YMMV: Bates Motel

  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Pretty much the point of the show. In the movie, we only saw Norman's interpretation of his mother, and it strongly implied that her control of him caused his mental problems. The show implies it's the other way around: Norma was controlling because Norman was ALWAYS unstable.
  • Complete Monster:
    • Season 1’s Big Bad, Jake Abernathy, AKA Joe Fioretti, the boss of a Sex Slave trade, operates his business out of several towns and supplies some of his subordinates with girls as a special compensation. When he learns that the operation in White Falls is compromised, Abernathy begins to stalk Norma Bates and threaten her to get the money he believes she has. When he is confronted by Sheriff Romero, Abernathy attempts to establish a new partnership with him to continue the slavery business and keep it going in White Falls.
    • Zach Shelby seems at first like a charming, likable guy who wants to help Norma Bates and her family out. It is soon revealed Shelby is a deadly, violent man who participates (along with Keith Summers, who is killed early on) in the sex slave operation under the direction of Jake Abernathy and just helped out the family so he could sleep with Norma. Shelby keeps an Asian sex slave named Jiao locked in terrible conditions in his basement where he regularly rapes her, and when he discovers the Bates family have helped her escaped, he attempts to murder them all. When he sees Jiao again, he tries to murder her as well, presumably succeeding, before he forces Norma, Norman and Dylan Bates into the motel so that he can kill them.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Dylan
  • Narm: Norma's whole "You went and got laid" speech to her own son. The show treated it as a serious part, but the acting was so terribly cliché, it just came off as hilarious!
  • The Woobie: Poor Norman...
    • Dylan repeatedly puts his neck on the line for everyone, as well as being a sane, stabilizing force. He gets absolutely no love.
    • Jerk Ass Woobie: Norma can be unreasonable, but she's gone through absolute hell.