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26 JHM9th Feb 2011 03:43:52 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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That reminds me of something very nasty which happens to one of my protagonists, a precocious girl with a strong interest in becoming a doctor. Let's just say that it's never a good idea to tell a psychopath with a fondness for Exact Words to "unhand" someone. Especially if they are holding an extremely sharp knife. Due to some timely intervention, she survives. She wishes that she hadn't.

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Falling off a cliff, dislocating both knees and smashing the hell out of the legs.
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^^ Aware of the horrible implications of such a statement but... I can imagine feeling like that.
30 SandJosieph9th Feb 2011 07:07:38 PM from Grand Galloping Galaday , Relationship Status: Brony
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The heroine of my story suffers a bit from Heroic B.S.O.D. when she loses her hand AND foot. She pulls through because she gets a lot of support from her friends and family and knows that they won't abandon her just because she's now disfigured. About her only real worry is what the local Lesbian Mad Scientist will do with her severed limbs. I actually thought of that last part just this moment. Thanks for the inspiration, folks!

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31 Sharysa9th Feb 2011 07:13:58 PM from Alameda, CA , Relationship Status: Dancing with Captain Jack Harkness
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The Fair-Folk Tale:

Morgan has the most scars, due to living with The Wild Hunt and being played by me.  * She has a 6-inch operation scar and a sunken-in hole just under her ribs that was caused by a really bad archery accident and the ensuing operation. She also gets her head smashed into a wall when she fights the Horned Hunter, and her mother stabs her in the shoulder with an iron knife, which will leave a scar but is not going to be focused on.

Lir gets gored in the arm by the Hunter's antlers, smashed into the floor, and generally beaten the hell up.
Main character Ria is slashed over her right eye by a dragon. The only reason she doesn't lose the entire eye is because her elf friend Evi manages to repair most of the damage via the power of magic, but she's left with damaged vision that hinders her fighting ability and has a nasty scar from it. She also has lots of scars all over her arms from knife attacks and one suicide attempt.

Vin has whip scars on his back from when he was exiled from his clan, burn scars on his face and arms, and scars from various battles.

Evi doesn't have any scars that I know of (for now). Dacar, her ditzy love interest, also has no major injuries that I can recall. He was raised by a bunch of future-fortelling hippie-ish elves, so the possibilities of major injury were somewhat scarce.
33 Tarsen10th Feb 2011 12:52:28 PM from FC: 2165-5763-7629 , Relationship Status: YOU'RE TEARING ME APART LISA
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The main character of my 3rd story (...i think? i need to name them.) has a glass right eye. she lost the eye 3 years prior to the story when she asked her friend to murder her family (except her little brother) and he turned on her. They team up for a while during the story and both bring up the incident multiple times during arguements, but then find out he was hypnotized at the time, which makes them tolerate each other's company a bit more.

Then she looks up hypnotism and finds out you cant actually make people under hypnosis do whatever you tell them to, as they won't do anything they absolutely wouldn't do under normal circumstances. She really doesn't take it well.
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34 LizardBite10th Feb 2011 01:25:19 PM from Two Galaxies Over
One character named Crem in The Wasteland Chronicles: Shadows (aka That Book I Started Writing for NaNoWriMo and Never Finished) gets his leg amputated in the second chapter. This is a Chekhov's Gun since his peg leg gives him rather distinctive footprints, which is how another character, Stalros, is able to figure out that Crem is The Mole.
35 MisterAlways10th Feb 2011 02:01:20 PM from The Netherlands.
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John D. Gierro: Shot in the calf with an arrow, poisoned (from that same arrow - causing fever and vivid hallucinations), clubbin' and a drubbin', nearly getting his stupid ass blown up once (yes, John, shoot the gunboat's ammo stockpile - because, you know, you're not standing ON THE GUNBOAT or anything), lots of tiny cuts and scrapes (tumble down a scree slope - ow!), slowly getting crushed between the hands of a giant Eldritch Abomination(bruised ribs, claustrophobic breakdown), being eaten by a gigantic snake (comes out alive, but with acid scarring on his legs), having his soul torn out (he gets better), slapped by his girlfriend.

