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09:20:17 PM Jun 19th 2012
Does a White Magician Girl still count if she has dark spells? For example, in the Mother page, Ana is marked as one, but she also has the most powerful offensive spells in the game. Is this an error? After all, the trope page says their "Primary objective" in battle is healing. And with Ana that is highly debatable. Infact it might be smarter to use her attack spells as often as possible to avoid any situations that would require healing.
06:17:59 AM Jun 20th 2012
edited by ccoa
She sounds more like The Red Mage and/or Yin-Yang Bomb than this trope.
10:05:19 AM Mar 2nd 2012
Pulled these from Fire Emblem for not being sure if they fit (they're zero context):

  • Dark Dragon and Sword of Light: Rena, Maria, Ellice.
    • Mystery of the emblem: All of the above plus Maillesia and Yumina
  • Seisen no Keifu: Ethlin (Troubadour), Adean and Rare Male Example Claude. The second generation gives us Lana, her Expy Mana, Nanna (Troubadour), Nanna's expy Janne and two males: Corpul and his expy Sharlow.
    • Thracia 776: The aforementioned Nanna, as well as Safy, Tina (though she's more cheerful than the standard), Sara, and Rare Male Example Sleuf.
  • Fuuin no Tsurugi: Ellen, Saul (Rare Male Example), Clarine

Also pulled Serra from Blazing Sword, since she doesn't fit the personality requirements.

10:14:14 AM Feb 27th 2012
edited by pawsplay
These examples are the ones we are uncertain about. Please add them back to the page with proper context if they actually are a White Magician Girl.

