Quotes: Injustice: Gods Among Us

Story Mode

First Krypton, now Metropolis. People you love tend to blow up, don't they? (Superman punches wall next to Joker's head) Heh. That's why I like you, Superman. You're much more gullible than... (gestures at Batman, then gets thrown across the room) You think you can have a family. That locking me up with magically reform me… and they'll be safe. So big, so dumb. (chuckles) Now run along so I can break out of here. I've got lots of planning to do to top this. (gets lifted by his neck) I know it's soon, but… think you'll ever love again? Maybe you won't kill your next family…
Injustice Universe Joker, Taunting Final Speech

I made them safe. Shielded them. But are they grateful? Do they appreciate my protection? No… they whine. Complain! Side with those criminals. (beat) If they prefer chaos, I'll give it to them. Metropolis and Gotham. I'll flatten 'em. Set an example.
Regime Superman

Doomsday: I live to kill you.
Superman: Then you'll live disappointed.

Green Lantern: You're Sinestro Corps?!
Yellow Lantern: Sinestro's right. Fear is more effective than willpower.
Green Lantern: So you ditched green and went yellow. The color of cowardice.
Yellow Lantern: I'm still about order, like the Guardians.
Green Lantern: I'm sure they're very proud of you.
Yellow Lantern: Sanctimony is easy when you know what–
Green Lantern: Save it. Time to kick my ass.

Hold, my sisters! Hold! While I am not of this world, I am Amazon! And I tell you now, this path is folly! We are to unite the world's people! Lessen man's rages! Overcome them! With compassion. And love. (Pointing to Regime Wonder Woman) She has enabled one man to inflict his rage on an entire planet. Let him be consumed by his darkest passions rather than extricate him from despair. Sisters, let us return to the right side of history. Let us enter battle, but as humankind's protector. Not it's destroyer. We are Amazons. We are here to save mankind.
Wonder Woman

Regime Superman: I knew they'd pull you over eventually. You don't belong here.
Superman: My obligations don't end at the borders of my dimension.
Regime Superman: I am this world's savior. I protect it.
Superman: (incredulously) That's what's happening out there? Protection?
Regime Superman: Disobedient children will be punished.
Superman: Children? We're not gods. We don't decide who lives and who dies.
Regime Superman: The decision is mine! It became mine when Joker turned me into a weapon of mass destruction!
Superman: I know what you lost.
Regime Superman: And you judge me?! (beat) After I've killed you, I'll bring Lois here. When she sees how I've perfected this world—
Superman: She'll be afraid and disgusted!
Regime Superman: She'll be alive!
Superman: Lois's death doesn't justify—
Regime Superman: He stole her from me!
Superman: You stole this planet's freedom! It's time to give it back.

Unique Clash Dialogue

  • Superman vs Superman
    Regime Superman: I saved this world!
    Superman: Now I'll save it from you.

    Regime Superman: You just don't get it.
    Superman: You're right, I don't!

    Superman: Pride is a deadly sin.
    Regime Superman: So is foolishness!

    Superman: Stay away from my world!
    Regime Superman: You have something I want!

  • Batman vs Batman
    Insurgency Batman: You're good.
    Batman: You expected otherwise?

    Insurgency Batman: Call it a draw?
    Batman: Not our style.

    Batman: Comin' at ya!
    Insurgency Batman: Ready and waiting!

  • Superman vs Batman
    Batman: If it's a fight you want...
    Superman: It never is.

    Batman: Don't underestimate me.
    Superman: Wouldn't dream of it.

    Superman: You know you can't beat me!
    Batman: Never say never.

    Superman: You're over-matched.
    Batman: Prove it.

    Superman: Quite a mismatch.
    Batman: I'll go easy on you.

    Superman: I'm here to help you!
    Insurgency Batman: I've heard that before.

    Regime Superman: You disappoint me, Bruce!
    Batman: Because I'm not a killer?

    Regime Superman: You'll regret the day you–
    Batman: Just shut up and fight.

    Regime Superman: Insurgency dies with you!
    Insurgency Batman: If you can kill me.

    Insurgency Batman: Strength isn't everything.
    Regime Superman: It's enough!

    Insurgency Batman: It's called fear, Clark.
    Regime Superman: Crawl back to your cave!

