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    Season 1 
  • The Party (pilot episode, unaired until 2015):
    • When Ginger tells Darren that she owes him for trying to score party advice...
      Ginger: You want my little brother?
      Carl: (growling from inside the doghouse) I heard that!
    • Dodie and Macie's Pony Girl routine.
    • Carl using a karate kick to decapitate a plaster lawn duck with Hoodsey later commenting "These teens are spazoids!"
    • Blake running around in his underwear screaming that Courtney stuffs her bra.
    • The kids wrecking the party.
    • Dodie lying to Ginger about how wild the sleepover is going with a snoring Macie in the vicinity.
  • Ginger the Juvey:
    • Carl slamming Ginger's door open with a karate kick.
      Ginger: Quit doing that, Carl! You're going to give Macie a heart attack!
      Dodie: Breathe, breathe, Macie! Through the good nostril!
    • When Miranda takes Ginger and friends to the bank to suggest the perfect gift for Courtney...
      Macie: Of course! An interest-yielding IRA account linked with free checking! It's what every girls wants...on the inside.
    • When Ginger ponders over whether to steal the bank's "Enter" sign and risk going to prison, Darren thinks prison wouldn't be so bad because she would get to sleep on bunk beds, which he thinks are "kinda cool".
    • The alarm system in Carl's room...
      Carl's voice: Intruder! Intruder! You are being pelted with pre-chewed Super Double Berry Bubble! This will not come out!
      Everyone runs in different directions trying to avoid wads of red gum raining from the ceiling.
    • Macie's reaction after they get into camouflage...
      Macie: Let's do this thing!
      Ginger: Macie!
      Macie: Sorry. Must be the adrenaline talking.
    • Blake when he figures Carl foiled him, he sounded like Phil DeVille for a little (which is appropriate considering they share the same voice actress).
    • Macie asking Officer Killgallen if their "crime" will go on her permanent record.
    • Ginger stealing the thunder as the police car drives past Courtney's party...
      Ginger: (shouting out the window) Sorry I couldn't make it to your party, Courtney! I got arrested for robbing a bank! And look! I didn't even get frontsies...
      The car drives off. Everyone except Miranda is in shock.
      Courtney: Ahem! (everyone diverts their attention back to Courtney) Ginger Foutley got arrested for robbing a bank? What a total and complete surprise!
      Everyone applauds and says "Courtney's so cute when she's surprised", etc.
      Miranda: (voice getting louder with each word) Will somebody please explain to me how EVEN WHEN GINGER FOUTLEY LOSES...she wins?!
    • When Lois finds out of Ginger's arrest and goes to pick her up...
      Carl: Uh, Mom, if Ginger goes to prison, can Hoodsey move into her room?
      Lois: Get your coat!
      Carl and Hoodsey smile, appearing to take that as a "yes".
  • Carl And Maude:
    • Lois snarking to Ginger how Courtney isn't the Queen of England.
    • Lois's reaction to Maude asking her if "she's interested in grandchildren" and then Maude popping out pictures of her own.
    • Courtney's interest in every mundane bit of the Foutley household.
    • Maude is a walking Funny Moment.
  • Stealing First:
    • At the beginning of the episode, when Ginger and Carl get out of the car...
      Lois: Don't slam it! DON'T SLAM...
      The door slams shut. The rear-view mirror falls off from the impact. Lois shakes her head.
    • Macie's kind reminder that the bell rang...
      Macie: BELL! That...that would be the bell.
    • Macie wanting to eat some of Darren's food items...
      Macie: Are you a fan of the tapioca or...
      Darren: Go ahead.
      Ginger: What about your lactose intolerance?
      Macie: Life is short, Ginger.
    • After constant pestering from Dodie about Ginger's refusal to go on the ski trip...
      Ginger: I don't want to go on the ski trip because... I CAN'T SKI!
      Everyone in the cafeteria freezes and stares at Ginger.
      Dodie: What in the world does the ski trip have to do with skiing?
