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YMMV: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn
  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Being a tradition of Golden Sun this is no surprise to fans.
    • Volechek - Easily Forgiven despot or ruler pushed to the edge by unrestrained Fantastic Racism? You be the judge.
    • Not quite as drastic, but there are some who think Amiti is a lot sharper than he lets on.
  • Angst? What Angst?: Amiti gets over learning he wasn't born thanks to his mother being an incredibly powerful Adept giving herself an immaculate conception (she had no powers whatsover, his father was the Adept) very fast.
    • When you were a kid or a teenager, did you ever want to run away from home after something unpleasant happened? Now think about Amiti's sudden urge to go adventuring after learning the truth about his conception...
  • Anticlimax Boss: The Dual Boss of the Belinsk Ruins. For all they're built up in the story, Blados and Chalis aren't nearly as hard as Saturos and Menardi, or Agatio and Karst.
    • As far as a Bonus Boss goes, the Ogre Titans are pathetic. They are weak to Mars, the element of the Sol Blade needed to unlock the place, start the battle slowly to give you ample buff time and only use physical attacks (easily reduced to minimal damage with a defense buff). Thanks to the game's system of resetting a buff's expiration based on the last cast (even if the cast did nothing because you already hit the increase cap), the battle is largely one sided (though long, as they have a massive HP pool between the 5 of them).
  • Awesome Music: Apollo Ascension. Why this played on your way to the final dungeon instead of in it is beyond me.
  • Best Level Ever: Can anyone deny that the Belinsk Ruins and Apollo Sanctum are pretty amazing? Especially the astronomy-themed portion of the Belinsk Ruins where you align the planet spheres and slapping the Sun.
  • Broken Base:
    • Whether Sveta getting too much spotlight in this short game and by extension the spoilerrrific Soul Shipping at the expense of others' Character Development is good or bad. Most fans seem to go with the former, but a significant portion of the latter exists after too much hype.
    • Everything about Arcanus/Alex is this. Expect strong divisions for discussing about this character.
    • Just any mention about this game's difficulty in Golden Sun forums will generate a lot of heat within the fans. Even when there are some parts that are legitimately difficult (especially in the beginning and at the very end) and the unexpected points of no return makes many players miss a lot of Djinn, summon tablets and equipments, further adding the stress.
    • Is Himi a total waste of space or a harsh victim of spotlight-stealing by one of her team mates?
    • The 3D graphics for the summon sequences are either good for its time or Special Effects Failure for those who thought that the 2D summons in the GBA games are better in comparison.
    • Even the location names get this reaction. Some fans call out the names being lazy and unimaginative while others appreciate the thought that the name choices are obscure enough but still known in some circles.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome: Dark Dawn really went its way to promote Sveta as highlight of the gameplay to the point of making many many enemies and bosses weak to Jupiter, giving her a physical attack that targets multiple enemies and non-EPA offensive Psynergy are still rendered obsolete, so that players will use her.
  • Complete Monster: Blados and Chalis are two agents of the mysterious country Tuaparang. These two have no problem with kidnapping children, activating a tower that would essentially switch off the sun and unleash hordes of monsters on the innocent populace of their world, and to top it off near the end, intending to use the king of Morgal - already a victim of their manipulations - in order to fire a powerful attack on their own Tuaparang allies using another weapon, knowing the weapon would kill him as a result. Blados is implied to do this just because he can, but Chalis herself is quite a ruthless, cold-hearted backstabber who may have been planning to betray her own partner, as well.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: It is the perfect time to test out your kids' knowledge of Psynergy when your best friend's son is in danger of dying. Sure, let's drag the kids along through the deadly forest, and keep making them do all the work despite how dangerous this could get! Also who cares if you didn't actually have anything to do with breaking the glider, get out of the house and don't come back until you can fix it. Adventures build character! Lampshaded thoroughly by Garet, Karis, and Matthew himself, none of whom think Isaac has hit the second line yet... Of course, depending on your decisions, Matthew has no qualms with it whatsoever.
