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YMMV: Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Is Injustice!Batman in the comics and main game a true Icon of Rebellion or a self-righteous, judgmental Jerk Ass who makes supporters die for lost causes, such as having a bunch of Badass Normal go against Darkseid's legions, condemning Superman for killing Parademons, an action which saved millions of lives and who could probably have reigned Superman in by working alongside him, as Superman once offered when asking for emotional support, than constantly needling him and the Justice League by petty surveillance and bugging schemes and moreover insisting on Thou Shalt Not Kill to Black Canary, despite knowing how dangerous it is to keep Knight Templar Superman in line, indeed this action kills Dinah.
  • Base Breaker:
    • Doomsday and Raven. Both characters have received both praise and criticism for their appearance, moveset, and especially their voices (particularly Raven for the latter, whose demonically deepened voice doesn't sound like the expected Tara Strong). Even after Tara herself revealed that she still is Raven, the camp of "We want Teen/Non-Demonized Raven voice back" is still not destroyed... yet.
    • Killer Frost. Some are fine with her inclusion, others are upset that she was chosen over Captain Cold, and others still decry her as just filling out the "ice character/Sub-Zero/Frost" archetype instead of giving it to a more deserving non-archetype character.
    • Damian's role in the story has set off quite a few fans, especially since the game was released after his Heroic Sacrifice in the comics around the same time. The death itself - There are those who are glad, considering some of the other deaths that have been seen in the game and comics, that it's not Damian brutally killing Dick; and those who think the death was incredibly anti-climatic.
    • Batgirl for being yet another Bat-character, and for being Barbara Gordon instead of Cassandra Cain or Stephanie Brown.
    • Scorpion, because he's not even a DC character and is clearly only included because of NetherRealm's previous work.
    • General Zod, out of initial fear that, as he has the exact same powers as Superman, he would play too closely to Superman, and the stigma that he's only included in the game because of his role in Man of Steel. Thankfully, at least the first one has been cleared-Zod has an overall very different playstyle to "Supes".
  • Broken Base:
    • The "Bat-Cast"/"Everyone Else" ratio. Catwoman - the fourth Batman character after Batman himself, Harley Quinn, and Nightwing - was announced prior to major heroes like Green Lantern and Shazam. With Joker's inevitable inclusion, that brought the ratio up to five of a presumed 24, which became six after Bane's inclusion, and seven after Batgirl's. As it stands, an approximate fourth of the overall roster is Batman-centric. Fans are split on whether even more should be included or if the "Bat-Cast" has more than its fair share, some even feeling that there should just be a Batman-focused fighting game at this rate. This even extends into arenas. Of a total fifteen stages, six are related to Batman and two of them are variations of another: day/night versions of Wayne Manor, and Arkham/Joker's Asylum. Not helping matters is how the day version of Wayne Manor is never used in the story. This is brought even further in the game's story mode, where Batman is the only character to get two chapters (one as the main Batman and one as his Insurgency counterpart)—not to mention a quick fight sandwiched in between Wonder Woman's and Superman's chapters Batman vs Batman.
    • The costumes more or less fall into this. The Darker and Edgier armored look is either awesome or awful. Flash and Harley are the most divisive.
    • Lois being killed off as a means of setting up Superman's role in the Injustice Universe. It's been done.
    • General Zod getting his battle armor from Man of Steel as a DLC skin, when the majority of the characters on the disc haven't received one (and in fact is the only DLC character to have an alternate skin thus far).
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: According to Maximillian Christiansen, a metric crapton of players have been using Deathstroke chiefly for his keep-away game.
    Max (after clearing Deathstroke's chapter in Story Mode): I'm gonna use him, but I'm not gonna abuse him.
    • He says similar things about Green Lantern, stating that he's pretty easy to use.
    • Superman also gets a lot of online players who do nothing but spam Eye Beams all day. Never mind that Superman has ridiculously damaging close range combos.
    • Evo 2014 also had an excessive amount of Batgirls, due to her nasty vortexes. To lay the point, champion Sonic Fox used her, defeating runner-up Pig of the Hut after coming from the Losers bracket.