  • Superman vs Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman: Don't hold back, Kal.
    Superman: If I don't, you're dead.

    Wonder Woman: You've met your match, Kal.
    Superman: Hate to disagree with you.

    Superman: I've got you, Diana!
    Wonder Woman: Sorry to disappoint.

    Regime Superman: You dare?!
    Wonder Woman: I do.

    Regime Superman: Last chance to join us!
    Wonder Woman: Not you, not ever.

    Wonder Woman: Even you must know limits.
    Regime Superman: But who can impose them?

    Superman: Our Diana fights for justice!
    Regime Wonder Woman: Victory is justice!

    Regime Wonder Woman: Why do this, Kal?
    Regime Superman: I trust no one!

    Regime Superman: You meant something to me!
    Regime Wonder Woman: I don't believe you.

  • Superman vs Doomsday
    Doomsday: YOU WILL DIE.
    Superman: You only get to kill me once!

    Doomsday: NONE CAN STOP ME.
    Superman: I have before.

    Regime Superman: I will end you!
    Doomsday: NO ESCAPING FATE!

    Regime Superman: You're too dangerous to live!
    Doomsday: KILL ME IF YOU CAN!

    Regime Doomsday: NOT YOUR SLAVE.
    Regime Superman: No, you're my dead slave.

  • Superman vs Solomon Grundy
    Grundy: Grundy crush Cape Man!
    Superman: I doubt that.

    Grundy: Grundy squeeze you like grape!
    Superman: Not today, Grundy!

    Grundy: Grundy break you in two!
    Superman: Not in this life!

    Superman: Calm yourself, Grundy!
    Grundy: Cape Man scared!

    Superman: You've caused enough trouble!
    Grundy: Now trouble kill Blue Man!

  • Batman vs Joker
    Joker: Smile!
    Batman: (deadpan) I am smiling.

    Joker: Funny meeting you here.
    Batman: Shut it, clown!

    Batman: This ends with you in jail.
    Joker: Not a chance, Underpants!

    Batman: Back to Arkham.
    Joker: I think not.

    Batman: It's over, clown!
    Joker: Not yet!

  • Batman vs Harley Quinn
    Harley: You're scary when you're mad!
    Batman: That's the idea.

    Harley: Some hero, hitting a lady!
    Batman: Do I have to say it?

    Harley: Let's dance, Bats!
    Batman: The song is over.

    Batman: Psychopaths like you–!
    Harley: Don't get your tights in a bunch! / Blah, blah, blah!

    Batman: Sending you home.
    Harley: You bat types are no fun!

    Batman: Give it up, Harley!
    Harley: And miss all the fun?

  • Batman vs Catwoman
    Catwoman: Don't you love me?
    Batman: Not right now.

    Batman: The gloves are off!
    Catwoman: And the claws are out!

    Batman: Enough, Selina!
    Catwoman: Not yet, handsome!

    Batman: Taking you down, Selina!
    Catwoman: Can't wait!

  • Batman vs Solomon Grundy
    Grundy: Grundy hate bats!
    Batman: I figured that out.

    Grundy: Grundy no fear Bat!
    Batman: Grundy not that bright!

    Batman: Overgrown gorilla!
    Grundy: Me Grundy, not Grodd!

  • Batman vs Cyborg
    Cyborg: Shutting you down, Bats!
    Batman: Interesting choice of words.

    Batman: I can hurt you.
    Cyborg: For the record, you're scary.

    Regime Cyborg: This is a criminal act!
    Insurgency Batman: Talk to my lawyer!

  • Green Arrow vs Killer Frost
    Killer Frost: You ever shut up?
    Green Arrow: Every other Tuesday.

    Killer Frost: How 'bout some frostbite?
    Green Arrow: I got something you could bite.

    Green Arrow: You hittin' on me?
    Killer Frost: More like pounding. / Shut up!

    Green Arrow: How's your sister Hoar?
    Killer Frost: You are so dead!

  • Flash vs Green Arrow
    Green Arrow: I can hit a moving target.
    Flash: This one hits back!

    Green Arrow: Not a hair on my head.
    Flash: I just shaved your head!

    Flash: Really wanna do this?
    Green Arrow: Always!

