Heartwarming: Injustice: Gods Among Us

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    The Comic 
  • From the prequel comic, Batman's reaction to Superman telling him that he and Lois want Bruce as their child's godfather. The lead-up to it is pretty adorable, too. But it is so hard to read, knowing what will come next...
  • Harley Quinn telling Green Arrow that she understands the Joker was a horrible person, and that she knew he was wrong for her. But she says that no matter how much he hurt her, losing him would hurt more. Ollie says that that describes three of the last four women he's been with. Aww...
  • Captain Cold telling Flash that some heroes and innocents weren't the only ones effected by the destruction of Metropolis, complete with a panel of various villains in a bar having a drink for their own who were killed. They may not agree sometimes, but when they show respect, can't help but feel a bit warmed.
    • In the comics, Catwoman went to comfort both Batman and Alfred after Superman informed her of Dick's death.
    Selina: Just for today. Don't be Batman. Don't be the mask. It's okay. Let it go. Just for today. You can fall apart. (Narration box) I'll hold you together.
  • Superman finding Lex Luthor in Metropolis as the sole survivor and hugging him in Issue 20 after thinking he'd been dead.
  • In the issue 15, Year Two, Dinah gives birth to a child. Harley comes to see her. With presents.
    • Later, when Guy (who connects with Dinah during this), asks her, if she's safe. Dinah (still being with Harley) says yes.
  • The fact that Batwoman can at least be married in this continuity.
  • Though Canary hates Superman for what he's done, she didn't kill him, as she promised to Batman. Unfortunately, this backfires...
  • The end of Year Two. Despite the fact that the Regime has won, Dr. Fate saved Dinah, putting her and Connor into Alternate Universe, where Oliver is alive, and his Dinah died. A Bittersweet Ending, perhaps; as neither of them can stand against the High Councilor anymore...but at least Green Arrow, Black Canary, and their son have a happy ending in their own fashion.
  • John Constantine, who is usually Jerkass, does his best to protect his daughter, taking her in the Tower of Fate.
    • And in issue 3, his declaration of his respect for Batman, after the latter holds off the Spectre.
  • Harley Quinn does her best to save Detective Chimp, caring for him. It shows us what a good person she can be, if not for the Joker.
  • Superman trusting and thanking Shazam after the latter saves him in Year Three Issue #9. It shows just how close they were only two years before the main game. Which makes it more bittersweet when we know what's going to happen afterwards....
  • Dick Grayson has been ressurected as a new Deadman, when the dying one asks him to send his goodbye to Batman and help him to defeat Superman.
  • Year 3, # 13: Superman's dream. He saves Lois and his child, with Batman killing the Joker and surrenders to the police.
    • Next Issue: Superman visits the prison to thank Batman and even give him a hug now that his daughter's been born, showing that they made up in the dream version of event.
  • Year 3, #15, Batman addresses a speech to captured Regime members, trying to convince them to make a Heel-Face Turn. They seem to be sad.
  • Year 3, # 17: Though Superman, Wonder Woman are enemies of Klarion, they objected to Sinestro's attack on him from behind.
  • Year 3, #21: Dick Grayson, as the new Deadman, takes the opportunity to talk to Batman and tells him that for all of their troubled history, he'll always be grateful for everything that Bats did for him. He even encourages Batman to try and forgive Damian, holding no grudges against the current Robin for accidentally killing him.
  • Year 3, # 22: While Swamp Thing and Poison Ivy were fighting, the sight of forest's destruction made her stop and ask Swamp Thing to help her. Their bonding moment is awesome!
    • The Enemy Mine situation, when Superman's and Batman's team began cooperating to stop turning world into Hell.
  • Year 3, Annual: Even though Starfire and Nightwing broke up, she still loves him, and he seems to reciprocate.
  • Year 4, #2: Where does Harley go after she leaves the Insurgency? To Poison Ivy!
  • Year 4, # 4 Superman allows Batman, who has come as Bruce Wayne to take away Renee Montoya, who greatly suffered after having too many super pills. Though Wonder Woman tells him to capture Batman, he lets him go, if on a condition that Batman will stop hunting him. Which Batman breaks.
