YMMV / As Told by Ginger

  • Alternative Character Interpretation:
    • It's possible that Mrs Gordon just despises Carl and Hoodsey, but it's also possible that she could have a fondness for them in a Tsundere way. Notably she allows Carl to call her 'Gordo' and addresses Hoodsey by his nickname a few times. Her final episode has her deciding to return to teaching after Carl begs her to - and she would have if not for her voice actress's untimely death.
    • There's a lot of fans who feel that Courtney is actually secretly in love with Ginger and that her constant attempts to reach out to her are her ways of expressing this. Alternately she could be a Lonely Rich Kid who is just fascinated by Ginger, Macie and Dodie's long running friendship and desires to have close friends. Her large Girl Posse could be interpreted as her overcompensating since she and Miranda are hardly that close.
    • Dodie appears to be very insecure and have massive abandonment issues. Her attempts at becoming popular could stem from wanting to have as many friends as possible - so she's not left alone. Whenever something changes in their dynamic, Dodie's first thought is to how it'll affect her. Big examples are Ginger discovering she's Jewish, the party that she can't go to and Darren being brought along to their summer fair tradition.
    • It's unclear if Miranda actually likes Courtney as a friend or just uses her for social status. When she and Courtney fall out in "Trouble In Gal Pal Land" she does seem miserable without her, but in "No Hope For Courtney" she easily abandons her to join Hope's clique. And for that matter, does Courtney even like her either? She seems to have her around solely so she can be a Beta Bitch (as Mipsy for example is "too pushy") but she rarely seems to think of Miranda as a friend, and more as an assistant. That said, they were thrilled to have more time to spend with each other after Miranda broke up with Darren, so they do seem to have some regard for each other.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Macie, who is loved by some fans for her Little Miss Snarker tendencies and all, whilst others find her annoying.
    • Miranda is loved by some for her sassy attitude, but others hate her for always trying to ruin Ginger.
    • Joann Bishop. Although she's meant to be disliked, some find her Love to Hate but others think she is far too unlikeable. She does at least get several Take That, Scrappy! moments.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment:
    • The episode "About Face" ends with a truly bizarre closing credits sequence featuring Lois and Dr. Dave doing a disco-fied "Diamonds Are Forever" parody in silhouette, with Noelle karate-chopping across the screen at one point.
    • The subplot of "Mommie Nearest" has Carl sporting a large prosthetic chin which freaks out all his schoolmates.
    • In "Battle of the Bands", as the protest against cutting band becomes more intense for Ginger, especially after losing the support of Dodie, Macie, and Orion, she dresses as a giant ear while holding a sign reading "DON'T TURN A DEAF EAR TO OUR MUSIC" and plans to run onto the football field in the middle of game.
  • Catharsis Factor: In "The Easter Ham" Darren chews Dodie out for her It's All About Me attitude. She's acted so horrible throughout the episode that seeing her yelled at by someone normally as soft-spoken as Darren is very satisfying.
    • Ginger standing up to Joann after the latter spent the entire episode being shrill bitch definitely counts - especially since she finally loses her temper with Joann when she starts badmouthing Carl in front of her.
  • Chaotic Good: Carl has a deep fondness for animals, yet his methods to help them often cause inconveniences at the very least.
  • Counterpart Comparison: With another Klasky-Csupo series, All Grown Up!. They're both slice of life cartoons about middle schoolers, however As Told By Ginger deals with more serious issues and has the kids age into high schoolers.
  • Designated Hero: Dodie. You can count this girl's good qualities on one hand. She is incredibly selfish and thinks only of herself, wanting to become popular. There's many times where she sells her own friends out for a chance to become popular. She plans to publicly humiliate Courtney when she finds out she has lice, she plots to break up Ginger and Darren, and when she can't go to one of Ginger's parties she wants Ginger to cancel it. And when Carl and Hoodsey go missing on the camping trip, she runs Carl down left and right in front of his sister.