  • Complete Monster: The Joker, as usual, but to explain why - he's the reason Superman adopts a zero tolerance policy on crime, as he places a detonator in the pregnant Lois Lane, set to trigger a nuke in Metropolis the moment her heart stops, and then uses a Kryptonite-laced version of Scarecrow's fear toxin to trick Superman into seeing Doomsday, so that the deaths of Lois and the millions in Metropolis are on Superman's hands. And the reason why he does all of this? Because he was tired of losing to Batman and wanted to go after an easier target. The real kicker, before Superman ended him is that he was planning on a way to top that.
  • Creator's Pet: Scorpion by default, due to Netherrealm apparently stating that there'd only be DC characters in Injustice before adding in their mascot. Fans are not pleased.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Continuing the trend that started in Batman: The Brave and the Bold, Aquaman looks to be one in this game, being a fan favorite according to the official facebook page, being chosen as a main character by Mortal Kombat veteran Tom Brady, and being the subject of a TV spot featuring Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes arguing if he could beat Wonder Woman in a fight. He can thanks to his "mad sharks."
    • Martian Manhunter. He was one of the most consistently requested characters for DLC, culminating in his eventual announcement as a future playable character.
    • Zatanna was also consistently requested, and in fact, won the fan poll Ed Boon put out on Twitter. Eventually, Ed revealed she was indeed a DLC character.
  • "Funny Aneurysm" Moment: A Running Gag recurring goal in the S.T.A.R. Labs missions is hitting Nightwing in the head a certain number of times when fighting him. It becomes a lot less funny when you realize that's how he died.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Superman disapproved of the methods of The Elite (killing criminals, going for a Might Makes Right approach, and generally threatening the populace to decrease crime). He is voiced by George Newbern, and acts upon many of the same methods in this game. Or at least, his evil counterpart does.
    • Quite a few fans dislike Damian's characterization in the game, especially in light of his Heroic Sacrifice in the comics. May die down a little as issue #16 of the prequel comic reveals his killing of Dick Grayson was an accident.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • George Newbern going on to voice Sephiroth, the Fallen Hero of Final Fantasy VII, has some implications as this game shows Superman turn Fallen Hero himself.
    • Batman being called a Scorpion clone after being one of his designated rivals (Superman and Sub-Zero aside) to the latter in Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. Made noticeable with Batman's Grappling Hook and Slide Kick being very similar to Scorpion's Spear and Leg Takedown. Plus the fact Batman has insanely similar Clash dialogue with Insurgency Deathstroke (with Slade in Bats' place and Bats in Scorps' place).
    Batman: I know your moves.
    Scorpion: As if that matters.
    Joker: Liked you better as Robin.
    Nightwing: Liked you better in Arkham.
  • HSQ: The Supermoves are specifically designed for this. Not all will reach this level, but they're intended to show characters at their best, which they do quite effectively.
    • The prequel comics. The death count and tragedy rivals Kingdom Come.
  • Les Yay: In the mobile version, you see a pattern for the special cards that give the 10% health bonus to characters. Superman has Lois Lane, Green Arrow has Black Canary, General Zod has Ursa, Black Adam has Isis...Harley Quinn has Poison Ivy. No, it is not Mr. J, which is her power regeneration card.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Sinestro becomes one of this in the course of the events of Year Two in the prequel comics.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • I'm the king of Atlantis! I answer to no-one!
    • Aquaman got mad sharks!
    • Dick Grayson WAS KILLED BY A ROCK.
    • "Time to kick my ass!"Explanation 
    • YOLO is power!
    • From the tournament scene: Joker is banned! Explanation 
    • From the tournament scene: Two frames, son! Two frames! Explanation 
    • Jedi Lex Luthor Explanation 
  • Moral Event Horizon:
    • Both Joker and Lex Luthor from the main universe, when the former decided to blow Metropolis with a nuke, and the latter gave it to him in order to mock Justice League by rebuilding the city in his own image.