Anthony Mc Errity: Shoved into the ground, slapped upside the head, pushed into a river, knife wound (shoulder, not deep)...can you tell he's the Non Action Guy?

Maria Withheld: Punched across the face, strangled, kicked in the stomach, forehead scratched by Hyeenerman claws - this is what you get for only ever learning how to fight with a shotgun!.

Gunman DIGGSBYYYYYYYYYY!:  * Shot in shoulder with arrow. Does not stop him from going on a rampage.
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36 doorhandle11th Feb 2011 12:25:44 AM from Space Australia!
Well I havenít really planned this out, but seeing as Iím planning to use and abuse Made of Iron and Charles Atlas Superpower, I will have one or two gags where a character just jumps off a cliff because it's faster than climbing, and another were a character goes into the barn for a drink with about a dozen sharp things in his back.
37 animemetalhead11th Feb 2011 08:43:31 AM from Ashwood Landing, ME
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Well, my main character is a case of Good Thing You Can Heal, but there is a point where she over-exerts herself and ends up damaging the source of her powers, so she has to learn some self control so they don't tear her to little bitty pieces.

She gets better.

I do have another story planned where the protagonist gets shot in the shoulder in the opening chapter, and has to spend most of the story recovering on the run.
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38 Jaryl11th Feb 2011 01:56:27 PM from Austria , Relationship Status: You cannot grasp the true form
Jaryl, the Main-Character of my story , has two scars he got before the story started with him narrating. One scar is on his breast (and fairly big) , the other one is on the bridge of his snout. And it's intentionally left unclear HOW he got them. ;)

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My protagonist had both legs destroyed/amputated by an explosion in the backstory. (Though if you've been following what I'm writing, the meta-reason why should be obvious. tongue) It doesn't turn out to be much of an issue, though, because the story is set Twenty Minutes In The Future, with technology to match.
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40 JHM11th Feb 2011 10:09:34 PM from Neither Here Nor There , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
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@Ettina: The character's greatest ambition was to become a surgeon, which is frankly made somewhat difficult by such an event. Furthermore, she never overtly shows suicidal tendencies, although, quite contrary to her previous nature, she talks much less, stumbles over what few words she does say...

This is someone with a ridiculous degree of dedication to making something of herself beyond societal expectations in a very specific field of interest. Having that taken away from her is essentially the worst blow that could be dealt such a person, short of outright killing her.

And this is not to speak of the destruction of her massive Batman Gambit to keep her parents in the dark about her recent travels...

I am not a kind author.

She adapts, however. She always adapts.

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Whoof. Talking about my character's injuries and whatnot always makes me feel like a sadist.

A protagonist has been stabbed in the thigh previous to the story's start; which doesn't heal right and leaves him bereft of complete control of his leg.

A Villain (the capitalization is indeed necessary) was caught in a concussive blast which severely damages his hearing and leaves him with several broken bones (the shrapnel doesn't help either). He lives long enough to have an impact in the plot, but I'm still debating on whether he dies or not in the end.

Another protagonist is presented as having many scars, missing and crooked fingers, and brands, all obtained before he is introduced. Never stated outright, but heavily implied that he was tortured at some point.

There's more, but I do like to pretend that I have some shred of kindness in me.
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Wow I think I have the less-abused characters so far.

One of the my main characters has a trio of Achey Scars over his left eye given to him by a recently released Eldritch Abomination that was as healed as possible by magic.

The main for another arc, Azrale, was so lucky. Had to hack off his left arm, his sword arm, when a physical manifestation of his own Wrath tried to pull a Body Horror Grand Theft Me He Got Better.

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I just realized that I only have one character who gets significantly physically injured...this character is also my favorite character out of all my characters so I have no idea why she gets injured so often <<;; I suppose it's just the company she hangs around with...

Anyways, list of unfortunate injuries that she got:

- In Story 1, she is immortal, and thus gets abused a lot. Lost an eye, got her heart torn out and eaten, got her ears ripped off, was practically eviscerated, got stabbed in the heart (because she regenerates), sustained intense back injuries like getting flesh and muscle torn away down to the bone, broken nose, black eye, got her eyes stabbed out, got throat torn out, broke spinal cord...etc etc etc. Immortality Hurts.

