How's This For a Rogues Gallery?:

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For a superhero group called Militant Gold centering around a Badass Normal Action Girl leader, an inexperienced pair of young men one with telekinetic powers and one with control over minerals, and a girl who can control light, how does this line-up of villains sound?

The Alpha Male: The Alpha Male is a rather unusual, goofy man who constantly refers to the jungle and nature while carrying himself like a cocky jazz singer. His assistants are named Jane and Zan (Zan being a nickname assigned to fit a Tarzan theme), Jane running the business side of their business of taking job offers from anyone willing to pay while Zan's primary purpose is to keep Alpha Male from doing things too insane.

Asley Sophia Labelle: Asley Sophia Labelle has the ability to make men fall under her sway with ease, making many a man head over heels for her and proceeding to take them for everything possible before moving on. She primarily works more as a hindrance on the side than the main focus of chapters, due to an inability to fight in any significant way.

Avalarva: Avalarva's power to control insects has him convinced that he is chosen to usher in a new age with them in control, but he's more just delusional. While he has the potential to be dangerous, Avalarva is generally a joke villain more than anything.

Big League: Big League is the biggest star in baseball, due to his being granted with superhuman reflexes. When someone learns of this, however, he is pushed to having to hire Bullet-Time to kill the man to keep his career from being ruined. He has a very devoted if unskilled lackey named Kenny King.

Bowen Kodzo: A fat and rather dim crimelord, Kodzo manages to be the fourth most powerful gang leader in the city for no apparent reason beyond having managed to get a lot of followers. Kodzo himself is a decent fighter in his own right but without any particular skills or powers he is much more a threat because of his connections than anything he himself brings to the table.

Bullet-Time: Bullet-Time is a martial arts expert with the ability to slow down time for others, including being able to use it for what comes across as teleportation at the expense of a lot of energy. He's a sarcastic bastard who routinely backstabs everyone willing to work with him.

The Grand Magistrate: The first major villain, though will still be semi-recurring afterward. He carries himself with an air of class and respectability, making offers to all he meets with superpowers to join his side and allow him use of them through his own ability. He can be very condescending and quick to stress how much he is helping others, and while he makes plenty of allies early-on they don't tend to last long.

Heavy Metal: Heavy Metal is a skilled hand-to-hand fighter, but his real danger lies in his tendency to use various machines to fight his battles. The most present of these is a metallic cover for his arms and spine that greatly improve his strength and striking speed. He is always introduced by a quartet of cheerleaders.

The Impact Players: The Impact Players carry out heists, but with a theatrical twist. The leader is Iron Sabbath, who along with the brains of the group Higher Function constructs numerous devices to help them fight alongside the two other, superpowered members of the group. They also supply the weapons Heavy Metal uses and are his cheerleaders, but they generally do not get directly involved in his work.

Jailbreaker: Jailbreaker is not a direct threat but a presence that causes issues. A masked man who usually makes a point of being seen, Jailbreaker strikes at prisons across the city releasing random, seemingly unrelated people with no security system apparently able to stop him.

Jim: Jim is the alias of a rather jumpy, unusual, and apparently homeless man obsessed with various conspiracy theories. Militant Gold becomes suspicious of him when his theories begin checking out, especially his warnings about the impending strike of Jailbreaker.

The Journey: Paula Jeffries is a jumpy girl obsessed with getting attention for herself, and not only due to an ego; she has the power that anyone who genuinely pays attention to what she has to say falls under mind control.

Manslaughter: Manslaughter is a Straw Feminist with a mean streak and a lot of skill in kendo; while dangerous hand to hand, her real danger lies toward others instead of the group itself. She knows of a spring that's water induce Gender Benders in all it comes in contact with, and tends to come up with behind-the-scenes, hidden ways to hit as many men as possible with it.

Mashenka: Mashenka is a magic user with an unclear backstory and unlike most other members of the cast his real name is unknown to the rest. He is a showman who tends to sing and dance to introduce himself, and operates through the use of magical masks.