    • The Joker of the Injustice universe tricking Superman into killing his wife and unborn child and destroying Metropolis.
    • Damian Wayne's Klingon Promotion. Insurgency Batman even mentions that he is dead to him for killing Dick. It's revealed in issue #16 that he accidentally killed Dick, though.
    • For many fans who still felt sorry or sympathy for Injustice Superman's grief or actions, he finally crossed this line in Issue #33 of the prequels comics when he killed Oliver Queen, in front of his own parents, no less, and despite Martha's pleas. As if to drive home how truly gone he is, #34 has him more concerned with tracking down and punishing Batman rather than treating his own father's arrow wound.
    • After the subject is trying to talk him out of a different one in the form of sending his armies after Metropolis, Gotham City, and then the main universe as an example to those who would oppose his rule, the cold-blooded murder of Regime Shazam, a teenager at oldest, by Regime Superman is so cruel that it causes a Heel-Face Turn in one member of the Regime (The Flash), shows that one of the more villainous members (Solomon Grundy) has some standards, and shakes the resolve of a third member (Yellow Lantern).
    • Sinestro in Year Two, issue 23, when he killed John Stewart, and frames Guy for it, in order to make Hal Jordan kill Guy. It works.
  • Narm:
    • Superman's face when he discovers the body of Jimmy in the comics.
    • At the end of Classic Battle, Regime Superman has flashbacks to his downfall as he's being sucked into the Phantom Zone. The final flashback is of him before the graves of his wife and unborn child. Yes, graves plural; in a display that's simultaneously too much and too little, their unborn child got an entirely separate tombstone yet wasn't assigned a proper name, the engraving reading "Baby Kent."
    • Superman's scream is up there with Dante's in terms of narm.
    • Yellow Lantern's outro consists of him trying his damn hardest to sound threatening, but it's ruined with the line "yellow is power." - In fact, a major problem some people have with the character in the game is that he just doesn't sound threatening at all. But perhaps that's the point, since Yellow Lantern is beaten handily by Green Lantern; and is actually very cowardly, immediately surrendering when faced by Heroic Superman.
    • The death of Dick Grayson, let's just say it wasn't what fans were expecting.
    • The artist in the comic has problems with drawing faces. But the crowner has to be Batman's face when Catwoman finds him after Dick Grayson died. Later topped by Black Adam making this face. Made even better/worse in context, since he's supposed to be attacking in that scene.
    • The way characters bounce between buildings in the Gotham City street-to-rooftop transition looks kind of goofy.
    • During challenge battles in the mobile version, the player is tasked with collecting five artifacts related to the character unlocked by completing the challenge, such as Batman's cowl or Deathstroke's rifle. During the challenge to unlock Darkseid, his gear is all inexplicably prefixed with "Omega," leading to such intimidating names as "Omega Boots."
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap: Aquaman generally has Never Live It Down joke status since the Superfriends cartoon. His portrayal here is helping to revitalize his reputation as a badass to non-comic readers.
  • The Scrappy: Scorpion, because he's a Guest Fighter included in the Season Pass. People have said they wouldn't have a problem if Scorpion was stand-alone DLC, but they feel they were misled into purchasing the Season Pass under the impression they would be getting 4 more DC Comic characters, not 3 DC characters and the Mortal Kombat mascot. Saying that, there are people who are adamant that he shouldn't be in the game at all (Some of it no doubt due to Mortal Kombat VSDC Universe getting a rather mixed response and Scorpion being a painful reminder of it.}.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: In the mobile version, the random tag mechanic. It makes you impossible to choose when to tag into your team's characters. Since a lot of the skill involved is managing power (and super moves) as well as knowing when to tag in who due to mobile's simple gameplay, this is very frustrating and often particularly luck based.
  • Special Effects Failure: In Green Lantern's victory cutscene, he stands among a host of fellow Green Lanterns, all of which are very obviously static images hovering back and forth. Hammeroon, the humanoid immediately to Hal Jordan's left, is particularly conspicuous due to how dynamic his pose is.
  • Spiritual Licensee: This is, in a broad sense, Irredeemable: The Video Game.