  • Demonic Spiders: After the Grave Eclipse is activated, players can start encountering shadow monsters whenever they venture into the shadow of the eclipse. If you haven't been leveling properly, these things can knock you senseless within a few turns. They also have a much higher Random Encounter rate compared to non shadow enemies of the same strength until you start leveling up past the 40s, and like to hit you with annoying status effects. Some even have One-Hit Kill moves. I repeat, mooks with One-Hit Kill moves. On the other hand, if you're high enough level to deal with them, they're quite good for Level Grinding, as they give the second highest experience for randomly encountered monsters (the highest experience monsters don't appear until right before the final boss).
  • Dork Age: While Golden Sun: Dark Dawn is a decent game and their shipping fanbase is still strong, the plot railroading, many points of no return (leading to many things got Lost Forever if the player is not careful) and the controversial difficulty gimped its reception somewhat.
  • Draco in Leather Pants: Averted in the case of Blados and Chalis, thanks to a kill count easily in the thousands, including at least one well-beloved character, via the Eclipse, played straight for Arcanus.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Karis, Sveta and Eoleo.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Chalis.
  • Fandom Berserk Button: Never, ever mention anything about Dark Dawn 's difficulty at all in front of the fans, no matter what your stance is.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Just like the first two games, the Ship Tease at the end of the game is loved by the majority of the fanbase, this time involving Matthew and Sveta on the peak of the Apollo Sanctum. While Matthew is generally disliked for many things, his role as Sveta's pair is surprisingly well-received.
  • Game Breaker:
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: The redesigned summons for this game get more fanarts in DeviantART (who are mostly western fans) than the ones in the GBA games, which in turn got more fanarts in Pixiv (mostly Japanese fans). Explanation 
  • Good Bad Bugs: Warning: This becomes a Game-Breaking Bug if saved over your main file, unless you can use it to get back to Tonfon, because the trip from the Endless Wall is one-way. Use a spare file. Anyway, there's a bug accessible very late in the game (look up "Endless Wall glitch" on YouTube; it's better to see how it's done because it's hard to describe) that involves saving the game at the part of the Endless Wall where it forks between the entrance to Apollo Sanctum and and a dead end that basically functions as a one-way walk-through-walls code without an Action Replay or similar device needed. The beginning parts of the game and Morgal can be accessed with it as well as... Bilibin? Well, only the Bilibin side of the Border Town can be accessed (and bizarrely enough, going into it from the Bilibin side results in Matthew entering that side instead of defaulting to the Morgal side accessible during normal gameplay; could Camelot have Dummied Out a Bilibin plotline involving Border Town?); nothing else in Bilibin is in the game, and the Bilibin side of Border Town is devoid of NPCs. Still, it's nice to be able to say, "Screw you, Point of No Return!" for once.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: Many characters in the first game think Isaac's party are a bunch of muscle bound bearded warriors. Now they (or at least Isaac and Garet) are.
  • Iron Woobie: Lost your parents in the war? Surrounded by paranoid warmongers on all sides? Brother got manipulated into destroying the country? If you're Sveta, your response to this is about ten minutes of angsting, then rallying a bunch of teenagers, a surly murderous criminal, and Kraden to save the day. Then comes the ending...
  • It's Easy, so It Sucks: Many of the reviews made mention of the game's relatively low difficulty level, and the absence of a Hard Mode like TLA had didn't help.
    • To put this into perspective, the Grave Eclipse and its sudden swarm of shadow monsters are a noticeable Difficulty Spike from what you encounter prior — but all that really means is they've stopped scratching you for negligible damage and bothered stepping up to what the first two games considered par for the course throughout. Unfortunately, realizing this can kill the moment's tension somewhat. This doesn't apply to the bonus dungeon, however.
  • It's the Same, Now It Sucks:
    • Nothing has changed in the battle system, mages still suffer in the attacking department while warriors get all the good stuff and Jupiter is still on the top of the elemental tier no matter what the game tried to convince you-which leads to a severe case of Tier-Induced Scrappy below.
