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The identity of Remo and Gil's 'big boss' is...
  • Sheriff Romero
    • He's in a position of power, he's corrupt, and he clearly knows more than he lets on.
      • Jossed in season 2. There are two drug organizations in White Pine Bay, and Romero is not the leader of either of them.
  • Jake Abernathy
    • He claims to be on the 'top rung'
    • Jossed
Norman's hallucinations
The town of Fairvale does exist in the show's continuity.
  • In Psycho the town of Fairvale is said to be located 15 miles from the Bates Motel. However, in the show the motel is right at the edge of town, with a school bus stopping practically in front of it. This may be due to the fact that the show requires the motel and the Bates family to be closer to the town and be involved in its going-ons, while in the movie the Bates Motel is remote enough that an average Fairvale resident like Sam Loomis isn't familiar with Norman Bates, his establishment or his family history. By making it so that the Bates Motel is in White Pine Bay, they avoid continuity problems with the movie, as Fairvale would remain the hypothetical next town over, 15 miles away, where everyone is unaware of the shenanigans that took place during the show.
The town will eventually become Fairvale.
When Norma mentions the new highway being built would ruin them. The town will eventually die out and all that would be left is The Bates home and Motel.
At some point, Norma will die, and the viewer won't be told
Norman will kill Norma and start assuming her identity, as per Psycho. The viewer will just see things go on as normal, which is what Norman believes is happening, then it'll be revealed as a twist that this happened ages ago. Watch out for a point when Norma stops interacting with people other than Norman, or only does so from a distance.
  • That would be so awesome! Norman is already starting to act like Norma.

Cody is keeping her father's corpse.
She says that only her father lives with her, but we have not yet seen him (as far as we know). Maybe their relationship is supposed to mirror that of Norman and Norma in Psycho.
  • Which would make Norman hearing them argue a mirror of Marion Crane hearing Norman argue with "his mother" in Psycho. Possibly Jossed, unless Cody has become an Unreliable Narrator for her own scenes.
    • Certainly Jossed. However Norman killed him in Season 2's 6th episode.
Caleb is Cody's father.
That is why the viewers have not yet been shown who her father is.
  • Jossed.

A spinoff will focus more on the drug-dealing in the town.
It will be called Breaking Bates.

Dylan will become the "Norman Bates" of Psycho
After the revelation about his parentage, he'll become increasingly unstable. Now that he knows why he's never been a proper member of his family, he'll get increasingly jealous and start identifying with - and impersonating - both of them.

Norman had sex with Ms. Watson after he killed her.
He is a necrophile.
  • Jossed. He killed her right after having sex with her.

Psycho 2 is in-continuity.
  • Unlikely to ever be definitely confirmed in series, but it probably doesn't cause any more continuity problems than moving the setting to the 21st Century. Just interests me to know that Norma's his biological aunt, not mother.
    • Season two has a possible Continuity Nod to this idea. Norma tries to get more information on Norman's blackout by telling the doctor that her sister is experiencing them. Obviously, we're supposed to assume she's making it up as a cover story, but it's possible that she might have been telling the truth about her having a sister who experienced the same symptoms as Norman...because she's Norman's mother.
    • Well, she is Dylan's biological aunt...

Dylan's fate will be similar to that of Henry Gein.
Norman Bates is partially based on Ed Gein. Ed had an older brother named Henry Gein. Henry was critical of Ed's affection for their mother. Sound familiar? In real life, the two brothers burned vegetation, and then the fire got out of control. Ed reported Henry missing, and he was later found dead presumably of heart failure. Some people believe that Ed might have killed Henry. Regardless of whether or not Norman kills Dylan, fate may be tied with a fire resulting from the burning of marijuana plants since they are tied to his job.

Norman will eventually kill Dylan.
Look at the WMG above.

Alex Romero is Doomed by Canon.
And by that I mean that he will become Norma's lover. You know, the one whom Norman poisons along with his mother?

If the events of Psycho ever end up on the show, it will be a season long.
It would probably be the last season of the show.

Emma will die while having sex with Norman.
Whether that means from her condition or from Norman killing her directly since his mother disapproves.

After Emma dies, Norman will keep her corpse.
Similar to how he keeps Norma's corpse in Psycho.

The password for Annika's flash-drive is...

The contents of Annika's flash-drive
  • Information pertaining to a large sum of money.
  • Porn.
    • Jossed. The contents are revealed to be related to the drug trade.

Norma will have sex with the psychology teacher.
A relationship seems to be developing between them.
  • Confirmed.

Norman did not give up turning Norma against Dylan.
After Dylan tells Norma about Caleb, Norman says, "You have to understand. It's his father." He was trying to get Norma to believe that Dylan was siding with his father and could therefore not be her favorite son.

Norman will imagine that Norma came back.
Dylan will be looking after Norman, who will be hallucinating that Norma is back, possibly while wearing her dress.

Dylan will walk in on Norman wearing Norma's dress.
It would spark more drama.
  • Confirmed.

Emma will walk in on Norman wearing Norma's dress.
That would be very awkward.

Norman will answer Norma's phone and emulate her voice.
He is starting to believe that he is his mother.