    Flash: Not bad, Robin Hood!
    Green Arrow: Thanks, Union Suit.

    Flash: Can't fight what ya can't catch!
    Green Arrow: Catch this!

  • Nightwing vs Catwoman
    Catwoman: Still living in Batman's shadow?
    Nightwing: Still using a litter box?

    Catwoman: Batman's little pup.
    Nightwing: Watch it, I bite!

    Nightwing: Down, kitty!
    Catwoman: Bad boy!

    Nightwing: I think you got issues.
    Catwoman: Think your way out of this!

    Regime Catwoman: My favorite boy detective!
    Regime Nightwing: You're too old for me.

    Regime Nightwing: Not bad for an old lady.
    Regime Catwoman: I'll show you old!

    Regime Nightwing: Think you can survive this?
    Regime Catwoman: I always land on my feet!

  • Nightwing vs The Joker
    Joker: Liked you better as Robin.
    Nightwing: Liked you better in Arkham.

    Joker: So young, so serious.
    Nightwing: I'm laughin' on the inside.

    Nightwing: Circus is leaving town.
    Joker: Still one more show.

    Regime Nightwing: Let's wrap this up, Joker.
    Joker: Past your bedtime?

    Regime Nightwing: You're in trouble.
    Joker: Is your mommy here?

    Regime Joker: Poor, pathetic boy.
    Regime Nightwing: Freakin' psycho.

  • Harley Quinn vs. Nightwing
    Harley: You fight like my grandma!
    Nightwing (laughing): You fought your grandma?

    Harley: Let's get crazy!
    Nightwing: Sweetheart, you're already there!

    Nightwing: Kinda hot for a psychotic.
    Harley: Charmed, I'm sure.

    Nightwing: This is the end.
    Harley: Of ya face!

  • Catwoman vs Harley Quinn
    Catwoman: So, you and Joker?
    Harley Quinn: And you and Bats! / Don't knock it 'til you try it!

    Harley Quinn: Girls night out!
    Catwoman: If that's what you wanna call it!

    Harley Quinn: I like a good catfight!
    Catwoman: You won't like this one!

  • Aquaman vs Aquaman
    Aquaman: You disgrace Atlantis!
    Regime Aquaman: By saving it?

    Regime Aquaman: What would you have me do?
    Aquaman: Yield! It's what you do!

    Aquaman: I'm the true king!
    Regime Aquaman: Wrong, imposter!

  • Deathstroke vs Nightwing
    Deathstroke: You're no Batman.
    Nightwing: Close enough to handle you.

    Deathstroke: Time to clip your wings.
    Nightwing: Bring it, Slade!

    Nightwing: Gimme your best, Slade!
    Deathstroke: You couldn't handle it!

    Insurgency Deathstroke: Think you're Batman?
    Regime Nightwing: I'm the upgrade.

    Regime Nightwing: Thought you were fast, Slade.
    Insurgency Deathstroke: Oh, I am.

    Regime Nightwing: Gettin' old, Slade.
    Insurgency Deathstroke: Child.

  • Green Arrow vs Superman
    Green Arrow: Faster than a speeding arrow?
    Superman: Let's find out.

    Green Arrow You're insane.
    Regime Superman: I'm not the one fighting Superman!

    Regime Superman: Just another criminal.
    Green Arrow: Just another politician.

    Regime Superman: Arrows!? Against me!?
    Green Arrow: Arrows, against you. / I have to try.

  • Superman vs Aquaman
    Superman: You lose, Arthur!
    Aquaman: Never to you, Clark!

    Aquaman: I can match your strength.
    Superman: Almost.

    Aquaman: What makes you think you'll win?
    Superman: I'm Superman.

    Regime Aquaman: I will subdue the surface world!
    Superman: Atlantis needs a better king.

    Regime Superman: Back to the sea, traitor!
    Regime Aquaman: Not just yet!

  • Batman vs Aquaman
    Aquaman: I am the pride of Atlantis!
    Batman: I'll hurt more than your pride.

    Batman: The calm before the storm.
    Aquaman: And here's the storm!

    Regime Aquaman: No more insurgency.
    Insurgency Batman: That's what you think.

  • Aquaman vs Wonder Woman
    Wonder Woman: Poseidon abandons you!
    Aquaman: Don't need his help here!

