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Tropers: Acebrock
An image I uploaded for a YKTTW before realizing another idea was better.

I'm a guy from So-Cal who has been editing this wiki since at least June 2010. A member of SPOON since August 21, 2011.

Current Status: Slowly becoming a Brony.

These are pages I've created, extensively edited, or expanded soon after their creation (alphabetically):

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    Index/Main/Troper/WMG/YMMV pages 

    Playing with pages 

    Laconic pages 

Mostly, though, I make smaller edits to add to the wiki, and simplify things. I'm also here mostly to read about things that interest me, or that I'm curious about. I also tend to edit the tropes far more than the descriptions, which is why the Supertramp page had such a short header.

Just for the heck of it:

Funniest article name: Mission Control Is Off Its Meds

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