Awesome: As Told by Ginger

  • "Ginger the Juvey", prior to the ending, had Miranda fuming over how Ginger (whom she manipulated into stealing a bank sign for Courtney then called the police on) always wins even when she loses, no matter what, Ginger will always have one over Miranda.
  • Ginger's Big Heroic Run to stop Dodie from announcing to the whole school that Courtney has lice in "Of Lice and Friends", ignoring the hall monitor's request for a hall pass along the way. She opens the office door, screams, leaps across the desk at the microphone cord and unplugs it right as Dodie reads the first syllable of the name.
  • Macie, you are the little seal girl.
    • She stealthily tells off Dodie in "Stealing First" for loudly proclaiming her hive to be a "hideous pustule" that could ruin any chance at popularity just to show off the effectiveness of her foundation.
    Macie: Thanks to Dodie, my angora allergy is nobody's business but my own.
    • And in "Lunatic Lake" she tries to toss some maple sap at a deranged lunatic harassing her, the girls, and Joanne....she misses and nails Joanne instead then she holds the bucket over her head and chases him out into the forest. Not bad for the meekest and most nervous of her peers.
  • Ginger standing up for Hoodsey after he peed on Courtney's carpet while sleeping after saving her from a prank where Miranda and Mipsy put her hand in water to make her wet the bed.
    • And the line she tells Courtney: "You know, if you're not going to tell the truth, you might just wanna say dare." Oooh Burn!
  • Lois dumping Buzz after putting up with him, his kids, his inept hand at showers and ceiling fans, his freeloading, and the "boys will be boys" attitude he holds.
    • Then later she drops this piece of advice to a worried Ginger: "Being in a relationship, for the sake of being in a relationship, is just plain crazy. You have to let your heart lead the way and my heart wasn't with Buzz." Lois, you are Every Woman.
  • Darren telling off Dodie for being a self-centered drama queen demanding that Ginger cancel his birthday party just because her mother won't let her be in contact with Ginger. He tells her that it sucks Dodie isn't allowed, but it's his birthday party and everyone is talking about attending this party. This speech came after being reasonable and compromising with her.
    Darren: You know, you say Ginger doesn't care about the BFF's anymore. But what about you? You only care about yourself, that you're missing a party!
  • Courtney getting her friends in a conference call for Ginger and Darren to hear what their so-called "Friends" were planning about them from their mouths. What was also amazing was that Courtney has been a better friend to Ginger than Dodie was throughout the entire series (Albeit a bit crazy sometimes.)
  • Meta: This was one of the few TV shows from the early 2000's that seriously portrayed an interracial relationship between two well-developed characters without milking it for drama. While not the only show from that period to do this (Firefly and The Wire notably did the same), it was quite progressive to do it in an animated show aimed at pre-teens. Considering how rare such relationships still are in fiction (compared to how common they're becoming in Real Life), it's commendable that the creators were willing to take that step.
  • A comic strip of the show that ran in Nickelodeon Magazine starts off with Miranda making a prank phone call on a person whose number spells out "Big Butt", she calls the person (who turns out to be a very old lady with Caller ID) and has her laugh, the next day shows that the old lady (whom no one has met) substituting and reading off Miranda's name on the roll call sheet, Miranda soon starts receiving a string of funny calls ending with The Reveal that the caller is in the room yelling for Miranda to let Prince Albert out of the can, Ginger later remarks on how fascinating that "Big Butt" is a sub while Miranda fumes. "Big Butt" is one Cool Old Lady.
  • Ginger standing up to a substitute teacher by epically calling her out for her meanness.
  • Courtney at the end of "Blizzard Conditions" running outside after a National Guard truck in freezing conditions wearing nothing but footie pajamas, this is enough to be touted as a heroine for a news report.
  • Dodie Bishop...of all people get's TWO in "About Face". First she says in front of Ginger and the Popular Clique, after being told that, no they don't find Joanne cool or cooler than Dodie. Dodie says "That's ok" and that she and her Mom don't need to be cool. Then later she calls out her Mother for her teen-like behavior, telling her that they need to get over trying to impress popular girls and that they are just as good as them. Then tells her Mother that the Bratty Teenage Daughter role is Dodie's NOT Joanne's.
    • Later Doctor Dave tells his Mom that he loves everything about Lois and her kids, no matter what she says, and then proposes to Lois right then and there.
  • "The Wedding Frame" with Noelle foiling the plot to prevent Dave and Lois from marrying with her karate chops and her uncovering The Mole and Mrs. Dave as a few of the culprits, along with introducing everyone to the real Nicki La Porte. Not bad for an 11-12 year old girl.
    • Monster comes back to Carl, also making Mrs. Dave fall and "break" her hip and waking up a fainted Lois. Three birds, one stone