- In Story 2, she is mortal and loses an eye, her ring finger, a chunk of her ear, has a giant mass of back scars due to whipping, and has two scars on her face.

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In my biggest story, after a certain point, certain characters begin racking up some permanent damage. Beforehand (and OS) another character was hurt even worse. And now, the laundry list.

Edgar (The OS char): Lost his left arm from the elbow down, and his left leg. Badly damaged internal organs. His comments imply that it was torture, but he never talks about. Said limbs were replaced with some advanced prostheses. Containing things like miniature grenade launchers and a useful scanner-proof storage compartment.

Nathan: Various shrapnel wounds from a nearby missile strike. He was wearing armour, but still got punctured enough to require medical attention.

Teagan: Cuts on her cheek from a high speed piece of shrapnel that barely missed her. A long scar above her temple, combined with a series of lacerated scars on the same cheek from being close to some (unintentionally) explosively overclocked technology. Also missing a small chunk of muscle from her upper arm due to a hit from a medium calibre bullet.

Tallhoff: Multiple medium calibre hits to the legs and lower torso. Was also wearing armour, but chainguns are just that dangerous. he didn't get better, he was used as a Mauve Shirt

Callee: Backfiring magic. Burned the entire right side of her body. Didn't quite kill her. but lack of advanced medicine/a decent healer will do the rest
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I confess, I love battering my characters. Nothing says drama like a well-played abdominal wound, I tell you. ...What?

The main character of my webcomic Red Right Hand has massive scars over most of his back and arms, the result of third-degree burns sustained in a magic-fueled fire. He's not particularly wangsty about it anymore; he views it as an honest mistake and a relic of the past, not something worth dwelling on.

Another story I'm working on, a little post-apocalyptic sci-fi, has a protagonist with a gaping hole in his stomach for much of the plot. He lives in a Scavenger World and was knifed by a rival shortly before the main plot begins. Quick question, tropers: about how long do you think an average person could survive, untreated, in an insanitary environment with an 8-inch long gash in their abdomen? He just needs to keep long enough for his mom to sew him up.
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46 Acebrock15th Feb 2011 01:16:30 PM from So-Cal , Relationship Status: Showing feelings of an almost human nature
Various characters: concussions, because the inside of their helmets are not padded, due to idiotic design.

Adam, Amy, and Stacy get assaulted at various points, usually punches to the face or gut.
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My main character, A., has been beaten numerous times, had someone knee her in the face once, loses her entire dominant arm at the shoulder to a thing that was trying to eat her (and succeeded in getting her kid - she goes insane from this loss eventually)(and, despite a healing factor, can't "replace" it with something else - her brother tries this for his missing arm, and it fails), gets her left eye torn out, and has the villain carve his name into her chest while she's asleep. Oh, and he takes a good section of skin off her back with his claws in reaction to her biting his shoulder to the bone (in an attempt to ward off rape). There are others, more of the bloody beating type, but by the end of the story, her Healing Factor has been shot to hell, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a place that isn't scarred at that point.

My villian, I., gets his face torn up by A. (in the same instance where she was trying to get him off of her), and he gets his organ bitten off (this is why you don't tell the girl you're assaulting to give you a mouthjob.) Eventually, as official punishment for his assaults on A. and others, he gets the rest taken off, as well.
A lot of my characters sustained injuries of some sort before the story began. Most of these injuries likely don't count because the story centers around semi-randomly chosen people who died, then came back to life as immortals with a Healing Factor. Usually, the injuries they sustained right before dying still affect them in some way that their Healing Factor can't fix.

- My protagonist, Matt, was blinded a few decades after coming back alive. It was replaced with Aura Vision, which still carries its own problems, but it arguably made him even more useful. Like Daredevil, I guess.

- Viktor, a family friend of Matt's father, had over a hundred rounds of ammunition emptied into his body, then woke up as a quadriplegic due to nerve damage. After making a Deal with the Devil for psychic powers, he can walk again, so long as his demon sticks around. Which she does for the entire century it takes his nerves to heal on their own.

- Kiyoi was beaten to death, and as a result suffers near-constant muscle pain. The years have not been kind to his body, even for an immortal. Yet at the age of 973, he drives a main plot thread, and even sees it through almost to the end.

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