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Nightmare Fuel: Injustice: Gods Among Us
The Darker and Edgier nature of this game allows your favorite superheroes and supervillains to cut loose and show you just how powerful they really are.
  • The Supermoves look terrifyingly painful.
  • Stage transitions can be pretty nasty as well.
    • Metropolis: Museum to Street. Being smashed through a building is bad enough, but those are very loud clangs of your head bouncing off those pipes.
    • Fortress of Solitude:
      • Laboratory to Menagerie. Similar story to the above Metropolis transition, only it's ice crystals in place of pipes. Again, very loud.
      • The other way around. You get sent to the Phantom Zone, hit an asteroid, then hit a mirror, freeing the inmate trapped within, who then proceeds to maul you before more space debris knocks him off of you just before you return to the Fortress.
    • Batcave: Crime Lab to Lagoon. Bouncing off rocks? Ouch. Breaking part of those rocks? Ow. Leaving a massive dent in a steel girder? Iya! Oh, and you bounce off the sparking and damaged Batboat immediately afterwards.
    • Insurgency: Command Center to Luthor's Lab. Smashed into an empty cavern? That's not so bad. After a beat comes the Drill Tank, grinding you straight through to the lab. That's no "mere" drill, either; that's multiple quasi-blunt digging saws.
    • Watchtower:
      • Bridge to Reactor. You get launched through a row of starfighters, and as you take a freefall down to a cooling fan below, the starfighter closest to the edge tips over, takes out bridge after bridge on its way down, and slams into you nose-first, destroying the fan and driving you through a miniature sun that then spits you out onto the floor.
      • The other way around. You get launched into space, breaching the Watchtower's hull, hit an artificial satellite, and slam into a starfighter that then spins out of control as it, too, breaches the hull to thrust you back into the bridge.
    • Arkham Asylum/Joker's Asylum:
    • Gotham City: Rooftop to Alley. After you get launched into a brick wall, a wrecking ball smashes into you. Once you land on an elevated train track, you are unfortunate enough to see a monorail train drive into you and crash through a building.
    • Themyscira: Temple to Port. You slam into a statue, fall down a rather long staircase, bounce off a lit brazier, hit a number of trees while falling down a cliff, and finally, when you land in the pier, the head of the statue you hit crashes onto you before it lands in the sea in the background!
    • Hall of Justice:
      • Plaza to Great Hall. You slam into a robot that throws you into the middle in a fight between a giant-sized Atom-Smasher and Giganta. Giganta grabs you, beats Atom-Smasher with you, then throws you into the Hall.
      • The other way around. You get sent via Boom Tube to Darkseid's throne room on Apokalips, where Darkseid himself thrashes you for a moment, tosses you out, and blasts you with his Omega Beam.
    • Stryker's Island: Cell Block to Yard. Going through a wall and the watchtower is bad enough, but then you go into a helicopter with such force that it spirals out of control, hits a wall, and crash-lands, spitting you out onto the pavement as soon as it hits the ground.
  • The Joker's victory animation. Kick Them While They Are Down? How bad can that- wait, is that a first-person view of being doused with gasoline? And Joker lighting a match while saying "You're fired"? This Is Gonna Suck... and it does; not only does he Kill It with Fire, but the post-match idle animation is angled to let the flames lick up the bottom of the screen.
    • Hell, Joker's intro animation. He starts things off by killing a cop by snapping his neck! To make matters worse, the cop's face is full of various scars, a bloodied nose, and a black eye among other things. God only knows the extent of what Joker did to the guy before the match even started.
      • Even worse- the cop's already dead in the intro. Joker's using his face like a ventriloquist's dummy before throwing him away.
      • The scene where the Joker threatens to cut off Hawkgirl's wings. He's only stopped by Nightwing's intervention.
      • The scene with Harley is even worse with Joker giving possibly one of the most sadistic smiles in the story as he plans on leaving Harley with a "severance package".
    • Joker's ending in the classic mode, with everything imposed over a nice bit shot of his Nightmare Face doing his best Slasher Smile.
  • Hey, an easily breakable glass sphere in the Fortress of Solitude zoo! Go ahead, smash it into your opponent to cause additional damage! There's very little chance that the Starfish Alien you'll end up freeing in the process will cause any trouble in the future.
  • Black Adam's victory pose has him stomping on his fallen foe and eletrocuting them. Remember that this lightning can be powered up by magic.
  • In the opening cinematic, the recently arrested Joker taunts a furious Superman repeatedly and, as is shown in the prequel comic, ends up dead. However, how it's portrayed is quite chilling - when the Joker finally pushes Supes over the edge with a final taunt - "I know it's soon, but do you think you'll ever love again? Maybe you won't kill your next family..." - the Man of Steel's eyes flash red, and he draws his fist back, and the screen blacks out while the Joker laughs. A moment later, we hear some very nasty sounds and Joker's laughter morphs into a pained cry.
  • Maybe the biggest one is when Regime Superman murders Regime Shazam with his Heat Vision for speaking out against his plan to destroy Gotham and Metropolis. What really drives the point home is the fact that Superman, who's one other weakness besides from Kryptonite is magic, easily puts Shazam, basically the magical version of Superman, in his place by grabbing him by his throat tightly, using his cold breath to shut him up and very slowly fries his head with his heat vision, judging by where the burnt bits of Shazam's hood was, through the front and out the back of his eyes. Keep in mind, this is a Teen rated game too.
    • Not to mention the fact that he did it so casually, looked at him like trash, and then left. At this point, there was no doubt he'd stopped being a hero and became a monster worse than the Joker. At least with the Joker you knew he was a monster...but Superman doing it...