    Wonder Woman: Stand down, sea king.
    Aquaman: Back to Themyscira!

    Aquaman: Atlanteans are superior!
    Wonder Woman: Not to Amazons!

    Aquaman: Run back to Superman!
    Regime Wonder Woman: Run from you?

  • Wonder Woman vs Ares
    Wonder Woman: Expected more from you, Ares.
    Ares: You shall have it.

    Wonder Woman: This war is over.
    Ares: Athena's rag doll!

    Ares: Foolish girl!
    Wonder Woman: Guard your tongue!

    Ares: You dishonor the gods!
    Wonder Woman: Do gods feel pain?

    Ares: Impressive, but inadequate!
    Wonder Woman: We'll see, war god.

  • Joker vs Bane
    Joker: Is it "Bane" or "Bané"?
    Bane: Now you suffer! / Do not mock me!

    Bane: Die, payaso!
    Joker: Someone needs a hug. / Lighten up, big boy!

    Bane: You will crawl before me!
    Joker: No, no, you first.

  • Green Lantern vs Yellow Lantern
    Yellow Lantern: I'll teach you fear!
    Green Lantern: I'm a bad student.

    Green Lantern: How could you join Sinestro?
    Yellow Lantern: Fear is a powerful weapon.

  • Green Lantern vs Green Arrow
    Green Arrow: Why are we fighting?
    Green Lantern: You started it.

    Green Arrow: Nice target on your chest.
    Green Lantern: Still have to hit it.

    Green Lantern: Don't even need the Ring!
    Green Arrow: Don't get cocky, Hal. / Can I borrow it?

    Green Lantern: Got no chance, Ollie!
    Green Arrow: Aw, sure you do.

  • Green Lantern vs Aquaman
    Green Lantern: That your best, Arthur?
    Aquaman: Not even close.

    Aquaman: I'll win any contest of wills!
    Green Lantern: For you, it's a contest of won'ts! / Man, what an ego.

    Aquaman: The sea will drown your light!
    Green Lantern: It's too bright for that.

  • Joker vs Catwoman
    Catwoman: Watch yourself, gargoyle.
    Joker: Here, kitty kitty!

    Catwoman: You've no chance against me.
    Joker: Do I have a chance with you?

    Joker: Shame we never hooked up.
    Catwoman: I'll hook you up!

    Joker: Going my way?
    Catwoman: Go to hell by yourself!

    Joker: I always thought we had chemistry.
    Catwoman: Think again!

  • Deathstroke vs Cyborg
    Deathstroke: You're only half a man.
    Cyborg: You "Deathstroke" or "Deathwish"? / And you're pure scum!

    Cyborg: You won't win, Slade!
    Deathstroke: Will if they pay me enough.

    Insurgency Deathstroke: Thinking too much, junior?
    Cyborg: Got you figured out!

    Insurgency Deathstroke: Let's go, robot!
    Cyborg: Ready, grandpa!

    Cyborg: Know what's next, genius?
    Insurgency Deathstroke: Your humiliating defeat!

  • Deathstroke vs Raven
    Deathstroke: I thought you were a pacifist.
    Raven: You forced my hand.

    Raven: I feel your doubts.
    Deathstroke: Feel this, demon!

    Raven: You will know fear!
    Insurgency Deathstroke: To know fear is to kill it!

    Insurgency Deathstroke: You're done, Raven!
    Raven: Bold words from a weak man!

  • Joker vs Harley Quinn
    Joker: Hit me, baby!
    Harley Quinn: With pleasure, hon!

    Joker: You always hurt the ones you love.
    Harley Quinn: Thanks, I guess.

    Harley Quinn: Puddin', how could you?
    Joker: It's simple, really. Like this! / Stop calling me that!

    Harley Quinn: I thought you loved me!
    Joker: We need to talk.

    Harley Quinn: Had it with your abuse!
    Joker: Mere love taps.

    Regime Joker: Your death do us part!
    Insurgency Harley Quinn: Hit the clown, win a prize!

  • Batman vs Bane
    Batman: Low on Venom?
    Bane: You'll see.

    Batman: You're going down, Bane.
    Bane: Are you a betting man?

    Bane: I will break the Bat.
    Batman: I don't break easy.

