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I assume he was referring to the part about a "pair of thieves" helping El Jabali and Justice fight Coil.
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Done with my bio. Antiheroic, sorcerous version of a Sith is ready for review.
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Seems good Insano, though PM me the spells he's most likely to use and his degree of skill with blades.

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[up]PM coming soon, Daltar.
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  • Name: Mira Black
  • Species/Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 28
  • Appearance: A slender woman with short black hair and equally dark eyes. Wears a black, not too loose, not too tight, somewhat ragged suit that allows for ease of movement.
  • Possessions: A change pouch, a small bag of various fruit seeds, a tome of magic, a small dagger, and an enchanted ring. She doesn't remember what it does, but she keeps it as a memento from a friend.
  • Personality: Cold and calculating, Mira tends to care about results more than the morality of actions and comes off as severely uncaring as a result. However, she is not needlessly cruel and dislikes people who are. Also dislikes slave traders, bandits, and organizations or figures of authority, though she'll tolerate those who are reasonable. Finds people who wallow in self-pity rather than taking action to improve their circumstances annoying. Has a soft spot for struggling families.
  • Skills: As a former thief, Mira is skilled at lockpicking, infiltration and stealth. She is also skilled at using her dagger for combat, being agile and quick to avoid getting hurt. After stealing a tome from one mage and binding herself with a nature spirit, Mira also has a wide array of magic related to the natural, but tends to stick to magic which augments her already developed thieving skills. This nature magic includes:
    • Endurance: She maintains a passive ability that raises her endurance so she doesn't tire out quickly.
    • Plant Manipulation: She can accelerate and manipulate plant growth. She mostly uses this to make small roots or twigs grow out of the ground/a wooden floor to trip up enemies, but she can also toss one of the seeds she keeps in her pouch to ensnare an opponent with rapidly growing branches, if she feels the need to be unsubtle. She also uses this to rapid-grow fruit from her seeds so she always has something to eat.
    • Illness: She can make a given target feel stomachturningly ill for a brief moment, giving her an opening to strike.
    • Healing: Mira passively heals from light scratches and such and can heal herself and others from cuts and bruises, along with alleviating some damage to more serious injuries.
    • Poison Blood: Mira produces a poison within her bloodstream and cuts herself to coat her dagger before immediately healing and dispersing the blood, giving a paralyzing effect to her slashes and stabs.
  • Bio: A former thief from a country steeped in anarchy, Mira stole a tome of binding magic from a mage in order to allow herself more strength to survive the harsh conditions of the world around her. She bound herself to a spirit; however, she did not set the binding spell to be one of any particular elemental spirit, and wound up with nature. However, she tested the limits of her magic and was satisfied with the results. Her skills as a thief and a closeted semi-mage caught the eye of some employers and she eventually became a mercenary. On her travels, she had heard that Amy Black, her sister, was alive and well in Hercine and decided to venture there to meet her.
  • Other: Mira has entered a soulbinding contract with a nature spirit:
    • Name: Ema
    • Species: Nature Spirit
    • Gender: Female (technically sexless, due to being a spirit, but considers herself the same as Mira for the sake of pronoun ease)
    • Age: Unknown; 3 years since she was bound to Mira
    • Personality: In contrast with Mira, Ema is lighthearted, bubbly, friendly, and talkative. A total pacifist, Mira's pragmatic nature is something she dislikes but accepts, but when Mira gives her control of her body, Ema will try to defuse or avoid conflict if she can.
    • Skills: Unless Mira lets her act, Ema is more or less just a voice in Mira's head. However, Mira can offer Ema her body. With Ema as the acting agent instead of Mira, they switch roles, with Ema's magic substantially more powerful, as it stems from Ema herself:
      • Plant Manipulation: The growth rate of the plants drastically increases, able to grow a (small) tree from a single seed in mere moments, and treat every branch and root as if they were her own limbs.
      • Healing: Ema can heal grievous injuries to a person and herself, able to regrow severed limbs and bring someone from the brink of death, given enough time to work (about 30 minutes to an hour of pure concentration). Of course, she's unable to bring back the dead, and injuries due to magic or curses are more questionable.
      • Natural Body: As long as Ema is in control, she won't allow anything to happen to her host's body, and immediately dispels any curse that would sicken her body before it can take hold.
    • Bio: A totally chill nature spirit who doesn't mind her contract with Mira at all.

