration Thread (post your opinions on Trump's xenophobia here) Posts: 1Nov 13th 2018 at 8:22:30 PM
Gun laws and gun control Posts: 1Nov 9th 2018 at 7:47:49 AM
Gun control Posts: 1Nov 9th 2018 at 7:46:58 AM
The nuclear programme of IranPosts: 671Nov 5th 2018 at 5:51:06 PM
For sake of representation, in which situation its better to change the established characters or create new ones? Posts: 1Nov 5th 2018 at 5:01:40 AM
Why has Social Justice and Feminism become such Pervasive Topics?Posts: 345Nov 4th 2018 at 5:33:15 PM
The Death PenaltyPosts: 1,842Oct 30th 2018 at 7:23:57 AM
Hurricanes, tropical storms and the like from 2018Posts: 111Oct 28th 2018 at 4:27:06 AM
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