    Bane: I am your equal!
    Batman: Hardly.

  • Batman vs Deathstroke
    Deathstroke: You'll have to kill me.
    Batman: Tempting.

    Batman: Not bad, mercenary.
    Insurgency Deathstroke: I'm the best.

    Insurgency Deathstroke: I know your every move.
    Batman: It won't help you.

  • Superman vs Joker
    Joker: Temper, temper!
    Superman: No temperance with you.

    Superman: Not funny, Joker!
    Joker: Gotta wait for the punch line.

    Superman: Picked the wrong day for this!
    Joker: How's next Thursday?

    Insurgency Joker: Hi, Councilor!
    Regime Superman: Time to kill you again!

  • Joker vs Insurgency Joker
    Insurgency Joker: You look familiar.
    Joker: As do you.

    Insurgency Joker: Hello, handsome.
    Joker: Nice seeing you.

    Joker: Got a joke for you.
    Insurgency Joker: I've probably heard it.

    Joker: I like your style.
    Insurgency Joker: And I yours, sir.

  • Shazam vs Black Adam
    Black Adam: Show me, boy!
    Shazam: You asked for it!

    Black Adam: You are a child!
    Shazam: I'll still kick your butt!

    Black Adam: The wizard erred picking you!
    Shazam: Shows what you know! / Not a chance, Adam!

    Shazam: I have the strength of Hercules!
    Black Adam: And I the strength of Amon!

    Shazam: You abused your power!
    Black Adam: Silence, boy!

  • Superman vs Black Adam
    Black Adam: My power equals yours!
    Superman: No one's does.

    Black Adam: I will defeat you with magic!
    Superman: And a lot of wishing!

    Superman: Evil never wins!
    Black Adam: Control is not evil!

  • Flash vs Green Lantern
    Flash: I'm faster than light!
    Green Lantern: Not this light!

    Flash: Need a break?
    Green Lantern: Got ya right where I want ya!

    Green Lantern: Stop right there, Barry.
    Flash: Green light means "go!"

    Green Lantern: Good workout, huh?
    Flash: Save your breath, you'll need it!

  • Flash vs Aquaman
    Flash: Catch of the day.
    Aquaman: Your mouth runs faster than you.

    Aquaman: You're not so quick, Barry.
    Flash: I'm just warming up.

    Aquaman: Speed alone doesn't cut it.
    Flash: Let's find out.

  • Flash vs Superman
    Superman: Speed isn't enough!
    Flash: Well, there's also my looks and my charm. / That's what slow people say!

    Superman: Just as fast as you!
    Flash: Clark, we've settled this. / You keep saying that.

    Flash: Ready, Big Blue?
    Superman: Always ready!

    Regime Flash: You're a lunatic!
    Regime Superman: And you're a dead man!

    Regime Superman: When I catch you, it'll hurt.
    Regime Flash: Well, then you won't catch me.

  • Flash vs Killer Frost
    Killer Frost: I know your weakness.
    Flash: Won't help you. / Romantic comedies? / Chocolate cake?

    Killer Frost: You ain't so fast.
    Flash: You ain't so cool!

    Killer Frost: A slow, cold death for you!
    Flash: I don't do slow!

    Flash: You're no Captain Cold.
    Killer Frost: Thank goodness for that. / I outrank him.

    Flash: Admiring the view?
    Killer Frost: Don't flatter yourself!

  • Green Lantern vs Sinestro
    Sinestro: Human scum!
    Green Lantern: Evil and racist!

    Sinestro: Like the Guardians, you're inept!
    Green Lantern: Still mad they booted you?

    Green Lantern: Let's go, Sinestro!
    Sinestro: I'm here, Jordan.

    Green Lantern: To think we were friends.
    Sinestro: One of my few mistakes!

  • Cyborg vs Cyborg
    Regime Cyborg: Playing for the wrong team!
    Cyborg: Thanks for the tip, coach!

    Regime Cyborg: Had enough?
    Cyborg: Ready for seconds!

    Cyborg: You're on the wrong side of this.
    Regime Cyborg: Keep thinking that.

  • Aquaman vs Ares
    Aquaman: You're not invincible!
    Ares: Actually, I am.

    Ares: A fish out of water.
    Aquaman: You're out of your league!