  • Designated Villain: Simone for going after Darren, even though she didn't know he was spoken for, because Dodie didn't just come out and tell her.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse: Yes she's one of the main cast, but Courtney Gripling is perhaps a lot of people's favorite character from the show. Many notice how she's in fact a far more supportive and better friend to Ginger than Dodie and how despite her popular status, she's nothing like the other popular girls like Miranda and Mipsy whom are always out to get Ginger for no reason.
  • Ear Worm:
  • Esoteric Happy Ending: In "Of Lice And Men", Ginger manages to cut off the school announcement before Dodie outs Courtney for having lice... but several other students weren't so lucky, but because they are random background characters it's not treated as important.
  • Fanon: Fans have a tendency to portray the Gripling siblings as being gay. Specifically with Courtney falling for Ginger (which was almost canon but vetoed by the executives) and Blake falling for Carl. It helps both Griplings seem to have a bit of a fixation on the Foutleys.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: As the years go by, more and more fans like Ginger/Courtney. Blake and Carl have a considerable fan-following as well, though their relationship comes off as a lot more onesided on Blake's end.
  • Foe Yay: Exhibited between Carl and Blake with the fact that the latter keeps a framed photograph of Carl on his dresser among other events, one involving Blake getting straddled on a hospital bed.
  • Girl Show Ghetto: Zig-zagged. It's a popular, successful work however many boys avoided it due to the fact it's aimed at girls. Granted this has seemed to change, with more and more guys coming out in recent years, to admit that they did like the show back when it aired, but were too afraid to admit it.
  • Harsher in Hindsight:
    • Courtney states in "The Right Stuff" before she and Macie head into the high school to attend their French class that "Standing your ground is everything in high school", cut to about two years later and Courtney is mercilessly bullied by older girls while the meek Macie and her friends have an easier time in their first year.
    • Courtney's reputation is nearly ruined when she gets headlice, but she's saved at the last minute. We see in "No Hope For Courtney" just what that could have been like - and even Miranda abandoned her for the new clique.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight:
    • Macie mentioned that Ginger accidentally elbowed Mipsy in the stomach in a conga line; that and Mipsy getting hit with a rock in the eye several times along with falling over at her graduation is seen as hilarious Laser-Guided Karma for how she tried to sabotage Ginger in the past.
    • The episode "Of Lice And Friends" has Dodie finding scandalous information about her peers and broadcasting it regularly. The popular girls are easy targets too. The episode predates the first Gossip Girl book by two years and the series by six years. You half expect her to sign off her announcements by saying "xoxo".
    • Miranda initially tried to set Ginger up with Darren so she could have Ian all to herself - then later on, Darren gets his braces removed and all the girls suddenly notice how attractive he's become and Miranda ends up dating Darren. They break up, but do on fairly amicable terms, all things considered.
  • Hollywood Homely: Ginger, due to the combination of Klasky-Csupo's art style and Emily Kapnek stating that there were many designs rejected for Ginger because they were "too pretty" or "too ugly", can count as this.
  • Jerkass Woobie:
    • In the final episode, Blake of all people becomes this. For most of the series, he was an arrogant Smug Snake, but then when his dad is forced to liquidate all the resources he has to fight his court battles he and his family lose everything and he's reduced to begging Carl for help finding a home. What clinches it is when Blake actually starts crying when Carl accuses him of faking. Hell, Carl even actually feels sorry for the poor bastard.
    • Carl himself can be considered this. He's a compulsive troublemaker who causes his mother and teachers no end of frustration, and he repels almost everyone with his bizarre hobbies—but many of his issues clearly stem from his father abandoning him, which left him desperate for a decent male role model in his life.
    • Miranda, surprisingly, but she's implied to have a difficult relationships with her parents (her dad in particular), and she seems very insecure Courtney will replace her as her best friend, leading her to take her jealousy out on Ginger.
