YMMV: The Bold and the Beautiful

  • Ear Worm: "High Upon This Love", the show's theme song, performed by Dionne Warwick. More known for its instrumental variants, of which there have been three mixes; 1987-2004, 2004-2011, and 2011-present.
  • Neutral Good: Macy. After debuting in LA as a spiteful and spoiled young woman, her character was reformed to being one of most honest characters on the show with true moral integrity. Oftentimes when she feuded with Brooke, viewers automatically took her side because she didn't have anything wrong with her.
  • The Scrappy: Hope Logan might qualify for this depending on the viewpoint of the viewer. What is known is that since she was SORASed to a teenager she's been in the center of most of the major storylines, and the older Logan women do nothing but sing her praises. Many of the young men on the show have vied for her affections and her fashion ideas, even at the age of sixteen, are hailed as genius. Most poignantly about this trope of what happened to Steffy's characterization when Hope was introduced. Initially it was Steffy who was the innocent good girl, albeit noticeably flawed unlike Hope. After Hope is aged Steffy is retconned into being a conniving, manipulative slut who uses cut-throat tactics to hurt poor little Hope.
  • The Woobie: Bridget tends to enter this territory. Not only has she miscarried three times on the show, but two of her husbands had affairs with her mother. And when one of these husbands reconciled with her, he turned around and had an affair with her aunt.
    • Taylor might also count for this. She's not exactly a saint, but she's not done half the things the women around her have done. Yet everyone treats her bad decisions like she'd committed murder, while other women who commit the same crimes get off scot-free.
    • Macy definitely falls into this category. Her father disappeared when she was a little girl, she was always caught in the middle in the Spectra/Forrester feud and would end up being blamed for things she knew nothing about, her three marriages to Thorne all ended badly, she was an alcoholic, had cancer twice, lost one husband to cancer, was in three car crashes, attempted suicide at least once, was almost murdered by a crazy ex, found out she was unable to have children while her best friend was pregnant by her husband... and was killed off in a gruesome manner - TWICE.