    Ares: You dare?! I'm a god!
    Aquaman: I've defeated gods!

  • Wonder Woman vs Wonder Woman
    Regime Wonder Woman: You wish Amazons to be weak!
    Wonder Woman: There is strength in discretion.

    Wonder Woman: You dishonor the Amazons!
    Regime Wonder Woman: Don't lecture me, impostor!

    Wonder Woman: I know you doubt yourself.
    Regime Womder Woman: Do not presume to know me.

  • Green Lantern vs Solomon Grundy
    Green Lantern: Back to the swamp, Grundy.
    Solomon Grundy: Grundy drown you in it!

    Solomon Grundy: Lights not hurt Grundy!
    Green Lantern: Maybe this will.

  • Batman vs Nightwing
    Batman: Go back to Blüdhaven.
    Nightwing: I'm busy at the moment.

    Batman: Don't make me angry.
    Nightwing: When aren't you angry?

    Nightwing: Still got it, Bruce!
    Batman: Glad you noticed.

    Nightwing: Wanna order Chinese later?
    Batman: Focus, Dick.

    Batman: You disappoint me.
    Regime Nightwing: Feeling's mutual!

    Batman: You're on the losing side.
    Regime Nightwing: Can't be if I'm on it!

    Regime Nightwing: Another criminal Batman.
    Batman: One messed up kid.

    Regime Nightwing: I'm younger and faster!
    Insurgency Batman: You're not me. / And a murderer!

    Insurgency Batman: Killing me won't help!
    Regime Nightwing: But it'll feel great!

  • Superman vs Shazam
    Shazam: I have the power of magic!
    Superman: It's not enough!

    Shazam: Enough hero worship!
    Superman: This isn't a better choice!

    Superman: Doesn't need to be like this!
    Shazam: Then back off!

    Superman: Got no chance, Billy!
    Shazam: Don't call me Billy!

    Regime Superman: No room for boys in this war!
    Regime Shazam: I'm no boy!

  • Green Arrow vs Solomon Grundy
    Green Arrow: Slow, stupid, and ugly.
    Solomon Grundy: Grundy not slow!

    Green Arrow: Grundy! Say "Fire bad!"
    Solomon Grundy: You not funny! / ...Fire is bad.

    Solomon Grundy: Arrow Man no hurt Grundy!
    Green Arrow: Arrow Man yes hurt.

    Solomon Grundy: Puny arrows no hurt!
    Green Arrow: So I'll use the non-puny ones!

  • Green Arrow vs Sinestro
    Sinestro: Annoying little gnat!
    Green Arrow: Grow a real mustache. / No wonder Hal hates you. / Need some ice? Your head's swollen.

    Sinestro: You're done, Green Arrow!
    Green Arrow: Think again, forehead.

    Sinestro: You fight with a toy!
    Green Arrow: You fight with jewelry.

    Green Arrow: You're gonna eat that ring!
    Sinestro: Quite pathetic, Green Arrow.

    Green Arrow: What, no yellow helmet?
    Sinestro: You fail to amuse.

  • Green Lantern vs Hawkgirl
    Green Lantern: You know how this ends.
    Hawkgirl: Enlighten me. / Nice ring. I have a mace.

    Hawkgirl: Heads up, Jordan!
    Green Lantern: Up, and lookin' at you!

    Hawkgirl: Got a bracelet to match that ring?
    Green Lantern: Man, you're annoying!

  • Batman vs Hawkgirl
    Batman: Stop wasting my time.
    Hawkgirl: Don't mess with me, Bats. / Down to business, then.

    Regime Hawkgirl: A bat that can't fly.
    Insurgency Batman: I'll still ground you.

    Regime Hawkgirl: Hope this doesn't hurt too bad.
    Insurgency Batman: Thanks for caring.

  • Green Arrow vs Hawkgirl
    Regime Hawkgirl: Pray for mercy.
    Green Arrow: Why, you gonna sing?

    Green Arrow: You got a real problem, lady.
    Regime Hawkgirl: Yeah, I'm looking at it!

    Green Arrow: Ready for some serious pain?
    Regime Hawkgirl: Bring it, arrow boy!

  • Hawkgirl vs Solomon Grundy
    Solomon Grundy: Thought Birdnose was friend!
    Hawkgirl: Think again!