  • Name: Amy Black
  • Species/Race: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 32
  • Appearance: A simple nun with curled black hair beneath her habit, and dark but gentle eyes.
  • Possessions: Nothing much. She has all that she needs.
  • Personality: Soft spoken and gentle, Amy lives her life with utter devotion to her faith, and unlike her younger sister, has a strong faith in the good of the people around her. Modest and lives a mostly quiet life.
  • Skills: Knows some healing magic, but nothing extraordinary.
  • Bio: When she was younger, Amy lived with her sister Mira along with the rest of their family in the nation forever in conflict. When the bandits raided the village their family was currently residing in, Amy was separated from the rest of her family. She was taken in by a kind church group and raised as a faithful member of their group. However, due to the dangers of the country, the group were forced to relocate to Hercine.
  • Other: Is more of an NPC related to Mira than a full on PC.
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It should probably be noted that the powers and such I ran directly by Daltar before posting this; some tweaking will still need to be done, as I understand it, but for the most part the concept itself, not the character, has been okayed up to the point of 'spend time making a sheet for it'.

If any player has questions about it, feel free to ask; I'm very reasonably sure I know what i'm doing, but that doesn't mean you do, now does it?

Also, to anyone who notes similarities in concept (the whole 'bound with entity' part) and formatting to Starbounds characters above this, the former part is purely coincidental.

  • Name: Calvin Emmett
  • Species/Race: Formerly Human, technically Undead Human.
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 17
  • Appearance: Slightly taller than average height with admittedly slightly chubby facial features and build, with short brown hair and pupils that look to be a grey color. Wears a dusty, dirty white tunic and brown boots covered in grime, currently.
  • Possessions: A silver signet ring, the seal in question that of a serpent coiled around a scroll fighting a hawk. Also carries a backpack, in which are notebooks filled with scribbles and loose papers.
  • Personality: Calvin isn't a very assertive person, often being a critical person that still allows things to be as they are because he doesn't feel he can change them. Has a strong inner desire to both differentiate from and live up to his fathers reputation. He also tends to be a silent observer, saving comments for times when he cannot be heard or can just think them. This often leads to conversations with Jack that leave him in an annoyed state.
  • Skills:
  • Portalmancy: I know what you're thinking, and no, it's not all that you may think. To make it less complicated, though...
    • What Portalmancy can do:
      • Calvin can extend his arms or legs through multiple sets of portals (into a portal, out of a portal, into another portal, etc.) to a near infinite distance, provided he can extend it that far. It also can only really go in the initial direction, although some maneuvering can be done. A rule of thumb is, if he can see it, he can reach it with a couple seconds of time. (Think Mr. Fantastic or Monkey D. Luffy's arm/leg stretching, but with a long row of portals segmenting his arm.)
      • Can see through a single surface, discounting the ground itself. This renders him blind in one eye for the duration.
      • Can phase through a single surface. Once again, this discounts the ground, although it doesn't discount it if there's a floor below him.
    • What Portalmancy cannot do:
      • Separate his body into halves. Things the internal organs may hold, such as oxygen from the lungs, tend to escape. This only applies to things that don't originate from the body. However, if these organs are kept in motion, such as phasing through a wall, this doesn't quite apply.
      • Be used to avoid all attacks; the above point will more often than not apply. He can, however, avoid slashes if they're at his arms or legs only and are in the perfect direction.
      • Portalmancy also only applies to Calvin and anything currently in his possession (i.e. clothing); most everything else is foreign to the magic's system.
  • Jack's Contract:
    • Calvin can summon parts of Jack's body as armor and weapons. They will all be held by portals around his body rather than spontaneously growing or something. This includes:
      • The skull and ribcage as armor.
      • Each of Jack's four arms, two on each side; each pair grants Calvin the entra strength of a strong man. This can be summoned at the shoulders ala Asura or at the elbows.
      • The spine, which can be either a tail or a grappling hook in essence.
    • Other miscellaneous abilities include:
      • Immortality of the 'Days to be reborn' variety.
      • The ability of Jack to talk with Calvin mentally, see what he sees, hears what he hears and even talk for him.
  • History: Under pressure to actually become successful as a mage, Calvin went into the woods just outside Hercine to safely practice his devised magic, Portalmancy. This inititally got him killed and sent to a seperate plane of reality for various mages' failed experiments, in which he met Jack. Jack convinced Calvin to partner with him so that they could both escape, Calvin could craft Portalmancy and that, later, Jack could see the world with Calvin and be free of his former master. This surprisingly worked.
  • Other: Has formed a 'mutual partnership' with Jack. When actively using parts of Jack's body, Calvin's eyes exhibit a faintly glowing purple star rune; these are placed at various points of the body as part of the contract with Jack. The only other noteable place of this is under the tongue.
    • Name: Jack 'Emmett' ("We're like long lost brothers, Calvin and I!")
    • Species: Sentient Undead Thrall.
    • Gender: Male.
    • Age: About 5; he's been with Calvin for roughly five weeks.
    • Personality: Generally just as unassertive as Calvin is. Has a large tendency to annoy Calvin and prod him into action or to make certain decisions, but otherwise just embodies a 'screw around for the hell of it' lifestyle. While respectful of Calvin's privacy in terms of his body (or rather, Jack's body), he sometimes does take control for really good reasons.
    • Skills: Other than those lent to Calvin at any time, Jack is really only good for stitching Calvin back up.
    • Bio: Landed in the plane he and Calvin met in because he could actually think for himself and this annoyed his master to no end. You know the story from there.
    • Other: Chiefly resides in a pocket dimension modelling his previous accomodations.

