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Tear Jerker: Injustice: Gods Among Us
  • The whole prequel series so far. They start with Superman about to have a kid with Lois, Batman and Superman being buddies, Batman being told Superman and Lois want him to be the godfather of their child in a string of Heartwarming Moments...and then Jimmy Olsen is murdered by The Joker, Joker manipulates Superman into killing Lois Lane and their unborn child and then Joker nukes Metropolis. How can one not cry over that?
    • Superman is effected by Kryptonite-induced Fear Toxin, which makes him envision Lois as Doomsday. He grapples her, and flies her out into the upper atmosphere whilst Batman desperately tries to get through to him. The moment he does manage to tell Superman that he's with Lois and not Doomsday, Superman has worn off the effects of the Toxin, whilst in space and with tears in his eyes, views Lois's dead body floating away from him. And Joker rigged a nuclear bomb to her heartbeat, which detonates and blows up Metropolis. What really sells it, is when Superman hears the heartbeat of Lois and their unborn child stop just as the Toxin wears off. The narration that accompanies it is heartbreaking.
    And then two heartbeats coming from one person—stop beating.
    • And just to drive the point home: After all the misery, all the deaths...the Joker won. And he died knowing this.
    • Even five years afterwards what happened still drives Regime!Superman well into Knight Templar territory:
    Regime Superman: I could have prevented Metropolis! Saved my family!
    Insurgency Batman: Crime took my family too, Clark.
    Regime Superman: But you weren't the gun!
    • The sight of Superman broken and crying makes it painfully clear how he was able to masquerade as Clark Kent for so long. When he loses that spark, he just ceases to be the Man of Tomorrow.
  • Just when it seems it can't get worse for Superman, the US government kidnaps his adoptive parents.
  • "Heroes weren't the only ones lost, you know?" It's strangely sad seeing supervillains wondering about their place in the world and missing other villains and loved ones...
  • Bruce lost both of his sons. He had to renounce Damian when he betrayed him and then killed Dick Grayson.
    • Issue 16 reveals that Damian killed Dick completely by accident. While fighting the inmates of Arkham released by Harley, Nightwing was berating him for attacking opponents who were already down. Damian, irritated by both this and the Bat-Family's "lackluster" take on dealing with criminals, threw his stick at him in anger. Dick got hit in the head and while stumbling, he fell over and broke his neck on debris. The look on Damian's face and everyone's else, especially Batman, is simply heartbreaking. Even the criminals stopped at that moment and Harley shed tears as well.
    • The next issue shows Alfred drinking away his troubles and Bruce pounding a post until his fists were bloody trying to cope, until Selina showed up. To see them so broken was sad.
    • And before that, there's the reason Selina showed up at Wayne Manor: Superman told her of Dick's death and asked her to stay close to Bruce, because he couldn't after all that happened. It's one of the last bits of the old Superman we see.
  • Catwoman joined the Regime in the misguided hope she could protect Batman from Superman by misleading his efforts to find him. And also that, when it was over, or should she find him first, they could hide away and be together. Unfortunately, the fact she joined the Regime, who are responsible for the deaths of other heroes, causes Bruce to reject Selina completely. What's the saying? "You always hurt the ones you love"?
  • In the prequel comic, Galaxor being crippled and broken by the heroes he once idolized is really heartbreaking.
  • The cold-blooded murder of Shazam, who is killed by Superman for questioning his plan to flatten Gotham City and Metropolis. While he was a supporter of the Regime, Shazam only did so out of loyalty to Superman and that Billy Batson himself was only a young boy, a fact that Superman was well aware of.
    • Then, at the end of the scene, Solomon Grundy picks up the body and says this to hammer it all home.
    Grundy dig hole. Grundy bury.
  • The death of Insurgency Luthor. He was less than a second removed from taking down Regime Superman and then Shazam zaps him, followed by Superman breaking his neck. It's a perfect textbook Hope Spot.
  • Issue #30 of the comic doesn't advance the main plot, instead it focuses on a teenager named James who reminisces about Superman once helping him when he fell off his bike (and being generally cheerful), in contrast to the Knight Templar he later became.