    Solomon Grundy: Bird girl make Grundy mad!
    Hawkgirl: Big surprise!

    Hawkgirl: That's enough, Gold!
    Solomon Grundy: My name Solomon Grundy!

  • Hawkgirl vs Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor: I could use that belt.
    Hawkgirl: Or a breath mint.

    Lex Luthor: You look like a chicken.
    Hawkgirl: And you look like an egg.

    Hawkgirl: You're no warrior!
    Lex Luthor I'm more than that!

  • Wonder Woman vs Hawkgirl
    Hawkgirl: That all you got, Diana?
    Wonder Woman: It's not over yet!

    Hawkgirl: Through playing, princess.
    Wonder Woman: Good, I hate games.

    Wonder Woman: You're beaten. Surrender.
    Hawkgirl: Well, if you say so.

  • Superman vs Lex Luthor
    Lex Luthor: Mind over muscle!
    Superman: Good thing I've got both.

    Superman: You won't win, Lex!
    Lex Luthor: I only have to once!

    Regime Superman: You betrayed me!
    Insurgency Lex Luthor: You betrayed mankind! / You forced my hand!

    Regime Superman: You die today, Luthor!
    Insurgency Lex Luthor: One of us will!

    Insurgency Lex Luthor: I'm the hero this time!
    Regime Superman: You're a traitor!

  • The Joker vs Lex Luthor
    Joker: You're not laughing.
    Lex Luthor: You're not dying. / Your jokes are stale.

    Joker: Your little jumpsuit okay?
    Lex Luthor: Your humor eludes me.

    Lex Luthor: Laugh at this!
    Joker: You're the joke, Lexy.

  • Nightwing vs Raven
    Raven: Don't push it, Dick Grayson!
    Nightwing: That's what I do!

    Nightwing: Stay out of my head!
    Raven: I can read your misgivings.

    Regime Nightwing: You're gonna feel this!
    Raven: Your anger makes you careless.

    Regime Raven: You will feel pain!
    Regime Nightwing: I can take it.

  • Nightwing vs Cyborg
    Nightwing: Nice moves, Vic.
    Cyborg: I'm still warming up!

    Cyborg: This isn't just practice, Dick.
    Nightwing: It never is.

    Cyborg: Think you can handle this?
    Nightwing: Whatever it takes.

    Regime Nightwing: Looking forward to this.
    Cyborg: Well, step on up.

    Regime Nightwing: Feeling a little rusty?
    Cyborg: I don't get rusty.

    Cyborg: Little man.
    Regime Nightwing: More man than you.

  • Cyborg vs Raven
    Raven: I'm in no mood, Victor!
    Cyborg: Too much Trigon for breakfast?

    Cyborg: Lights out, birdie!
    Raven: I'm quite at home in the dark!

    Regime Cyborg: You're finished, witch!
    Regime Raven: Finished with you, Victor!

  • Wonder Woman vs Lex Luthor
    Wonder Woman: You embody the worst in men!
    Lex Luthor: You ain't seen nothing yet!

    Wonder Woman: You're not right, Luthor.
    Lex Luthor: I'm always right.

    Insurgency Lex Luthor: I will end Superman's tyranny!
    Regime Wonder Woman: Gotta get past me first!

  • Bane vs Nightwing
    Bane: Like father, like son.
    Nightwing: I'm adopted.

  • Batman vs Raven
    Batman: How's daddy?
    Raven: Let's go see him.

    Regime Raven: No more terrorism.
    Insurgency Batman: You're the terrorist!

    Regime Raven: Do you know the trouble you've found?
    Insurgency Batman: I'm sure you'll tell me.

  • Solomon Grundy vs Solomon Grundy
    Regime Solomon Grundy: Like looking in mirror!
    Solomon Grundy: Grundy hate mirrors!

    Solomon Grundy: Grundy think you handsome!
    Regime Solomon Grundy: So does Grundy!

  • Batman vs Lobo
    Lobo: I'll kill you, Batstich!
    Batman: Dream on!

    Lobo: Let's go, Bat-guano!
    Batman: Your choice.

    Batman: Wrong move.
    Lobo: I never move wrong!