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... I think it needs rewording more than tweaking, I don't have a clue what the first thing it can do is... and the way you've worded it makes it sound like he gets stripped naked every time he uses it.
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Thanks for pointing that out. I've edited in a couple examples and changed the part related to clothing, but if you still need a general description of Portalmancy, it's at it's base the ability to create portals for various needs, mostly manifesting in the extension of limbs or what could be described as a couple recon/infiltration abilities. I haven't tried to think of a million uses for it, because that wouldn't make sense considering it's a magic style in its infancy, so the three things i've listed are pretty much all Calvin can actually do. Any abilities requiring both Calvin and Jack's abilities haven't been currently thought of or practiced by the two either, so you won't see those for a while. Maybe later, but not now.

If you need more than that, I can PM you the initial description to Daltar later today, but that's honestly more complicated than the sheet itself.
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Azi is approved.

Mira, Ema and Amy are approved.

Calvin and Jack are too approved.
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Wasn't there some tweaking you wanted to do, Daltar? So certain details better fit the setting?
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Okay, as promised, my secondary character:

  • Name: Yerick Holk
  • Race: Orc/magical cyborg
  • Appearance: Looks somewhat different from Jabali because A} Full orc instead of half orc, B) being played around with by a mage and maybe C) Orcs, with the GMS permission being a race with a high mutation rate That being said: 6'3", warty, grey-green skin, hairless except for a mohawk of stiff black hair running from the top of his head down to the base of his spine, tusks and a slight snout, "eyes" that are multi-faceted topazes. Usually wears casual working man's clothes but also always knee high iron boots and elbow length iron gauntlets (see below). Usually carries a cutlass.
  • Personality: Quieter than your average orc, also more thoughtful, reflecting a life full of mistakes and consequences. Stubborn, practical and cynical.
  • Skills: Good if not spectacular swordsman, skilled airship sailor. Rudinentary skills as a ship's pilot and navigator Also good with his fists if need be.
  • Equipment: What look like gloves and boots are actually magically grafted to his arms and legs in place of the hands and feet that he lacks. The gloves, while they don't make him any stronger than he would be naturally (which, as a 6'3" orc is admittedly pretty strong) when it comes to lifting, pulling or pushing things are strong enough to crumble rocks when it comes to gripping things. Likewise while the boots don't add any bonuses when running or jumping are solid iron below the ankle so kicking, yeah (Magic makes them no heavier than normal boots however so he's no slower than he would normally be). The eyes enable to see not only normally but also in the dark and to see magic auras.
  • History (Note I've consulted with Taco on this history for reason that should become plain as you read it): Yerick was once an Air Pirate. On one raid he was put in charge of the prisoners and made the mistake of getting to know them, one human female in particular and fell in love. he concoted a plan to not only set her free and escape with her but also to steal a substantial amount of the ships booty. After all refugees have to eat.
    For a couple of years, they lived quietly in comfortable obscurity. Jenna had been a farmers daughter and taught him the skills of the trade. Other than a hermit living in the nearby woods they had no close neighbors and liked it that way and were expecting their first offspring.
    Then Verick's old crew found them and struck. Jenna fled while he stayed and fiought to buy them time. he lost buut his mates had more than a quick easy death in mind for him. they cut off his hands and feet and gouged out his eyes then left him to die.