    • Dodie Bishop. She's often a self-centered, social climbing drama queen, but one has to consider that she feels badly about how badly her Mother treats others, from her Stepford Smiler act at Lunatic Lake and when she receives the news of her mother teaching at her school, she gets panicked and states she knows first hand why her Mother shouldn't be around children. Her grasps for popularity appear even more sadder.
    • Joanne Bishop, to a lesser extent, she's implied to be very anxious and to have a lot of emotional problems. Then it turns out that she was grasping for popularity as much as Dodie was and then voted "Missed Popularity" in Junior High and in the beginning of the series she had a book club that took her years to organize, only for it to be dismantled after Carl opens a jar of rotten eggs.
  • Love to Hate: Joann Bishop might be an abusive Jerkass but she also gets some hilarious lines and the sheer amount of Take That, Scrappy! moments she gets helps balance it out.
  • Memetic Mutation:
    • This particular line in "Cry Wolf":
      Miranda: Let me pretend I care.
      She makes a sympathetic face for a second.
      Okay, I'm done.
    • Essentially the entire episode "Come Back, Little Seal Girl", but perhaps most notably this line:
      Macie: (to Ginger and Dodie while wearing the Little Seal Girl costume) Do I look like a girl who's concerned with what's cool?
    • The Staggered Zoom of Dodie's evil smile and Death Glare in "Fair to Cloudy" after Ginger finds out that she invited Courtney on their county fair trip as revenge for Ginger dragging Darren along has become a popular GIF.
    • A meme made out of a still from "Carl and Maude" went viral in 2016. The still shows the part where Maude is holding out her brisket to an uncomfortable Courtney, begging her to pre-chew it, with added text of "me" (above Courtney), "y'all" (above Maude's arm) and "Game of Thrones" (under the brisket).
  • Names to Run Away from Really Fast:
    • If you interpret Miranda Kilgallen's last name literally, it starts with "Kill," which is essentially what she constantly tried to do to Ginger, mentally and emotionally, that is.
    • Mrs. Grimley. The classroom is definitely a grim place when she substitutes for Ms. Zorski.
  • Narm Charm:
    • The way Lois says Carl's name (her accent essentially drops the "R" sound), especially when she's yelling at him for something he did. A funny example is in "Losing Nana Bishop", where one scene has Ginger writing in her journal while Lois can be heard ranting about Carl's latest shenanigans through the air vent in her room.
    Lois: Caaaahl... CAHL!
    • To a lesser extent, the way she says Ginger's name as well, most notably in "Kiss and Make-Up" when she sees Ginger covered with homemade makeup ("fakeup") in her school picture.
      Lois: GINJAAAAAH! (slams the photos on the table demanding an explanation)
    • Also, this line of hers in "Summer of Camp Caprice"...
      Lois: You feel like baa-becue for dinna?
    • Ginger's Copper-Colored Ponies song. It's without a doubt corny, and should have been a complete cringe. And yet, the context of singing in front of a camp with dozens of kids you know watching and her obvious embarrassment makes the whole scene very endearing. And just sort of... works.
    • This actually gets mentioned In-Universe when Macy performs "Little Seal Girl" during the school talent contest. Courtney even calls it "terribly endearing", despite the fact the song and character is for little kids.
  • Never Live It Down: Subsequently for Carl for several of his pranks.
  • Painful Rhyme: Lampshaded in "The Easter Ham". Carl's song selling the Easter candy tries to rhyme "chocolate creams" with "jelly beans" . Brandon sings it as "jelly beams", much to Hoodsey's annoyance.
  • Replacement Scrappy:
    • Orion qualifies as one after Darren and Ginger's breakup. He starts hanging out with Ginger and friends and sitting with them at lunch in the same fashion Darren would.
