Awesome: Bates Motel

  • Norman gets one in the first episode when he hits the man raping his mother over the head knocking him out.
    • He gets another one managing to get the car door open in an attempt to save a badly burnt man who just so happened to be Bradley's father.
  • Emma gets awesome moments too, she manages to translate the book Norman found in episode 1. She also managed to help find the locations the book documented as well as help Norman outrun Pot Farmers. To top it off she stole Norman's first kiss.
  • Dylan gets one with his fight with Norman. Sure on the outside it was Dylan's fault in the first place since he referred to their mother as a Whore. But to fans of the old movies, he is the first person to successfully fend off an angry Norman Bates without any assistance, with his bare hands.
  • Sheriff Romero pulling a last-second surprise on Abernathy, shooting him four times and even getting rid of the money.