  • Strawman Has a Point: While no one will argue that Superman Jumping Off the Slippery Slope is a good thing, the fact is that in the comics, a lot of the "extreme" measures taken by Superman and criticized by Batman as Beware the Superman are on the face of it, practical and reasonable. Like annihilating all the parademons in a single revolution saved countless human lives, including those of his team-mates who were strained fighting this situation. Batman himself comes across as a Failure Hero whose main asset is self-righteousness on how he maintains Thou Shalt Not Kill over Superman when he has never been in anything like the same situation as he, nor is he willing to compromise and try and temper Superman when the latter, at least earlier issues, is seeking his approval or guidance when he's at his most troubled.
    • Also, parademons are often portrayed as mindless monsters that are okay to kill. He has vaporized armies of them with heat vision before and it wasn't portrayed as anything bad.
    • In addition, in comic Year Two #5, on Sinestro's inspiration, Superman asks Ganthet if they allowed Krypton to die, which Ganthet repiles positively. Superman responds angrily. Despite Ganthet's talk about "preserving free will" and Superman already probably being a villain, this is indeed disgusting, as Guardians could help evaquate the planet or at least save some people.
  • Squick: Some of the stage transitions have impacts visceral enough to elicit wincing or at least a That's Gotta Hurt reaction.
  • That One Attack:
    • Raven's psychokinetic grabs have ludicrous range: Only from the far side of the screen is her opponent safe without having to block.
    • The AI tends to use Green Lantern's "Lantern's Might" grab and Sinestro's "Final Impact" attack very frequently.
    • Superman has a few of these. His Eye Lasers hit across the full Screen, builds meter, and does solid damage and chips, and its even better when meter burned. His super move has super armor, goes all the way across the screen, and executes in only 2 frames. (For reference, most normal standing light attacks take 10 frames to execute.) None of the other super moves are anywhere as good as it.
    • Nightwing in Staff stance. Almost all of his attacks in this are safe on block and most of those moves give him frame advantage. Combine that with long reaching attacks and good mixups you got pressure monster.
    • Scorpion retains his Mortal Kombat 9 moveset, including his Hellfire attack, which teleports him behind an opponent to set up damaging combos. This is problematic here because Injustice lacks a block button, instead players must hold the opposite direction button from their opponent to block.
    • Cyborg's air projectile can be done again and again so quickly, it's the best zoning move in the game. (It used to be mid-hitting, which resulted in opponents being unable to crouch under it, making it a block-stun infinite—before it was patched to be a high attack. Even after that nerf, it's still the best zoning move in the game.)
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • Lobo is considered by many as one of the worst characters in the game.
    • From the other end of the scale, Raven is building something of a hatedom for being too overpowered. Her new design doesn't help either.
    • Superman. So much that the Grand Final of Evolution 2013 consists of booing at Superman.
    • In the mobile version, Hawkgirl is memetically considered the worse character to ever plague challenge packs. Somewhat improved after a buff that doubled her passive tag cooldown to 4 seconds, making her a reasonable niche pick that goes well with Black Adam, New 52 Nightwing and the new (thus very powerful) Luchador Bane.
      • The Joker (the regular silver version and the Insurgency version; The Killing Joke Joker has always been strong) has been this for a while, as his passive used to deal very little damage that scaled poorly. An update changed it so that upon death, his passive deals 30% (silver) / 40% (gold) of enemy maximum health as unblockable damage, which is no laughing matter. This would also make him a possible counter to cards that increases team % health like Red Son Solomon Grundy or Krypto Lex Luthor. He is also not reliant on power to support stronger cards - he just needs to blow up in your face to smack off a large portion of your life bar, dealing the same damage regardless of his stats.
  • That One Level: The S.T.A.R. Labs missions certainly don't lack for challenge, but some, such as The Flash's last mission (Mission 40: Go Boom!, where you have to defeat Lex Luthor—who comes with a shield ability that reflects all damage for a few seconds—under a time limit), are ludicrously hard.