    • In that note, Simone, for what happened with Ginger and Darren when she fell for him
  • The Scrappy: Dodie, thanks to her selfish and hypocritical personalty and willingness to betray Ginger for a selfish need. Odds are if any episode on YouTube that has Dodie doing something unsavory or being a bad friends, the top comment would be how much hate they have for her.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Courtney/Ginger vs Darren/Ginger. Also Orion/Ginger with those who dislike Darren.
  • Some Anvils Need to Be Dropped: The series had dropped a few:
    • Like Lois said: Being in a relationship for the sake of being in a relationship isn't very wise and you have to make sure your heart is with the person you commit to. Really needed due to the fact that even in the 21st century, Singletons (esp. women) are looked on with pity and people often enter into relationships that are unwanted or abusive. Relationships don't complete you. After seeing characters like Bridget Jones and Joan Holloway deal with the Christmas Cake trope note , it's refreshing to see someone refute it.
    • Carl telling Hoodsey that you don't have to like your relatives, just respect them. Refreshing for those who grew up in Dysfunctional Family settings and have tense relationships with family members, that they don't have to conform with the sugar-coated model of familial love if that relative caused them grief.
    • If you don't accept yourself now, no one can accept you... especially colleges.
    • No matter how hard you try, you shouldn't try to repeat or revisit a moment that felt special because no matter what it will not feel as special as the first time.
  • Take That, Scrappy!:
    • Dodie is widely disliked by fans but she does get her comeuppance numerous times - getting hit with a football, Macie accidentally punching her in the face, and usually getting called out for her worse deeds.
    • Mipsy getting hit in the eye with a pebble twice in "About Face".
    • Joann getting food poisoning from rancid shellfish.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot: The end of "Wicked Game" is never followed up on. Ginger discovers that Dodie and Macie took part in a scheme by Miranda and Mipsy to sabotage her relationship with Darren. It looks like it'll be a two-part episode, but no other episodes continue on from it. The plots examining Dodie and Macie's reasons for taking part, and Courtney's disillusionment with Miranda and Mipsy, are never explored.
  • Uncanny Valley: A lot of character designs are regarded as some of the ugliest ever by a few people.
  • Values Resonance: Over ten years later the series is still praised for dealing with issues that cartoons typically avoid like death or depression. It concerning Slut-Shaming, having strong Ambiguously Gay characters, and other such things make it especially popular in The New '10s. The episode where Dodie becomes the morning speaker and reveals the list of kids who have lice, is especially resonant with issues like doxxing and hacking into private accounts and revealing information like nude photos.
  • Wangst: Justified in that they're teenagers and teenagers do like to make mountains out of molehills when it comes to social issues. Courtney often indulges in this but others do as well.
  • What an Idiot: In "I Spy a Witch", Miranda vandalizes the school statue and tries to blame it on Ginger so that she can take her place as the lead in the school play. At first, the plan works, and Miranda probably never would have been caught if Mipsy hadn't photographed the misdeed and sent the picture to some of the other girls, including Courtney, who uploaded it on the Internet. Inevitably, Ginger eventually sees the picture and Miranda is forced to confess during the play that she was the true vandal.
  • What Do You Mean, It's for Kids?: Especially compared to other Klasky-Csupo works, this cartoon delves into considerably more mature and deep topics. It's aimed at the middle school audience.
  • The Woobie:
    • Ginger is constantly this. Especially bad late in the series, when her boyfriend breaks up with her... and she gets appendicitis the same night.
    • Hoodsey. He's one of the most good-natured characters on the show, but he's painfully shy, and he has no friends other than Carl—who his mother constantly decries as a bad influence, even though he's one of the only kids in Hoodsey's life who actually treats him like a human being. Even his family doesn't seem to pay him much attention, since he's constantly overshadowed by his much more outgoing sister, Dodie.
    • Courtney, especially in her first year of high school. She went from being the most popular girl in middle school to being mercilessly bullied by older girls and then having her family lose their money. It's also sad that Courtney really doesn't seem close to anyone, not in her family who are all polite but distant, or in her circle of friends, as they are friendships of convenience.