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Unknown Troper: Does Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess count as a staff chick?

Big T: I don't think she has magical powers. And she can fight.

Servbot: Removed Gabriel. While she's a staff user, she's not a staff chick (lacks the skill set, lacks the personality, lacks everything except the staff and the gender)

Also removed this:
  • Breech Loader from Jigsaw Prophecy is a Staff Chick all the way down. Her favorite weapon is an extendable staff that fires electricity, has a metal spike in one end so it's a spear too, and is made of steel so if all else failed she can just beat you to death with it.

For the same reasons, based on the write-up. If she actually does fit the Staff Chick persona (Think stereotypical female white mage in Japanese RPG), return it.

  • On that note, it's worth mentioning that there's no evidence that the White Mage in FF 1 is actually female. People just assume that because the White Wizard has long red hair. (To be honest, he looks kind of manly to me, though the PS 1 remake shifts the ambiguity more in favor of being female.)

There are four examples which all claim to be the basis for this trope. If there were such a thing as verifiability, it would be interesting to do some digging and find out what (if anything) inspired all of them.

Neep: I think the Diablo II example needs to be removed. Despite using a staff, the Sorceress focuses almost entirely on elemental blasty spells, with no support or healing capacity (aside from maybe Enchant to give allies bonus damage). Also, she can use orbs.