  • They Changed It, Now It Sucks: Inverted with Batman's Supermove. Many people were underwhelmed with Batman's original Supermove (a short beatdown before stringing the opponent upside-down and dropkicking them), and Netherrealm responded by completely changing it (keeping the opponent stunlocked with smoke, tasers, and explosives before the Batmobile rams them). The response has been very positive, though some speculated that there would be multiple Supermoves (there aren't).
    • Also inverted with Red Son Superman's intro. While his "de-Clark Kenting" didn't look horrible, it did look rather silly with his conspicuous black gloves clashing with his civilian clothes (which the Red Son Superman never wore). In the final release, he flies in from the Fortress of Solitude like most of his alternate costumes.
  • They Wasted Perfectly Good Characters: Some characters have such small parts in the plot when they could have greatly expanded the overall story. Notable examples include the heroic Nightwing, who could have had very interesting interactions with the Regime world's Bat Family, and both versions of Catwoman, as her brief appearances in each setting unfortunately result in her seem unwitting at best and idiotic at worst. It doesn't help that the main Catwoman is portrayed as a villain, even though the comic book character has been heroic since the mid-90's.
    • Additionally, the main universe versions of Shazam, Hawkgirl, Black Adam, and Raven (i.e., the one not possessed by Trigon) are all but an afterthought in the story, with Raven getting little more than a line in the opening cutscene.
    • C'mon, who else wanted to have other DC characters to be playable instead of being simple cameos?
    • Really now, the Clash system has a lot of wasted potential even with how extensive it is. Most characters don't have Mirror Match dialogue between their main and Regime/Insurgency counterparts, with Nightwing arguably the worst example. The DLC are also a bit wasted; Lobo and Scorpion only have dialogue with Superman and Batman, while Batgirl only has dialogue with all other Batman characters save for Bane and Harley.
  • What an Idiot: Hey, Bane? Since you're shooting at Wonder Woman, you want to try shifting your aim and not hitting her indestructible bracelets? No? Okay, whatever.
  • What The Hell, Casting Agency?: Zatanna's voice actress uses the same voice used in Young Justice. It's fine in that show...where she's a teenager. Here, it sounds a little too young for what appears to be a more adult physique (and in the comics, Zatanna is supposed to be around the same age as Bruce Wayne/Batman). If she's meant to be a fairly young adult (say, early twenties), it would be understandable, but as it is, it can be somewhat jarring. Especially, since the game has another actress who is already known for playing an adult Zatannna amongst the cast members.
  • What The Hell, Costuming Department?:
    • It's understandable that Superman and Batman might have their Underwear of Power removed, but The Flash gaining Underwear of Power is just baffling.
    • Bane's alternate, AKA "S&M Bane". It needs to be seen to be believed.
    • Killer Frost's alternate costume looks like she took a wrong turn at the corner of Fallout Avenue and Mad Max Boulevard.
    • Player 2 alternative colours occasionally fall into this. While some looks great, like "mostly black" Batman or "Blue 52" Nightwing, we also have stuff like "sky-blue Domino Mask" Nightwing and "mustard yellow shirt" Aquaman.
    • The fact that almost all Player 2 colors look exactly the same to the Player 1 costumes makes it very difficult to differentiate between the two on screen. They were probably expecting players to use alternate costumes, but that doesn't excuse it for people that prefer the default costumes or haven't gotten any alternates. Scorpion is the probably most egregious example. His normal Player 2 is only slightly darker than his Player 1 outfit.
    • People often complain about superheroes and a lack of adequate armor, but Superman, one of the few people here who doesn't need armor, is wearing armor. Nothing new, mind you, but still.
    • Scorpion's Jim Lee designed costume draws this from some of his fans.
    • Zatanna, being a performer, doesn't have a set uniform in the comics— just a general aesthetic of feminine pantsless tuxedo, top hat, and fishnets. Her Injustice costume suffers from the character designers wanting to have their cake and eat it, too— she has a bow tie, cleavage, and a ruffly thing on her neck to suggest a doublet. Any two of these would be fine, but all three just looks awkward.

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