Funny / Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

  • During the conversation about Kraden and Piers communicating by carrier pigeon, Tyrell mentions that he would have no idea where to begin searching for the latter if he had to deliver the message. Kraden's response is classic Deadpan Snarker:
    Kraden: Well, it looks like my pigeon has one up on you then, Tyrell. If I can teach it to throw fireballs, maybe you'll be out of a job.
  • Speaking of snarking to Tyrell, Rief's aside about Sveta shows that he's learned it well:
    Yes, Tyrell, this is the part where she just volunteers she's an enemy spy.
  • Sometimes the player is offered a choice of four emotional reactions, which mostly affect the next line or two of dialogue. One such instance, early in the game, involves Tyrell freaking out. If the player selects the "angry" response, Karis responds that "Yelling isn't helping. We have to calm him down!" - and then turns to Tyrell and shouts at him to snap out of it.
  • The Dream Tree quest. Upon accepting the NPC's request, we're treated to a sort of camera cut of the group laying on the ground, about to get put to sleep by hallucinogenic weed to save a tree.
  • Tret has a moment. Can't think of the exact wording, but it boils down to this:
    Tret: "What? You assume that every ancient castle must have a secret entrance crawling with monsters and traps?
    Amiti: "Well... yes."
    Tret: "Well, you're right... THIS time."
  • Any time Kraden's age comes up.
    "It's not polite to stare at the elderly, you know."
  • Matthew swearing. That is all.
  • Matthew responding 'angry' to how he feels about Ryu Kou's betrayal.
    Karis: "Wow...graphic!"
  • In the amusement park, having the final bosses replaced by carboard cutouts and a dragon made of wood with visible parts is hilarious.
  • When you meet Ikan the storyteller after helping his son & grandson, he tells you a prophecy about warriors with weapons that aren't weapons, who have to go start the Watchtower to counter the Eclipse Tower, and the Jenei's lust for power. This is also a CMOF in-game, as Kraden & Ikan immediately start laughing. Kraden then asks what more he can tell them.
    "Nothing. I'm the village storyteller for an island you've probably never heard of before. What else do you want from me?"
  • When Kraden reveals that the masked man is really Alex, the first four kids react with "shock ( ! ). The other four are notably confused, having no idea what's going on (responding with "?" ).
    • After that, Sveta is ambushed by a monster, and is told to use Psyenergy on it. She uses slap...causing the monster to cry.
      Eoleo: "I think you made it madder!"
      Himi: "No, just...very, very sad."
  • In Kolima forest, upon meeting Tret, Amiti realize that she's one of the "wise trees" (translated from my version) and immediatly get on his knees and bow to her. The rest of the party is confused, Amiti tells them they're in front of a divinity and must bow to her and Tret and Pewter tries (and fail at first) to convince him she's not a deity.
  • Briggs gives Matthew and co. some Hermes' Water, recalling secondhand that Isaac used it to save a tree or a forest or something... But hey, it's pretty valuable anyway. Amiti (who wouldn't even be talking to a pirate if he could help it, being from a coastal kingdom), has this to say:
    So you were given a treasure but cannot remember its value, so you "thank" us with it. Delightful.
  • When Arcanus appears in the final dungeon, literally everyone responds with shock and anger upon seeing him... except for Himi, who just says "Who?"