  • Harley referring to Green Arrow after his death as "Mistah G", showing she felt as much for him as Joker did.

    The Game 
  • Surprisingly there's one between the Joker and Harleen after they fight. She initially mistakes him for an imposter (since her actual Joker was killed years ago in her dimension), though she notices that he moves, acts, and speaks in the exact same manner as he does. Joker follows finding this out up with an extended hand and this exchange.
    Harleen: It's you. The way you move. The way you...
    Joker: ...Pummel?
    Harleen: Well... yeah.
    Joker: It's the love. You can feel the love, right?
    Harleen: I feel... like myself again... Joker's dead, but... You're...
    Joker: This isn't my Gotham, but I'm the Joker, my dear. (caresses her cheek) Am I your Joker? Harley?
    Harleen: (hugs him) Puddin'!
  • Though her reasoning is twisted, the idea that Catwoman would join the Regime so that she could protect Batman by misleading Superman's attempts to find him in the hope they could be together eventually is rather touching. Heck, though it doesn't work, she even states the reason she agreed to go after him and Green Arrow with Nightwing was so she could convince him to leave with her and start a new life together where Superman would never find them.
  • If there was any doubt Insurgency Lex Luthor is a good guy, then him saving Harley Quinn from the Joker and then comforting her after she realizes that she had fallen for him again should dispel all doubts.
  • In Green Arrow's Classic ending, he travels to the alternate Star City to find a memorial built in Alternate Green Arrow's Memory and that Red Arrow, a.k.a. Speedy, is carrying on the legacy, protecting the streets.
    • It's just a tiny bit sweet that Oliver carries around a picture of Black Canary, as revealed by the story mode.
  • Batman telling Damian Wayne that Dick Grayson was his son, and that, by killing him, Damian is no longer his son and dead to him Bruce and Dick were always close, but this scene emphasizes it even more.
    Batman: You stopped being my son when you killed Dick Grayson. He was my son.
  • A relatively short, low-key example, but Lex Luthor and Deathstroke bonding on a rooftop.
  • The scene where Alt!Superman goes to Alt!Lex to have him build a scanner to find the dimension hoppers. While we know that Superman has become incredibly corrupt and Lex is plotting against him with Batman, it's rather touching to see the tyrant who enslaved the world have a friendly conversation with his best friend. Hell, Luthor seems rather genuine with his offer to have dinner and seems rather disheartened after Superman leaves. Deep down, he may still see Superman as his friend.
    • In the same conversation, Superman smiles when he considers the possibility that the other universe may have a Lois Lane - evidence that even beneath his hardened, cynical outlook on life, Clark is still in there.
  • Aquaman's rejection of the Regime's treaty. Until moments later when Regime!Aquaman reveals himself, Aquaman had no idea as to whether he was in a parallel universe or an altered timeline; it was this very reason why he went to Atlantis (to find out which) and he'd been successfully maintaining an "in the know" ruse until that point. Ramifications be damned, neither time nor space would prevent Aquaman from standing up for Atlantis and helping them resist surface oppression.
  • After Regime!Superman kills Regime!Shazam, they tell Regime!Grundy to take the body outside. Regime!Grundy then says...
    Regime!Grundy: Grundy dig hole. Grundy bury.
    • What makes this brief moment a bit more heartrending is that even though Regime!Flash makes his dislike for Regime!Grundy clear when he fights him in his chapter, he still gives him a smile and nod while he's carrying Regime!Shazam away, as if assuring him he's doing the right thing.
  • An understated one, not long after there arrival in the Regime Universe a few of Alt!Superman and Alt!Sinestro's troopers make face-turn. In fact, Sinestro can be seen ordering the execution of several who attempted this before Alt!Flash saves them.
    • Look carefully, during the Atlantean invasion of Metropolis, several mooks can be seen turning on each other.
  • Wonder Woman's impassioned speech to her fellow (alternate) Amazons after she defeats Regime!Wonder Woman. Also counts as a CMoA for Diana.
