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Awesome: As Told by Ginger
  • Macie, you are the little seal girl.
  • Ginger standing up for Hoodsey after he peed on Courtney's carpet while sleeping after saving her from a prank where Miranda and Mipsy put her hand in water to make her wet the bed.
    • And the line she tells Courtney: "You know, if you're not going to tell the truth, you might just wanna say dare." Oooh Burn!
  • Darren telling off Dodie for being a self-centered drama queen demanding that Ginger cancel his birthday party just because her mother won't let her be in contact with Ginger. He tells her that it sucks Dodie isn't allowed, but it's his birthday party and everyone is talking about attending this party. This speech came after being reasonable and compromising with her.
  • Courtney getting her friends in a conference call for Ginger and Darren to hear what their so-called "Friends" were planning about them from their mouths. What was also amazing was that Courtney has been a better friend to Ginger than Dodie was throughout the entire series (Albeit a bit crazy sometimes.)
  • Meta: This was one of the few TV shows from the early 2000's that seriously portrayed an interracial relationship between two well-developed characters without milking it for drama. While not the only show from that period to do this (Firefly and The Wire notably did the same), it was quite progressive to do it in an animated show aimed at pre-teens. Considering how rare such relationships still are in fiction (compared to how common they're becoming in Real Life), it's commendable that the creators were willing to take that step.
  • Ginger standing up to a substitute teacher by epically calling her out for her meanness.
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