    • Regarding Matthew, he is a Suspiciously Similar Substitute of his father, and since the main protagonists in Golden Sun are always neglected in terms of characterizationnote  most fans resent or even hate him for this.
  • Memetic Badass: Isaac's beard.
    • Kraden's badass status has apparently leaked into canon, according to some characters. Rief and Karis remark that if Kraden has to get somewhere, he will make it there, no matter what is in his way. Considering the Random Encounters and puzzles/traps in the game franchise...
      • Almost, nothing, he travels through the apparent war zone between Bilibin and Morgal to join you.
    • Dullahan, who is even harder in Dark Dawn than in The Lost Age.
  • Moe: Sveta. Amiti as well.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Blados and Chalis soared right over it when they orchestrate the activation of Eclipse Tower, starting a Grave Eclipse that would lead to thousands of innocent people's deaths. And even in the fickle fandom of Golden Sun, it doesn't look like there's anybody ready to forgive them for it anytime soon (being Obviously Evil probably helps, though).
  • Nightmare Fuel: In the third quarter of the game, after you trigger the Grave Eclipse, you start seeing dead bodies in plain sight. This is especially jarring when you visit Kaocho and Champa, where the bodies are decaying, especially in the former where you visited it in the past even talked to several of the now-dead people. To make matters worse, Spirit Sense can be used to read the minds of these corpses, so you can see what their last thoughts were before they died.
    • And the music in a certain way doesn't help either. In the affected parts by the Grave Eclipse in the overworld, the music is very somber, as if a monster would attack to you in any moment (the only part that has a different music is when you walk across the Endless Wall), the battle music indicates that you're fighting with evil monsters that appears from the nothing (but it's an awesome track, by the way), and even worse, the music used in Kaocho is really dark and depressing (the karma by their actions really affected them), and all that complemented by the things previously mentioned. The only possible exception is the music used in the affected cities (other than Kaocho), which evokes a sad feeling instead. Motoi Sakuraba really showed his musical abilities there.
    • While not nearly as bad as the Eclipse-related horrors, this one deserves a mention: you know the Djinn? Those cute little things that help you out in battle and otherwise seem to be silly, adorable cuckoolanders (although that might just be Flint and Pewter)? Some of them are, quite honestly, terrifying. Like Chasm, for instance, a Venus Djinni with a miniature black hole in the middle of its horribly gaping, misshapen mouth that takes up almost the entire front of its body. Which it sucks enemies into. Another one is Fury, who looks fairly normal and cute... until you read its description and realize that it attacks enemies by summoning up the souls of those who died in anger.
  • Nightmare Retardant: The dead bodies you can read the spirits of lampshade everything and seem more or less okay.
  • One Steve Limit: Part of the reason why Karis and Chalis are shipped together in fanfiction is because their names sound too similar to each other (only applies in the English versions though).
  • One True Threesome: Karis, Matthew and Sveta.
  • The Scrappy: Some players have rather a lot of ire for Ryu Kou. In case you have to ask why, he's a constant jerkass to the player party while you're working in Te Rya, grabs up the Magma Orb from inside the Mountain Roc (even though this is what you-know-who wants) without even trying to concoct a countermeasure, and uses it to restart Eclipse Tower without an ounce of hesitation (he probably would have done it unrestrained even without Alex's intervention). The only time he changes his behavior is when he gets Hou Ju out of prison, but it doesn't really kick in until Hou Zan saves both of their lives at the Icicle Outpost at the cost of his own. He may be a stealth Take That at the old Friend or Idol Decision and Always Save the Girl, but damn if he doesn't rub people the wrong way for not even attempting a Plan C.
  • Scrappy Mechanic: God DAMMIT, Djinn are STILL hiding on the overworld.
    • And let's not get into the whole problem people are having with the points of no return, which permanently block off a fair number of Djinn and summons if you didn't get them already.
  • Shipping: Golden Sun fandom's always been notorious for shipping and Ship-to-Ship Combat, and just got a bunch of new characters to play with. So, yeah.
  • So Okay, It's Average: The general reaction to the game. It plays to a large extent like if Golden Sun 1 and 2 were welded together, while not really managing to capture the charm of either of them.