  • Yuuno, Shamal, and Caro in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, although they use rings and gloves instead of staves (Yuuno didn't wearing one). Actual staff users in the series tend to be another type of character that would never be mistaken for this.
  • Mahou Sensei Negima! has Konoka Konoe, the supportive healing mage of the group. Except she uses fans instead of a staff.
    • Akira invokes the trope during the "Mars vs. Mages" battle, wearing a long white dress with a nurse's hat to go along with the staff she chose as her weapon.
  • Kaaya of The Tower of Druaga. While normally a naive and innocent Mysterious Waif, she occasionally shows a very devious and manipulative side.
  • Sylphiel in The Slayers. Notable that by the time of Slayers NEXT, her only offensive spell that she mastered was town-destroying Dragon Slave... and the only reason why she bothered to learn it was because she hoped to use it to compete for Gourry Gabriev's heart against Lina Inverse.
  • While her powers of demon summoning are more in line with a Black Magician Girl, Mahoujin Guru Guru's Kukuri has a personality more in line with a Staff Chick.
  • Rave Master's Belnika is suited to the role of Staff Chick.
  • (DONE) Goldmoon, from the Dragonlance series, was a prototypical example of this.
  • Wynn from the Saga Of The Noble Dead books is a scholar and minor magic-user who fits this role (as well as that of The Smart Guy)- she's quiet, kindly, a sharp contrast to Magiere, the Tsundere Action Girl heroine, and has next to no fighting skills, relying instead on her knowledge and ability to sense and identify magic to contribute to the adventures. In the second story arc, she even gets a literal staff, which can repel (though usually not totally destroy) the undead.
  • In Shadow Hearts, the main female character - while fitting the standard of a healing-specialist Staff Chick - uses a book... as a bludgeoning weapon.
  • Atoli and Shino in .hack//G.U. mostly fit the trope. Unlike the Wavemasters's of The World R:1 they're limited to healing spells only as the class was split between Harvest Clerics and Shadow Warlocks. (And Macabre dancers to some extent.)
  • Alfina in Grandia III. She and Yuki are the obligatory blatant knockoffs of Elena and Ryudo respectively from II.
  • Amy Sage in Phantasy Star II. Being a futuristic-themed game, Amy is actually classified as a Medical Doctor. While the actual use of staves in this game is limited to the Fire Staff, which is entirely optional in favour of certain other weapons, she's the only one who can actually equip it.
    • Male example in Phantasy Star IV: Raja. All of his plentiful skills and spells are healing/support based, with one exception in the form of a devastating holy flame attack, and— you guessed it— he uses a staff. Somewhat unique in that he's a wise-cracking, elderly, ordained and respected priest, rather than being young and idealistic as the archetype tends to require.
  • Furiae in Drakengard. When she's seen wielding anything, it is always a staff.
  • Mia from the first Golden Sun game. Has the weapon, the personality, the moments, and specializes in water/ice and healing magic. Jenna and Sheba in the second game skirt the border between this trope and Black Magician Girl, and in Jenna's case also Lady of War and Hot Chick with a Sword.
  • Princess Peach in Super Mario RPG, though she wields umbrellas instead of staffs.
  • Led from Septerra Core forgoes the traditional staff in favor of a giant wrench half her height. Works just as well, but also allows her to fix things.
  • Wynne, the recruitable healer in Dragon Age: Origins, is a subversion: she is a pacifist with a staff, but her role is not that of a Love Interest and Co-Star but of a Team Mom, what with being a least twice as old as most of the human party members, and a Closer to Earth trusty adviser. You can even subvert the "staff" part late in the game, if you have her specialize in the Arcane Warrior Prestige Class and wield a sword (while wearing massive armor, to boot).
  • Neverwinter Nights 2 has Elanee, who fits every element of this trope if you give her a staff. Mask of the Betrayer has Safiya, who fits none except being a love interest for a male PC and having a staff.
  • Meisia from Mystic Ark. Despite that the main hero and Miriene can learn the best single heal spells in the game, Meisia is the only character that learns any heal-all healing spells outside the basic one.
  • Guild Wars has a distinct tendency towards this - with the exception of Mhenlo, all Monk Henchmen are female. Tahlkora is the most notable, a straight-up, squeamish staff chick who also turns out to be a Rebellious Princess.
  • Elena of Grandia II is this. She wields a staff, does little in direct combat, has holy-themed magical powers, and is used mostly for healing spells. In fact, true to form, she shares a body with a Dark Magical Girl in the form of the Wings of Valmar.
  • Nier's Emil, after a certain story event, takes up the role as a Staff Chick and becomes the primary magic caster and healer for the party. A bit of a subversion; as the name might imply, Emil is, indeed, male.
  • Demigod has Sedna, pretty much this trope from the ground up, save for two things. First, her staff is rather pointy, second, while her main focus is healing and improving her allies' longevity, she's excellent at harassment (being able to counter any non-instant skill or item) and her summoned yetis can do a lot of damage once they close in.
  • Alice from Brave Soul is almost made of this. If not for the fact that she's a total clutz.
  • Amnesty, the Anthropomorphic Personification of Mercy and Kindness and one of the most powerful superhumans in the Global Guardians PBEM Universe.
02:41:15 PM Jan 5th 2012
Cut all the following for not being examples of the trope:

  • Mireille in .hack//Legend of the Twilight, an Expy as well as identical daughter of Mistral due to the fact that she's using her mother's character, albeit renamed She shares the same subversion, being a constantly plotting Genki Girl that drags her teammates around and uses them for information that will benefit herself. However, her young age (and I mean very young she's around 4) means that she doesn't have the hidden wisdom and maturity of Mistral. She's also contrasted sharply and amusingly with Hotaru, a Black Magician Girl that would fit better as a Staff Chick.
    • Which makes Hotaru's OVA appearance a complete subversion of this trope.
  • Nami from One Piece uses a collapsible staff (which barely explains how she's able to dress in shorts and a tank top with no sign of it.) She's possibly a subversion of this trope, even though she still has the typical Elemental Powers.
  • The title character from Nausicaš of the Valley of the Wind fits this trope, while doubling as an Action Girl
  • Like Raine, Mistral in the first .hack// games is a staff-using female healer, but is completely unlike the usual personality type. She's hyper and loud, is obsessed with rare items, and is always nosing around for more information. However, she has a mature, serious side that manifests itself in her real-world life and in Legend of the Twilight.

Will do another sweep tomorrow. Feel free to debate anything you feel was unjustly deleted.
09:27:54 PM Apr 23rd 2010
Why is this?
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