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Hi! I'm a Scottish-Swedish-Japanese college student who is a complete nerd and stumbled upon this site by accident. I've rapidly become addicted and now pepper my daily conversation with tropes. Oh well. I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses, but I swear I'm not a crazy, Bible-thumping, end-is-nigh-you-will-all-die nutter like the stereotypes say. I love to draw and to write, am becoming very interested in cars, and hopefully within the next century will be a published author. Wish me luck...

My current project is a High-ish Fantasy story entitled Dawn of Night, involving elves, humans, vampires, dragons, vampire dragons, three extremely catty goddesses, and a plot to destroy the sun. We'll see how it goes.

At college, I'm going for a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice. My dream would be to go to law school, but we'll see how that works out.

Tropes that describe me!

The things I enjoy/obsess over/am interested in include but are not limited to (this is a very incomplete list because I can never keep track of everything I like in my head):

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    Live Action TV 

    Manga and Anime 



    Video Games 


    Western Animation 

The Vandalism Corner. Feel free to babble.

  • Hi! It's Polarity! Nice to see a Jehovas' witness here too (and one that isn't a Moral guardian to boot!)

  • It'sa me! Lanyard!

  • I liked your blog, gal! And it's always nice to see a fellow Virginian! - cutewithoutthe

  • Your story sounds interesting, I hope it gets published so I can read it. Enemy Mayan

  • Is this a capital I or a lower-case l? RL Nice
    • That would be a capital I. In my name, it's a lowercase l (how would you pronounce it if it were a capital I? Acce-ay-a?)
    • You have Spider-Man listed twice under your interests section. RL Nice

  • Asian, Swedish and Scottish? At the same time? Wow. That's quite improbable, I must admit. And pretty cool. Hi! That One Guy Named X

  • Putting Covert Pervert on your page is not exactly covert. Just saying. Dryunya
    • It is when people in real life have no idea.

  • Hi there, I'm just posting on your page... ApplesGalore

  • Vandalizing and greeting yet another fan of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic! Favorite pony of the mane 6 outta curiosity? NES
    • Our glorious purple nerdy overlord Twilight Sparkle.

  • Just saying hello. I must note it is interesting to meet another troper of partial Asian and Scottish descent. (Though in my case I'm part Chinese instead of Japanese.) rmctagg09

  • It's fun talking to you in the Nunnery. —Indigo12ash

  • I'm vandalizing your page with Ghost People repellent. —sirboulevard