  • Squick: When your party defeats the Mountain Roc, you enter its corpse to retrieve the magma orb and exit out the back end...ew.
  • Stop Helping Me!: Isaac, when he joins your party for a while in Tanglewood, will very frequently tell you use Djinn and summons to get an advantage over your enemies. While this can be helpful for players new to the Golden Sun series, veteran players or people who are playing through the game again will find Isaac's constant nagging on what to do in battle annoying since almost every enemy at that point can be killed in a few hits with weapons or Psynergy.
    • Garet's AI is known to get rather trigger-happy with the summons if you have any Djinn on standby. Even against minor enemies.
    • The game also has quite a few points where the characters have whole conversations about what to do next, when the answer should be patently obvious.
    • There are instances where Amiti is scripted to use Insight to point out a puzzle you've already solved. Most annoying is the one to unlock the secret entrance to the Ouroboros, which is the same "empty the basin" puzzle you solved in every other room in Barai Temple, when Amiti was accompanying you as an NPC (so he's seen you solve that one already!).
  • Strawman Has a Point: Amiti's thoughts on piracy are pretty understandable even before you consider how close Ayuthay is to Champa.
  • Tastes Like Diabetes: The summon Flora's new design and attack sequence must be seen to be believed. Some players even hate her for this, wanting her old design back.
  • Tear Jerker
    • Briggs, sails his ship to Belinsk to pick up Eoleo and your party after you rescue Eoleo. However, the Grave Eclipse occurs, and monsters attack him, killing him. Eoleo then buries him at sea and vows vengeance on the ones who caused the situation to occur. (On the plus side, he isn't alone when he does finally get back at them since he gained some allies after this happened. It helps that one of them, Matthew, happens to be the nephew of Briggs's old enemy, Felix, from his first appearance in The Lost Age.)
    • And even before that, there's Crystallux, the chandelier dragon of the opera house who loves music. The girl who brings him food every night tries to protect him from the monsters, who then kill her. Her last words are to protect him and let him help your party to save the world.
    • The very end of the game. Volechek, who has been corrupted by the Dark Psynergy and will likely die once the Apollo Lens activates, stops his sister from sacrificing herself in activating the Apollo Lens, taking her place instead. His last words are a goodbye to his sister.
  • That One Attack: Djinn Burp from Dim Dragon Plus comes way too early to be a threat, but it's the first in a line of Djinn screws. The Chaos Chimera can use Djinn Blast, and it's lost no power since its last incarnation, while the Star Magician's Ghoul Balls can deny recovery by eating your Djinn, by the way, they're gluttons, too. And let's not forget that Dullahan can use Djinn Storm, the souped version of Djinn Blast.
    • The Ancient Devil has a power called Demon Sign that forces one of your party members to fight alongside him—and the only way to snap them out of it is to KO them (in fact, beating the Devil will cause anyone under Demon Sign's influence to be downed). Making matters worse is the fact that they can use any items they have in their inventory (e.g. Bramble Seeds), and they can use your own standby Djinn to fuel their own summons. Worst of all, it's apparently programmed to pick the most useful character to hit with Demon Sign.
      • Dullahan now has the Crucible technique used by Valukar in The Lost Age. Crucible is the power to use your Djinn to launch your summons into your face. Dullahan also gets the Charon summon for free, and his attack pattern means that he usually follows that with Djinn Storm, which is its own That One Attack.
  • That One Level: The Craggy Peak Ruins, a zodiac-inspired dungeon. Half an hour of kindergarten puzzles (save for the infamous Capricorn tiles), no boss fights, and no dialogue or story development altogether.
    • The Capricorn tiles are not even that hard if you use the Insight Glass which reveals the route.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy:
    • The high-tier end has Sveta, who is a tremendously powerful Lightning Bruiser and is the highest in the elemental tier. She has access to Sol Blade-tier weapons way earlier than Matthew and her generally high luck stat ensures constant spam of weapon unleashes, even without the unleash rate-boosting items.