    However the fight had been watched. The hermit was also a mage. He came and saved Vericks life but either because he couldn't or because he saw an opportunity to experiment he didn't reattach the limbs or eyes. Instead he created substitutes and bound Verick to his service for twenty years.
    Five years ago, his service over Verick left to find out what happened to his family. Unfortunately there's not a lot of money in family seeking so earning a living, now as an honest sailor, as well as trying to improve himself by learning the skills of a pilot and navigator forced him to do it in his spare time. To date he has learned three things: that Jenna died in childbirth, that his child was male and, most recently, that he lived in Hercine. So, seeking his son he has come to town.

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IP: Ah looking it over, I saw that it was good as it was written. Just that since it had so many elements I thought that maybe there would be something I would need to adapt but it didn't come to that.

tricksterson: Ohh interesting. Approved!
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Like this.

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Two backslashes. >.>

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    This, too.
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Hmm... I'm going to make a third character. Expect it to go up tomorrow ^^
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As am I, though perhaps later tonight as opposed to tomorrow. Anything special I should know about Golems that's already established? I wanted them to be ethical and not involve enslavement of spirits, and for a few other special things; they are basically Fantasy Robots, after all.
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Third character ho!

  • Name: Nat.
  • Species/Race: Water sprite.
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: Around 12, as far as anyone can tell.
  • Appearance: Nat looks mostly like a young human girl, but with somewhat blueish skin. She's only about 1.37M long (roughly 4.5 ft). She has long, flowing hair that's halfway between blue and purple. Her eyes are an aquatic blue, and the tip of her ears has a strange curl in it.
    Nat always wears a long, blue-white flowing dress that for some reason never tears or dirties. This is because of the fact that it's literally made out of water bound together through the Sprite's magic. When she goes to sleep, the dress tightens itself around her skin and reshapes itself into some sort of pijamas. (Of course, this would only be noticeable if she sleeps above water, something she generally doesn't do if she can help it.)
  • Possessions: Next to none. She lives in one of the lakes near Hercine. (This can be changed to any big water that happens to lie close to Hercine.)
  • Personality: Nat is generally very nice to anyone and everyone. Though she doesn't have a whole lot of knowledge of Hercine as a whole, she doesn't really care either. As long as she has someone to have fun with, she's happy.
  • Skills: As a water spirit, Nat can summon and control water. This can be used both in attack and defense (think of summoning a wall of water), though obviously the larger the amount of water summoned, the more energy Nat needs to use. She can also walk on and breathe in water (thus allowing her to stay underwater practically forever).
  • Bio: As might be expected, Nat originally came from the Plane of Water. One day, when playing a bit too close to the portal that guides water to the Swan Fountain in Hercine, she somehow managed to get sucked in. As a result, she's now stuck in Hercine. She doesn't mind that much though; she can still play around all she wants. At times, she goes to the city to see if there's anything fun to do there.
  • Other: Due to being a water sprite, Nat is very sensitive to dehydration and will start to show symptons far faster than a human will. This is especially obvious when she's forced into a dry, hot area, for reasons that propably won't need explanation.