Men in the Ground: Tommy Perry is one of the last two active members of a shortlived group of extremely violent vigilantes called the Men in the Ground. While always humble and working a more restrained style for years, repeated treatment as a washed-up has-been motivates him to reunite the group and restore their brutal ways. Their main threats are innovation and having more members than Militant Gold.

Moonlight: A Cloudcuckoolander who more often than not is rather strung out on drugs, Moonlight is fond of using his ability to temporarily copy other people's powers to serve as a basis both for team-ups and for passing himself off as other people. Eventually he discovers he can permanently copy abilities associated with magical places or items. He usually works with Reality.

Nightfall and the Daybreakers: Nightfall is a gothic girl, with a particular fondness for mayhem. Upon discovering that she has the power to block out light, she opts to blanket the city in eternal night both for her own amusement and so that she and her friends, who christen themselves the Daybreakers, can feel free to steal as they please in the confusion.

One: Anthony Wyckoff, a non-powered former kickboxer from Europe, is the leader of a group of six superpowered people who have united after time in a torturous government program with the intention of gaining as much status and power as possible. They're fond of ganging up on and brutally beating targets.

Parts, the Chloe Upton Horror: Usually just Parts for sure, Chloe Upton is a very short, spoiled teenage girl with a split personality named Ada. She can release either Ada or herself to possess other people and objects, and primarily causes minor mischief to amuse herself. She quickly becomes more of a friend than enemy to the group.

Persona: Persona has no natural abilities, but after being fired from his job for a multitude of problems he steals an experimental device that allows him to switch bodies with others. Generally Persona operates as an aid for other villains.

Radio: A wannabe DJ that runs a small radio station out of his garage, Radio is a goofy, dimwitted young man who thinks he's insanely powerful and sexy, as well as the greatest radio personality to ever live. He is able to control and manipulate sound in a multitude of ways, and he primarily abuses this ability to steal money to fund his station and to hijack the airwaves. He is, however, capable of greater.

Reality: Titus Michaels is a former reality TV star with a Heel–Face Revolving Door. He early on became a superhero primarily for publicity after a made-for-TV movie where he played one, but after being dismissed by the heroes as a one trick pony for his reliance on his one incredibly dangerous but powerful ability he works to improve and become a genuine threat.

The Season: An enemy of Parts from school, Kelly Kane is a similarly spoiled rich girl whose temper is more clearly on display. She's a witch, primarily with the power to enchant objects and fling about various curses; her main ally is a boy created from her magic that draws from her kinder side, though she rather consistently abuses and berates him. Much like Parts, villainy is more of a hobby for her than anything.

Sleep Depraved: A villain without a face most of the time, Sleep-Depraved rarely takes part in things and appears in person even less with it taking a long while before the group gets anything besides a nickname. He or she is able to mess with the sleeping habits of others, from inducing insomnia to causing horrible nightmares or keeping people from waking up entirely, but with no power beyond insomnia when dealing with the awake.

Wild Victory: Victoria Wilde is a rather rattled girl with a loose grip on reality, prone to screaming at random - which is bad, as when she does scream Wild Victory releases a very poisonous gas.

The Youth: A psychopath of sorts, the Youth fills the Zsasz role of being mostly a minor psychotic nuisance rather than a genuine threat in his own right. A former member in training of a group of vigilantes, The Youth killed a man while on duty and discovered he enjoyed the feeling of ending lives and continued to do it.

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Kind of extensive for a group that stands opposite a four man team.

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I've recently written a superhero story featuring two High School aged Kid Heroes. One has myostatin related muscle hypertrophy and is the World's Strongest Man. His sidekick is physically weak, but a Gadgeteer Genius. Later on, they're joined by another student: a High School Hustler who acts as the "face" of the group.

My own Rogues Gallery:

Hera and Delilah: The most dangerous of the Rogues Gallery. Two rival crime bosses who team up against the heroes. Hera is a Rosa Klebb version of The Baroness, a Genius Bruiser who fought her way to the top of her gang via You Kill It, You Bought It. Delilah is a sexpot version of The Baroness, an ex-Mafia Princess/Daddy's Little Villain who later became The Don when her father died, and uses Obfuscating Stupidity and manipulation for her villainy.