    • On the low-tier end, Rief is too overspecialized into his mother's healing role, while Karis can also heal and assigned to other support tasks and Amiti has better physical options. In a game where weapon unleashes reign supreme Rief has it the worst since his high-tier options (Atropos' Rod and Lachesis' Rule) are extremely rare drops and post-game content respectively. To make matters worse the RNG method in the GBA games cannot be applied in Dark Dawn, making rare drops almost impossible.
    • Himi has the worst attack stat in her base class, associated with the weakest element in-game and too much of a latecomer to be used easily. Though she doesn't had it so bad since she has access to Ninja, War Adept and Swordsman class series which gives her a high attack boost. It also helps that Himi has access to powerful light blades before the post-game.
    • It should be noted that these can be somewhat mitigated by taking some time to play with the Class and Level System, but the alternate class options for Himi and Rief mostly sucked (Himi has it better but Matthew and Sveta are generally more useful). Low-tiers also tend to get saddled with all the unwanted Djinn, making them even more scrappy when you do have to call on them to save everybody's behind.
  • The Unfavorite:
    • While this is a problem that already started in the second game, one has to wonder if Camelot has something against the Venus(Earth) element in general due to their adepts getting the shaft in characterizationnote , lacking a clan backstorynote , being the weakest in the elemental tiernote  and getting their lighthouse the wrong color in the GBA games.
    • Mages always get the shortest end of the stick in this series combat-wise, since their main offense method (attack Psynergy) only deal scratch damage since all enemies and bosses have tons of HP and elemental resistances while warriors get the best equipments, best weapon unleashes(the most practical offense method in Golden Sun, but only if the RNG likes you) and get Psynergies that are influenced by their naturally high attack stat. This is even worse for Himi(notice a pattern here?), since her primary element is resisted by many enemies and bosses that using her is a huge liability for the entire team.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Amiti was subjected to this, and his rather androgynous appearance coupled with Spell My Name with an "S" certainly didn't help. Many gamers, and the official European site, made the mistake. Finally solved when a trailer gave him a shirtless scene).
    • Rief/Crown as well, which wasn't at all helped by his initial unveiling not using any gender specific language and the masculine English name. He was seemingly confirmed to be female with this trailer due to female Voice Grunting, but on further examination, an extremely similar pitch was used for male children in the first two games. Rief has since been confirmed to be a guy, although a girly one. Becomes a weird sort of Fridge Brilliance and Hilarious in Hindsight when it's revealed that Rief and Amiti are second-cousins.
  • Visual Effects of Awesome: Much like the GBA games, Dark Dawn goes all out with battle effects, particularly the summons, which are even more flashy and over-the-top than ever.
  • Woolseyism: The European version makes a few pragmatic changes from the US one, from minor things like changing "mom" to "mum", but it's most noticeable during the finale. The American release mentions that "Arcanus" sounds like the most important card in the tarot deck, but no such card exists. The line makes more sense in Japanese where Ace really is one of the most important cards in the deck. The European version changes the dialogue completely to imply that Alex chose the name "Arcanus" because it refers to the entire deck. Karis theorises that he'd chosen the name because "(he's) holding all the cards". They took out the Symbol Swearing though. WHYYYYYYYYY??!
    • Wording is important here. Kraden doesn't say that "Arcanus" sonds like the most important card in the deck, he says it sounds like the most important cards. Multiple. Specifically, he means that "Arcanus" sounds like "Arcana". Tarot has two sets of cards. The Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. The Major Arcana are the strongest cards in the deck, but even the Minor Arcana would be egotistical, since it implies control over Swords and Cups (Blados and Chalis), as well as Wands and Pentacles.
    • The player character Crown was probably renamed Rief in English-language versions to avoid confusion with the change of the villains' Theme Naming from playing cards to the Tarot (the suit of Pentacles is sometimes called Crowns). His sister Noble was probably changed to Nowell for the sake of consistency (and possibly Foreshadowing for her specialties; her name refers to a winter holiday, and Kraden indicates in a cutscene that she can use Frost/Cold Snap/equivalent).

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