Heartwarming: Bates Motel

  • There's something oddly sweet about Emma and Norman's first meeting.
    Emma: Don't cut it short, just 'cause it's embarrassing.
    • Emma giving Norman his first kiss.
  • Dylan normally selfish when it comes to money and work, is trying to convince Norman that Norma is out of her mind. Just goes to show that he cares about his brother.
  • Another Dylan moment: teaching Norma how to use a gun and accidentally calling her mom. What makes it heartwarming is that Norma is really touched by it.
  • In a way, Norman's driving lesson with Norma in the season 2 premiere. Even though there was usual arguing.
  • Dylan's reaction when Norma reveals that she bought three tickets to Montreal and wants him to join herself and Norman when they flee there, then tearfully apologises for her mistakes in his upbringing and tells him that she wouldn't give him up for anything. Even though his expression barely changes, you can see the depth of his surprise and emotion. Then he hugs her.
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