Tropers / The Proffesor

Hello, I am the Proffesor. Before you say I spelled my name wrong, I did it on purpose.

A little bit about me: I love video games, I'm learning to write, I'm addicted to this wiki, and I abhore anime and manga. Not my style.

I am male, but I will not reveal anything else for the sake of my Xanatos Gambit.

Unless I have one at all. Maybe I'm not even real. Maybe you're hallucinating. Perhaps this entire page doesn't exist.

But probably not.

I'm writing a Halo/Mass Effect Crossover fanfic now which seems to be doing okay. Check it out for yourself: The Great Journey


  • Baron Von Richtropen sez: Hey Proffesor. I saw your noble yet futile attempt to make a difference at the political forums. Nice to see someone else stand up for the right, for once. You say you're learning to write. Very good! Where are you from?

Also, nice avatar.