    I miss Superman. I miss the guy who actually inspired people. The Superman who had time to help a kid who fell off a bike. Before he was changed. Before he gritted his teeth and looked angry all the time. Before he became all hard and dark because people, supposedly, needed him to. I miss the City of Tomorrow— —and the man of yesterday.
    • Not only is it a very sad speech, but also a very good comment on how the Nineties and the public today wanted heroes in DC to be grittier and darker than before, which made them lose their innocence and subjected them to all the bad stuff that happened lately, like rapes, deaths and so on and so forth.
  • Issue #33: Green Arrow's death. His death was because an arrow rebounded from Superman and hit his father, causing Superman to kill him in a rage. His last thoughts were of Black Canary, who knew the moment she found his tracer that he wasn't coming.
    This should hurt. I know it should. But I can't feel anything.
    I'm trying to speak but my mouth doesn't work anymore.
    I'm so sorry, pretty bird. I thought we'd have more time.
    The prettiest girl in the whole damn world.
    I was so lucky. (vision fades)
    • Even worse, in Year 2 we learn that Black Canary was pregnant with his child.
    • Then when Superman confronts Batman in the Batcave...
    Batman: Go on, justify Ollie's death. I'll call Dinah and you can tell her why he had to die for the greater good.
    • Superman tried to apologize to her at his funeral. It didn't go well. In a flash, he covers her mouth...
    Let's see the real you. Show me the last thing Ollie saw before you killed him.
  • The issue after has Clark's parents and the Jor-El try and reason with him to no avail, showing he is long gone.
  • The Wham Episode in Year 2 that reveals Gordon according to Superman, has lung cancer from smoking.
  • The overall state of the regime!League in general by the time the game starts is pretty sad, but special mention should be made for Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan. He tries to reason that fear is the more powerful emotion and that's why he ditched the green, but pay attention to his actions throughout the story, how afraid he is of stepping out of line, and getting on Superman's bad side. It becomes increasingly clear that he probably can't use Green anymore because he's too afraid. The Man Without Fear became a coward.
    • Hell, just how almost every hero trusted Superman without question. Even Guy Gardner gushes about him. And have their faith brutally shattered. It reminds one of how important it is to maintain your morality when so many people look up to you.
  • Regime!Superman at the end. He's lost everything - wife, child, friends, became a monster, and now imprisoned. And, judging by his expression at the end of game, what terrible thoughts he thinks now?
  • Year Two, # 19: Though it's a Foregone Conclusion, it's still sad: Regime!Green Lantern was kicked from his Corps, and joined Sinestro's.
  • Issue 20: Commisioner Gordon is dead.
  • In Year Two, #22, the following: Black Canary wounds Superman with Kryptonian bullet, telling Guy to capture him ... and then Sinestro Corps Ring arrives, saving him, after what Superman burns Dinah, most likely to death....
  • Year Two, # 23: Sinestro kills John Stewart... and lies to Hal Jordan about his death, in order to make him murder Guy Gardner. It works...
    • It's worse Guy didn't gave up trying to save Hal from becoming a villain, and ended up getting his arm torn off and dropped to his death.
  • If you like Year Two comics, we know that Insurgence will fail. This time.
  • While most heroes who stay sane try to appeal one way or the other to their fallen friends, Guy Gardner is a particularly painful example. This guy isn't even one of the paragons of virtue, he's rude and likes to boast, but once he found out how bad things were, he never stopped trying to save his friends from crossing the line. In vain. First Superman shot him down rudely, then Hal attacked him for little reason, and finally Hal killed him off in a rage, manipulated by Sinestro. When one of the jerkiest heroes stops fighting just to appeal to your higher nature, you know how bad you look.
  • End of Year Two. The Green Lanterns' mission has failed. Ganthet and Mogo are killed by Superman. It seems that all or at least most of the Green Lanterns Corps are dead too. But Dinah is saved by Dr.Fate, and transfered into Alternate Universe with her son, where she meets Oliver Queen, whose Dinah has died. So, it's more of Bittersweet Ending...
  • When Regime!Superman is beaten, Main!Green Lantern gets several heroes, with Injustice!Batman. Then Superman tells Batman tiredly that he had to kill him. Batman replies sadly "No. Not even you. There's been enough killing." Batman is probably so sad to see his former friend like that...

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