    Wonder Woman: While I am not of this world, I am Amazon. And I tell you now: this path is folly! We are to unite the world's people! Lessen man's rages—overcome them—with compassion and love. She (Regime!Wonder Woman) has enabled one man to inflict his rage on an entire planet! Let him be consumed by his darkest passions, rather then extricate him from despair! Sisters, let us return to the right side of history. Let us enter battle. But as mankind's protector, not it's destroyer. We are Amazons. We are here to save mankind.
    • The best part? Despite how bad things have gotten, the main universe's Wonder Woman isn't advocating battle for battle's sake, like her Regime counterpart might. Instead, she stresses the importance of peace and cooperation once the conflict has ended.
  • Insurgency Batman had his doubts on whether bringing in the main universe's Superman was a good call, and only did so on the insistence of his mainstream counterpart. Then he witnesses Superman's planning for the final battle:
    • 1) He quickly determined that they needed to act fast, as innocent people were dying.
    • 2) He wanted to help his friends deal with the rest of the battle before going after his Regime counterpart—even if it meant wearing himself down, he didn't want to leave his friends in harm's way.
    • 3) He concluded that when it came to Regime Doomsday, he'd have to force the battle away from Metropolis in order to minimize collateral damage.
    • These decisions, while mostly in-character for the Man of Steel, haven't been witnessed by Insurgency Batman for a long time, given how his Superman had both a Face-Heel Turn and a Moral Event Horizon. With that in mind, seeing the old Superman back was probably both nostalgic and relieving for him. In the background, he's standing there and having a subtle struggle with his emotions; and before Superman takes off, he stops him to say this:
    Insurgency Batman: I realize this isn't entirely accurate. But it's good to have you back.
  • As Alt!Flash gets loaded into a prison van, he looks back to Green Arrow and gets a nod of approval, causing him to smile. Even if it's an alternate version of Ollie from another reality, one gets the impression that Regime Flash was very good friends with his world's Green Arrow.
  • A bittersweet example: when Cyborg pays his respects to the Insurgency Lex Luthor by visiting his grave/memorial in the ending. He places the central piece of Luthor's power armor against the tombstone before he leaves, visibly saddened by his death. Even after Cyborg's first interaction with him was the fight in the Insurgency's base, he's still among those that recognize how different this Luthor is from the normal universe's Luthor.
    • What makes this especially sad as well as heartwarming are the last words Cyborg has with Luthor.
    Cyborg: Lex Luthor risking his life to save Batman. I wanna believe it...
    • When Insurgency Batman decides to send all the main universe heroes back to their universe to save them from Regime Superman's wrath, Wonder Woman refuses to go through with idea as she doesn't want Insurgency Luthor's Heroic Sacrifice to be in vain. It just goes to show how much more heroic he is compared to his main universe counterpart.
  • At the end of the Story Mode, when Insurgency!Batman gives Superman the obligatory "If you go insane like your counterpart did, I will hunt you down" speech, Superman (totally unoffended) tells the Caped Crusader that he'll have to get in line. Clark may worry about getting pushed to the breaking point, but he's entirely confident that his friends won't follow him into the abyss like the Regime counterparts did for their Superman.
  • Three words: "We are Batman" (Arcade ending). Significant because it represents the Hurting Hero earning the hell out of that happy ending. Or, if you prefer, a positive dose of Laser-Guided Karma for learning to trust people.
  • One of Scorpion's Clash quotes is "For my family and clan!". A bit of a reminder of the small part of humanity that the spectre still has.
  • Solomon Grundy's S.T.A.R. Labs storyline. Unlike the other normally villainous characters who have predictably villainous goals in their S.T.A.R. Labs storylines, Grundy wants to rescue his friend Birdnose (Hawkgirl).
  • Bittersweet Ending, but the fact that Regime!Catwoman became a crimefighter, despite breaking with Batman after the game, gives us hope that maybe, they can still be together. It's even lampshaded in her ending.
  • Batman trying to reason with Insurgency!Batman that he can't give lose faith, and that he needs to summon over the good Superman to help.
    Batman: You brought us here because you had faith. Faith we'd uphold the values you've given everything to defend. So trust us. Trust yourself. And let's end this.