Rascal: A slightly older teen with the same condition as The Hero. He was once a Child Soldier, and is jealous of The Hero's easy, normal childhood. He acts out of revenge/Green-Eyed Monster, and out of a belief that because of his strength, he is a superman who is Above Good and Evil. He also Sacrificed Basic Skill for Awesome Training in his childhood, and as such, is a bit of a Dumb Muscle brute.

Professor Jacob Glampers: An old acquaintance of the Gadgeteer Genius sidekick. Mad Scientist with a Utopia Justifies the Means plot to make everyone equal in strength, intelligence and ability with Applied Phlebotinum.

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Your Rogues Gallery sounds good, but... It's almost like they're tailor-made to fight your three heroes. Is there any way you could introduce some people with, say, skills that don't reflect the hero's skills?
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Yeah, is kind of a big set I've guess, though I've got longterm plans for it so need a lot. Plus there are a lot of team-ups among them; for instance, in current plans (not finished with the chapter list - it's pretty long) Big League, Avalarva, Asley Sophia Labelle, The Youth, and Nightfall don't have any solo appearances.
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Here is mine sorta.

One of my original characters is an Ascended Fan Girl and a Cloud Cuckoo Lander. She has a Rogues Gallery already but believes there is a 13 member minimum. There’s only six in hers counting one that she’s not sure is a villain. I’m not giving any names. The general ideas of the members are.

The Big Bad A Well-Intentioned Extremist that believes our world needs to be more cultured. He is head of the local mafia a powerful fighter in hand-to-hand combat pretty much the only Badass Normal relevant to the story. Wears white clothing.

The Dragon A psychotic gun slinging vampire, she is evil for evils sake. She uses guns, because of Fantasy Gun Control. They are almost not effective on most nonhuman sentiments for one reason or another she likes killing humans. Dresses in black mostly

The Brute A surprisingly agile pig man, that’s good friends with the Big Bad. He hits like a tank moves like an Acrobat and has a [[BFS]]. Enjoys eating Durian. He’s not really evil. He just wants to help evil friends. I might give him a jet pack just for fun. Has Red Armor

Evil Genius A mad scientist genetic engineer wants to destroy the world but not all at once. He wants it to slowly suffer to death. Developed a plant to choke out the ecosystem it’s also the powerful narcotic. Seems to be incapable of realizing that all is ideas aren’t inherently evil or any of them could be bad ideas. Hooked himself up to the internet. Has velociraptor body gauds. Kind of silly but very dangerous. Mostly wares green.

The Dark Chick The one she’s not certain whether she counts are not. The nicest sweetest ultimate thief you ever want to meet. She is really nice girl that pretends to be a jerk because she thinks people expect her to be mean. She is able to shape shift to an undeterred extent and has prehensile hair. Really she’s not evil at all just thinks thievery is her God-given talent and goes with it. And by all accounts, it sure seems to be. She stole homophobia for crying out loud, just because somebody asked her to. She speaks with a fake Dixie accent sometimes to sound sweeter.

The undead father of one of her friends. An abusive parent strongly believes physical strength is all that matters. Formerly a champion prizefighter went by “Devil Bear” in the ring. He hates that his daughter is smart as well as bisexual. Has Tattoos of the animals mostly associated with kung fu and a bear all over his body. Not alliend with the Five-Bad Band

Relisting that it dos not have enough members she at one point requests more, which worries her friends when they hear it.“I want a big hulking shark man, not a great white a bull shark. A Succubus, a guy that tames griffins. A handsome rouge werewolf guy, a gorilla that dos kung fu. Hitler I don’t get it everyone fought Hitler but nobody has him as a regular member of the cast. A cthulhu like thing. And a Red Panda.”

“A Red Panda?”

“There pure evil.”

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I hate to break it to you,but I'm not a big fan of this lineup. To me,the names are a bit cheesy,the powers are,well,a bit strange,and the characters seem like they might lack personality. They seem a bit superficial and generic.