...Now I'm wondering what will happen if Joia and Nat ever touch eachother.
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Let's see what I can do...
  • Name: Blodeuwedd. Her acquaintances call her 'Blode', and she is sometimes known as 'The Black Orchid' after the colour of her armour; she has no last name that she knows of.
  • Species: Human, as far as anyone can tell. She is, in fact, an Orchid given human form. Her nickname is rather apt.
  • Gender: Female.
  • Age: Early thirties.
  • Appearance: They don't call her the Black Orchid for nothing.
    She is of average height and slender of build; since she covers herself up completely, no-one has seen her skin or face.
  • Possessions:
    • The aforementioned armour, and a matching, hooded cloak and mask. They have all been enchanted to quieten her step and help her conceal herself. They have also been enchanted to prevent sunlight from getting to her skin.
    • A pair of ornate daggers. They, too, are enchanted: one with a necromantic charm that drains life and heals the wielder, and the other in such a way that once thrown, if it misses its target, will return to the thrower. They are also enchanted so they won't break or notch easily.
    • A small house in the alleys leading to the Great Market*. She doesn't let any strangers in, so nobody knows what's inside. There are quite a lot of orchids in its window-boxes, and its black curtains are always drawn.
  • Personality: Blode's personality has three sides to it. The first is that of a professional — when she's in the middle of a job, she is focused, cold, and distant; she will finish the mission no matter what.
    When not, she's rather nice and polite, if a bit odd; her sense of right and wrong is... odd. When she feels her privacy is being intruded on, however, she is prone to jealousy, hatred, and Disproportionate Retribution.
  • Skills:
    • She is a skilled assassin — the armour and daggers are not just for show; in fact, she earned most of her money by assassinating a person of some importance a while back, while on orders from one of the less moral persons in Guildsmen.
    • Superhuman dexterity. As a result, she is very good with her daggers, as well as rather skilled in getting into places she shouldn't be in.
    • A whole suit of powers that stem from her being a Plant Person. Those include Talking to Plants, Healing Factor and not really needing to eat.
  • Bio: For a long, long time, Blode was a wanderer. She travelled the roads, helping people in need (sometimes) and looking for something she couldn't really define.
    Years ago, she found her way to Hercine; apparently, she found what she was looking for*, so she stayed. For a while, she just wandered around the city, till an unfortunate pickpocket tried to rob her. It did not end well — the pickpocket died from multiple dagger wounds, and the guards got Blode.
    She was imprisoned for a while, but was let out of prison on the condition she'd assassinate a foreign spy who was causing too much of a mess. She did her job quickly and efficiently, and one of the less moral characters in Guidlsmen took her under his wing. She's been an assassin ever since, but since contacts come only once in a blue moon, she has quite a lot of free time in her hands; she usually socialises and tends to her plants.
  • Other: N/A ATM.
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She's going to get pretty dang sickly and then die if her armor's enchanted not to let her get any sunlight, you know.
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  • Name: Vance Sanderssen
  • Species/Race: Human
  • Gender: M
  • Age: 39
  • Appearance: Mm, yes, the appearance. Vance has a rather bulky stature and stands at a solid 6 feet tall. He wears fine, but functional clothing, adorned with craftsman's tools and magical foci. He has a red cape normally thrown over his right arm and shoulder.