    Batman: You're making it easy.
    Lobo: I am quite the giver. / I've simplified the maiming process.

  • Superman vs Lobo
    Superman: Don't have to do this.
    Lobo: I want an "I killed Supes" T-shirt!

    Superman: You make me sick!
    Lobo: That's only 'cuz you know me! / Got the cure right here!

    Lobo: You got my colon all riled up!
    Superman: Thought I felt a draft.

    Lobo: Admit I'm the coolest!
    Superman: Time to thaw you out!

  • Batgirl vs The Joker
    Batgirl (voice dripping with fury and disgust): Gonna send you to Hell!
    Joker: Aah, it's overrated!

    Batgirl: Do your worst, Joker!
    Joker: It's what I'm best at.

    Joker: Shall we play, Batgirl?
    Batgirl: I play rough!

    Joker: Careful not to miss me!
    Batgirl: I won't, nobody will!

  • Batgirl vs Batman
    Batman: I told Jim I'd protect you!
    Batgirl: This is protection?

    Batman: I've had enough, Barbara!
    Batgirl: You're about to have more than enough!

    Batgirl: Admit I'm a great student!
    Batman: Lesson one's humility.

    Batgirl: Should I be taking notes?
    Batman: Probably.

  • Batgirl vs Catwoman
    Catwoman: Aren't you the cat's pajamas?
    Batgirl: Think you're wearing them.

    Batgirl: It's on now, kitty-cat.
    Catwoman: So it was off before?

    Batgirl: I thought you were on our side!
    Catwoman: I'm on my side.

  • Batgirl vs Nightwing
    Batgirl: You always this slow?
    Nightwing: Easy, Babs.

    Batgirl: Look alive, Richard!
    Nightwing: Alive and kicking, Ms. Gordon.

    Nightwing: I'm not even trying.
    Batgirl: Whatever, Nightstick. / You're still black and blue!

  • Superman vs. Scorpion
    Superman: I've been planning this!
    Scorpion: Plans fail.

    Scorpion: You will join me in Hell!
    Superman: I'm not going anywhere.

    Scorpion: I will win this Mortal Kombat!
    Superman: Not likely!

  • Batman vs. Scorpion
    Scorpion: You are no Sub-Zero!
    Batman: I'm Batman.

    Scorpion: You cannot harm me!
    Batman: Apparently, I can.

    Batman: I know your moves.
    Scorpion: As if that matters.

    Batman: I can stop you.
    Scorpion: You may try.

  • Superman vs. General Zod
    Superman: Back to the Phantom Zone!
    Zod: Never again!

    Zod: Why prolong your suffering?
    Superman: I enjoy spending time with you!

    Zod: You fail, son of Jor-El.
    Superman: Arrogant as always.

    Regime Superman: Earth is mine, Zod!
    Zod: Not for long!

  • Martian Manhunter vs. Superman
    Superman: I don't wanna do this, but…
    Martian Manhunter: Then don't.

    Martian Manhunter: Someone has to stop you.
    Regime Superman: Won't be you.

    Martian Manhunter: Lois would not approve.
    Regime Superman: Lois will be mine again!

    Regime Superman: You can't fight me.
    Martian Manhunter: Isn't that what I'm doing?

  • Martian Manhunter vs. Green Lantern
    Martian Manhunter: What happens next?
    Green Lantern: I suggest you surrender.

    Martian Manhunter: Your anger management's improved.
    Green Lantern: It's much better.

    Green Lantern: I'm not afraid of anything!
    Martian Manhunter: Then you're a fool.

    Green Lantern: You don't scare me!
    Martian Manhunter: I haven't tried yet.

  • Zatanna vs. Batman
    Batman: I can hurt you.
    Zatanna: You say the sweetest things. / A girl can crush on you.

    Batman: This exercise is over.
    Zatanna: Not 'til I say so!

    Zatanna: Break for smoothies?
    Batman: Don't count on it,

  • Zatanna vs. Flash
    Zatanna: Calm down, mister!
    Flash: But I'm all warmed up!

    Zatanna: Hope you know your blood type.
    Flash: Are you insane?

    Flash: Big mistake coming here!
    Zatanna: Oooh, big man! / Do you have a cold?

    Flash: I don't wanna fight you.
    Zatanna: Little late for that!