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Unknown Troper: Does Gabrielle from Xena: Warrior Princess count as a staff chick?

Big T: I don't think she has magical powers. And she can fight.

Servbot: Removed Gabriel. While she's a staff user, she's not a staff chick (lacks the skill set, lacks the personality, lacks everything except the staff and the gender)

Also removed this:
  • Breech Loader from Jigsaw Prophecy is a Staff Chick all the way down. Her favorite weapon is an extendable staff that fires electricity, has a metal spike in one end so it's a spear too, and is made of steel so if all else failed she can just beat you to death with it.

For the same reasons, based on the write-up. If she actually does fit the Staff Chick persona (Think stereotypical female white mage in Japanese RPG), return it.

  • On that note, it's worth mentioning that there's no evidence that the White Mage in FF 1 is actually female. People just assume that because the White Wizard has long red hair. (To be honest, he looks kind of manly to me, though the PS1 remake shifts the ambiguity more in favor of being female.)

There are four examples which all claim to be the basis for this trope. If there were such a thing as verifiability, it would be interesting to do some digging and find out what (if anything) inspired all of them.

Neep: I think the Diablo II example needs to be removed. Despite using a staff, the Sorceress focuses almost entirely on elemental blasty spells, with no support or healing capacity (aside from maybe Enchant to give allies bonus damage). Also, she can use orbs.