But hey,that's just me.
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I guess I could say my zombie story has a Rogues Gallery of sorts...


  • The Gentleman: a well dressed sharpshooter who died in the local theater. He now goes around with a revolver playing a sort of sadistic game of luck with his victims: If there's more than one potential victim, he unloads all but one bullet in his gun, spins the barrel, and pulls the trigger. If the gun doesn't go off, he let's that person live.
  • The Lady: a dead woman dressed in white who walks around carrying a shotgun. She has a tendency to kill the strongest member of any armed group and lets their reanimated corpse kill the others.
  • The Mechanical Man: A man who died while wearing some home-made body armor.
  • The Archer: a zombie who apparently specializes in the use of crossbows. Often seen in high places.
  • *The Casanova: a zombie who apparently has the power to lure in woman to their doom. Most of these young women think he's pretty.
  • *The Black Widow: a woman who apparently only targets men. Often seen near churches dressed in black.
  • Antonio Ginas: a powerful gang leader trying to use the chaos of the Zombie Apocalypse to obtain more power. Grows more desperate when it becomes apparent that his usual "Kill all Competitors" philosophy doesn't stack well when it just turns them into unkillable monsters.

Bordering on the Supernatural and Author Tract. May or May Not be in the final draft.


  • The Dead Waits: These are the most common variety. They just lie on the ground, waiting for the right time to attack, which could be ages. When a living person does come near, they pounce like a lion.
  • The Hunters: These zombies don't wait around for their victims; They go after them. Many of them carry guns.
  • The Rammers: These zombies were once football players who were killed when the stadium they were in was attacked by the dead. Whenever they see a victim, they charge at them at top speed.
  • The River People: zombies who float just below the surface of the water, waiting for some unfortunate soul to get too close before pulling them in.
  • The Suicidals: These zombies wear explosives and rush at large crowds of the living so they can blow themselves up. If the blast doesn't tear them apparent, they will return for more explosives.
  • Looters: Living people who are trying to make use of the chaos to loot places. Many don't survive as most aren't prepared to fight the dead.
  • Rogue LCC Members: These living people are trying to help the dead destroy the world by releasing a virus that the LCC abandoned work on for being too dangerous. Many are heavily armed and wear incredibly strong armor. It's strong enough to stop multiple armor piercing rounds as well as explosive force.
  • Slavers: Living people who have gotten into the business of capturing people and selling them for profit.

Special mention should go to the rogue LCC (Lancer Chemical Corporation) group that is also spreading around a deadly contagion that kills people in less than a week. The LCC itself is actually one of the good guys and it's this smaller group that's trying to destroy the world.

Now I call these guys and gals a Rogues Gallery of sorts as there's no real Super Hero to battle them, just regular ordinary people like you and me. There is one girl, though, that should be noted: Alex Hayden of Oakvale. She almost single handedly got her hometown under control by getting the many factions vying for power to cooperate. Alex is also responsible for stopping the deadly virus plaguing Oakvale by running across the town to get various supplies for the people who needed them. Alex does find herself gaining a Rogues Gallery of her own, though not as extensive as the one trying to destroy humanity.

Alex's Rogues Gallery

  • Hitmen: These men were hired by various factions to assassinate Alex when her actions appeared to cause them more trouble than anticipated. They are incredibly dangerous as they wear armor and eventually start carrying high powered weaponry after she survives far too many face-offs for their liking.
  • Stalkers: These men (and several women) have grown attracted to Alex due to her heroics and want her for themselves. A few even try to force her under their control.
  • Gary Molvak: A slaver who is trying to capture Alex for a high paying client.
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Were you talking to me?
With the power of a dragon I can make up for my inability to spill.
Me?No. Can't say I like yours either...not a fan of vampires.
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I don't think we should make this a "post your rouge gallery" thread. I think the OP kinda wanted thoughts about his/her rouge gallery.

I kinda like it. The names are corny , but I think that gives it a cool silver age-y feel that I find chraming.

There isn't a whole lot I haven't seen before, but orginality means didly. They sound like a load of fun if you can pull it off properly.
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