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Trivia: Bates Motel
  • Dawson Casting: 17-year-old Norman is played by the 21-year-old Freddie Highmore, and 21/22-year-old Dylan is played by 25-year-old Max Thieriot.
  • Dueling Shows: Hannibal.
  • Fake American:
    • Norman is played by British actor Freddie Highmore.
    • Olivia Cooke is British, and although she plays Emma with an American accent, the character's backstory states that she's originally from the UK.
  • Hey, It's That Guy!:
    • One of Norman's new classmates is Maya Skouris.
    • Who woulda thought Charlie would snap after inheriting the chocolate factory!
    • Maybe the Blue Fairy can help Norman.
    • Apparently Anson/Wynn Duffy got out of espionage/loan sharking and into human trafficking.
    • Good to see Quirrell got rid of Voldemort and is sticking to taxidermy.
    • Dan Dority sure got sleazy as the owner of the Seafairer.
  • Name's the Same: No, this isn't the show about a man inheriting the Bates motel from Norman.
  • Real Life Writes the Plot: Nicola Peltz securing a starring role in the new Transformers movie resulted in Bradley being Put on a Bus.

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