    • It gets worse than that, considering Regime Superman would be fully aware that Shazam is really a magically-powered kid. Regime Superman just burnt the brain out of a child.
    • Shazam's muffled screams make it all the more haunting. Remember: not only is he a kid, he's also Superman's fan and sees the Man of Steel as his idol. He could be screaming something like, "Why, Superman? I just saved your life and I'm basically quoting you."
  • Let's elaborate on exactly what Shazam speaking out against made Superman decide to put him down like a common thug. Superman's "protection" of the "ungrateful" populace: a full military assault on Gotham and Metropolis to keep everybody else in line. Legions of soldiers gunning down anyone who isn't them, Doomsday ravages entire city blocks, and Superman himself takes time to cut down a crowded bridge with his Heat Vision. All because people watching his televised execution of Lex Luthor dared to wonder aloud why he'd do that to a known public ally.
  • Regime Superman period, really. He represents everything covered under Beware the Superman, and does so with terrifying effectiveness. The Fridge Horror that he started out just the same as the mainline Superman doesn't help matters. The actual horror will remain even when he's defeated as mainline Superman admits that there's a chance he could turn out like his Regime self.
    • Now you know why the Joker laughed when he made Superman kill him.
  • When Green Lantern comes across Regime!Raven and Regime!Cyborg torturing their universe's Deathstroke, you can clearly see that Deathstroke's missing his eyepatch, giving the player a good view of his damaged and empty socket.
  • When Regime Superman is being overwhelmed by his Good Counterpart, he tries to use his Heat Vision as a last resort. Superman blocks it for a moment before countering with a blast from his own, overwhelming Regime Superman's beams before there can even be a Beam-O-War... right back into his eyes. It doesn't look like it resulted in lasting damage (unless it was responsible for the Sequel Hook, comic logic being what it is), but still... ow!
  • When the heroes attack Stryker Island to save their Batman from being executed in Alt!Batman's place, they find Bruce, who can barely stand under his own power and his face is beaten badly. Even with Regime!Superman's twisted logic that Batman was responsible for the destruction of Metropolis, this was an innocent Batman from another universe and Superman knew that. Did Evil!Superman have his way with him or is this the normal treatment of Stryker Island inmates? Either way... *shudder*
  • A minor detail but hugely unsettling: The Joker's White Gloves are bloodstained.
  • In the cutscene before fighting Sinestro as Green Lantern, he prepares to skewer the unconscious Green Arrow, while relishing in watching him die. If not for GL's Big Damn Heroes moment, two Green Arrows would have died in that universe.
  • When Regime Superman tells Superman about bringing his Lois back to Injustice world. The look of fear in Superman's eyes in realizing what his Evil Counterpart will do when he finds out Lois is probably not going to be grateful but scared and horrified of what he's done to this world. It probably crossed his mind that Regime Superman might possibly kill her if she doesn't like the place given his track record. The nightmare might not even stop there since Regime Superman now has the tech to go to other worlds, so he might just keep finding Lois until one agrees with what he's done. No wonder Superman had even more motivation to kick Regime Superman's ass. Reinforced in this clash dialogue:
    Superman: Stay away from my world!
    Regime Superman: You have something I want!
  • Scorpion as Downloadable Kontent.
    • His win pose consists of him impaling the opponent through the chest with one of his swords, removing his mask to show off his fiery-eyed skull, and finally breathing fire to open a Hell Gate and throwing the opponent into it (and landing on his/her back for good measure).
      Scorpion: To Hell with you!
    • If you look carefully, the losing character stops moving, even breathing, when he lands.
    • His intro is also pretty bad. He was about to perform a Fatality on Sub-Zero. If he wasn't dragged into the Injustice universe… yikes.
    • His very presence (and The Reveal of how he came over) opens up a ton of cross-universe questions. Are the various realms part of the Injustice cosmology? Does Trigon hold sway over the Netherworld? Could others from Mortal Kombat be summoned over? Do the other members of the DCU know about this, and if they did, how much danger would they be in... either from an attack by or alliance with Outworld?
  • In general, losing a match against Ares, Joker and Scorpion, whose win poses involve killing their unfortunate enemy.
  • In the prequel comic, Kalibak attacks Paris while Superman is holding a speech, opening a boom tube right above the crowd and sending in a legion of a parademons that disintegrates several innocent civilians immediately, and then personally blasting Superman in the chest. Superman survives (obviously), but the worst thing about it all is that while Superman had already become a Well-Intentioned Extremist, he was still pretty well-intentioned (especially since the good Lex Luthor of that Earth had begun advising him). After this, however, it's time for all to Beware the Superman...
  • At the end of Issue #35 of the comic, Superman breaks Batman's back in a homage to Knightfall. Ouch.
  • How Sinestro kills Kyle Rayner in Year 2 of the prequel comic by cutting off his ring finger, leaving him to suffocate in the vacuum of space while naked and alone, and then having four of his corpsmen pull his limbs off his body while just outside the reach of earth.
  • It is strangely unsettling when Catwoman assumes Superman is going to murder her in the sewers, especially considering how early into the story this was, and a glimpse of what he will become.
  • Ch'p's death, a splinter of yellow energy through the head.
  • The trailer had a scene where there is an omnious red glow...panning to reveal a very angry-looking Superman with Eye Beams while the suspenseful music slowly builds to the climax. It almost sounds like something straight out of a horror film's reveal.
  • The Sequel Hook ending is just chilling.
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