  • Possessions: A Golem workshop-cum-lecture hall housing a collection of a dozen basic worker Golems; these golems are about 5 feet tall, look simply like humanoid shapes made from beige clay, and are strong as an average human. The shop also has the components and tools to make more golems. Vance also possesses a bodyguard golem, Byron. Byron can lift about five hundred pounds and is seven feet tall, but he moves very ponderously and is extremely dim without Vance's instructions. Byron resembles a suit of armor without a face-slit in the helmet, clad in dull, dented and damaged iron, a blade below each shoulder. Vance also has an artificial arm made of strong stone and covered in fluorescent runes, itself a Golem with a mindlink directly to him. The arm is connected to him at the shoulder, and has a variety of functions; it can exert a force of about 400 pounds, has recoil-compensating enhancements to allow him to actually use its super strength without all those drawbacks discussed in Ghost in the Shell that one time. The arm doesn't generate magic per se, but can be charged like a wand to fire off destructive spells; it also can, once every few hours, release a burst of magic to quickly assemble an Improvised Golem from loose debris. These Golems are extremely weak and are created with the directive of PROTECT VANCE SANDERSSEN, and only that directive; they fall apart quickly and are as strong as a normal person, but about three quarters as fast. The arm can also be used as a manual controller for Byron or his other Golems.
  • Personality: Vance is a teacher and a craftsman! He takes great pride in his work and despises people who belittle him for being 'lazy' or otherwise decry the use of Golems. In his pursuit of advanced Golemancy, Vance often decides to just disregard things like 'logic' or 'ethics' in favor of "yes, but can we make it bigger and stronger?" He dreams of one day creating a massive interconnected system of Semaphore Golems, and connecting the world in a massive network of communication.
  • Skills: Vance is very skilled in the art of Golemancy, the creation and control of Golems. While he can, under duress, simply throw together a humanoid shape from street debris, Vance prefers craftsmanship. A well-made humanoid servitor Golem will take him about a day, but creating something like Byron would take upwards of a month of work. He is, of course, pretty good at using his arm in most situations, it being a part of him for the last 21 years.
  • Bio: Vance grew up in a family of distinction in Meridion—pretty rare in Fantasy Australia—a family of valiant and innovative magic users who pushed the boundaries of what Magic could do! Not even an accident with a new Ray of Annihlation spell blowing off his right arm at the age of sixteen could dampen the man's mood, he simply had it replaced with a Golem, linked to his mind! That Golem became his best friend, largely by default since nobody wanted to hang out with the weird kid with the crazy arm, an arm that quickly dropped out of proportion with the rest of his body. It was then, at the age of 18, that Vance built his first Golem, the Acaparador Mk. 2, with literally one arm! The creation of that Golem encouraged him to pursue Golemancy, and his super-cool and supportive parents were totally behind it! They funded his tuition at Whitebolt Academy, where he learned the trade and decided to pursue a career as a professional Golemancer and teacher of Golemancy at Whitebolt Academy.
  • Other: "Mm, yes, many people know a Sanderssen, we're a very widespread family, prone to going all sorts of places on wild adventures. Why just the other day my brother Johnathan, his wife, and their unborn son suffered a horrible teleportation accident and shifted to another plane of existence, forever irrecoverable! On the other hand, a Sanderssen would have gotten there somehow eventually! Bahahahahaaa!"

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neobullseye: Nat is approved, though her best bet for a big source of water is the artificial lake in the park surrounding Great Swam Fountain. Otherwise, there are artificial rivers that spread from the center of the plateau at the Fountain and towards the edges of this one.

desdendelle: Approved. Though I hope she can socialize well with other characters since she doesn't get to work all that often.

Taco: Approved, though I would like it if it took a tad more than a week of work to make something like Byron, since I guess that he is one of his greatest creations.

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She can. She's nice, just weird. Like me tongue
EDIT: @Savant: I like to keep some things about her secret. There's a reason for the spoilerfont, you know.

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Okay, increased construction time to a month. Models like Byron are "special order," very costly and made-to order. Only one other exists currently, a golem named Keats who defends a gunsmith back in Meridion. Modified to have an Arm Cannon and other kickass weaponry, I suppose. Not that it matters much, not like we'll ever see him. Probably.

New character totally up fer grabs!
Okay, I have a third character but I haven't quite finished his profile (need to do the possessions and skills and possibly a bit rushed but it's getting late...or early). He's related to Scyd's family (on Claw's approval of course)

  • Name: Chake Melancholioneasus
  • Species/Race: Solhom*, though nicknamed “Butlers” due to their innate servility. More details in “Other”.
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: He’d say 5 as that’s how long ago his last resurrection was and looks 10 years old. If you count his resurrections to his age though, he’s age is in the triple digits.
  • Appearance: A little taller than other 10-year-old boys with some noticeable muscle build. Like all solhom, he’s hair and eyes are both silver, [[Red Eyes, Take Warning though the eyes turn red when angered. He usually wears a green overcoat with enchanted chainmail hidden underneath with white pants, leather boots and white cloth gloves.
  • Possessions:
    • Enchanted chainmail that is designed to be light and stay comfortable in both feel and temperature. This was given as Chake currently lacks the ability to create his own armor.
    • Enchanted clothing that keeps clean. It would look bad if a servant had a stain on their clothing.
    • A bracelet that, when given to a chosen master, allows Chake to teleport him back at the master’s command and the master to receive the gem left over if Chake dies.
    • Paper, ink and a quill. Mainly to send letters about Scyd’s current behaviour.
    • A knife. Shouldn’t waste time summoning a sword, especially when a shorter blade will fit the task.
    • A Bag of Holding, never know how much you need to carry.
  • Personality: Chake is remarkably mature for his age, likely due to faint memories of past Chakes. He usually keeps his calm, even giving a calm expression when he’s angered with his red eyes the only indication of his rage. Despite his overall calmness, Chake can show displays of emotions to certain things (like cute things). He is incredibly loyal to members of the Melancholioneasus family and is willing to follow Scyd’s orders, although the orders of the head of the house, Scyd’s mother Meracina, takes precedence.
  • Skills:
    • Physical Ability: As a Solhom, despite having a body of a child he has the strength of a fit warrior. Having to be on the alert in his past lives, he also has sharp ears and eyes.
    • Spontaneous Weapon Creation: A natural ability of a Solhom but unfortunately, this is one of the few skills that a Solhom don’t inherit everything from their past lives. On top of this, Chake currently only has the capability of creating two weapons at once. Right now, Chake is capable of creating…
      • An arming sword.
      • A round shield.
      • A halberd.
      • A javelin[[*:hottip:actually, in ranged combat, he’s likely to summon one than another]].
      • A shield that’s not so useful for combat but can fly and is large enough to be able to carry two people.
    • Inherited Skill: Thoughout his several lifetimes, Chake has experienced a good number of battles and his skill has passed on. He’s also done quite a bit of housework like cooking and cleaning. His results shows this.
  • Bio: This Homunculus was created for the Melancholioneasus family to serve as a guardian when his magic using master is casting a spell and as a general servant out of fights. He has resurrected quite a few times, each resurrection having a different personality (the previous Chake was a Servile Snarker). When Meracina started to worry about her daughter’s safety in the now more dangerous Hercine and her social life, decided to send Chake to check up on her, feeling that Chake’s closeness to Scyd’s age makes him ideal for the task.
  • Other: Solhoms are believed to be one of the most advanced Homunculi. They were originally designed to be soldiers who can comeback after being fallen in battle, with their bodies and mind turning into a gem that carries their soul and teleports back to the master with the right artefact, resurrecting a few hours after their death. However they had problems, a Solhom is incredibly hard to make and they resurrect as 5-year-olds rather than adults, so they were never mass-produced and are on the rare side.
    When a Solhom resurrects, most of their memories disappear. Their name and their purpose are memories that are certain to resurface along with a few other memories. However, they keep most of the skills they had before the resurrection, including battle experience.
    The resurrection of a Solhom can be stopped if one destroys the gem left over after death. Although the gem is tough, the force of a two handed hammer or something with similar power can break it.
    Solhoms have incredible physical ability, while a Solhom’s child strength is equivalent to a fit adult human warrior, as they get older, their strength, durability, agility and senses go up. Although immortal, Solhoms do not stop aging at young adulthood, eventually reaching old age but time does not decrease their physical ability in the slightest.
    Also, all Solhoms so far are male as the first of their race was this gender and it would be too strenuous figuring out how to create a female version of a Solhom on top of the already difficult method of making them.

EDIT: And done. Tell me if anything needs fixing dal.

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