    • Lois and Ginger's conversation which then led to Lois musing how it seemed like yesterday that Ginger was being potty trained.
    • Lois's old ski jacket.
    • Macie and Miranda's interactions on the bus...
      Macie: I'm supposed to be saving this seat for someone, Miranda. And that someone is you.
    • Ginger, Macie, and Dodie "practicing" french-kissing with Jean Pierre lovingly calling them "snow chickens".
    • Ginger's reaction to almost being French kissed by Jean Pierre, skiing, and then colliding into Darren.
    • After Ginger reflects in her journal on the bus at the end, it shows Lois driving behind in her own car yelling at a cringing Carl while Hoodsey munches on a drumstick in the back seat.
  • Sleep On It:
    • Carl stinking up the whole Bishop house with his jar of two-year-old moldy rotten eggs, with Joann's book club running and screaming just as Lois comes to pick up Ginger and Carl. Her jaded facial expression as the women run out shows that she already knows Carl had something to do with it.
    • ...the whole bed-wetting ordeal.
      • At Courtney's slumber party, Miranda and another girl try to get Ginger to wet the bed by putting her fingers in a glass of water. When everyone is asleep, Hoodsey, on recon (on Carl's, Dodie's, and Macie's behalf), took and drank from the glass (not caring that someone's fingers were in there). He immediately fell asleep, dropping the (thankfully empty) glass on the floor.
      • The next morning, Hoodsey wakes up to the girls at her slumber party chanting "Bed wetter! Bed wetter!". He find himself in a puddle of urine.
      • At the Foutleys', Carl, Dodie, and Macie go to the doghouse to check on the party. As soon as they're within earshot of Carl's television monitor broadcasting the party, they overhear the girls' taunting and make a quick pile while rushing inside to see who the "bed wetter" is.
      • Back at the slumber party, Hoodseny desperately tries to clean up his mess with Courtney's teddy bear.
  • Of Lice and Friends:
    • Dodie's bizarre vocal warmups before her very first morning announcements. The Closed Captioning transcribes it as the following:
      ( Dodie vocalizing loudly ) Eee... ah... ( fluttering lips ) ( wagging tongue )
      Macie: Sounds good. What's it mean?
  • Hello Stranger:
    • Dodie getting shot down by Ms. Zorski after expressing desire to be featured in the arts fair, instead being offered to be an usher.
    • Carl finds out that Lois drank part of his dehydrated sea snake mix...
      Carl: My plans for Pet Day tomorrow are completely ruined! I got nothing!
      Lois: Oh, no? Why not bring in your Mutant Snake Mother? That'll amuse the crowd.
      Carl: It will not!
  • The Right Stuff:
    • Ginger and friends discover a pair of high school girls are planning to de-bikini Courtney at an upcoming pool party. Ginger phones her to try and get her to wear a one-piece swimsuit instead.
      Courtney: Well, Ginger, as you may not know, this upcoming season is all about bikinis and Buddha beads.
      Ginger: Uh, really? I heard one-pieces were in.
      Courtney: (laughs) I bet Dodie told you that.
      Dodie: Ugh! (She folds her arms, offended.)
      Courtney: Take it from me: the Buddha beads may be optional but you'll definitely want to wear a bikini. I wouldn't be seen without one.
      Macie: Wanna bet?
      Courtney: What's that?
      Ginger: Nothing.
    • And when they first phone Courtney, she says "I'm modelling my new bathing suit for Miranda" and Miranda gives the best sarcastic smile ever.
    • At Macie's pool party, she walks in on two people making out.
      Macie: Shame on you, Gregor Smith. Your mother teaches Sunday School.
  • Kiss and Make-Up:
    • The girls search through various beauty magazines for tips...
      Ginger: It says here if you bite your lower lip for a few hours, it looks rosier.
      Dodie: And sleeping on a block of ice gives you a creamy white complexion.
      Macie: And changing the cage once a week prevents hamster mildew.
      (Ginger and Dodie give bemused expressions to Macie, while it's revealed the hamster magazine is hidden in her beauty magazine)
      Macie: Sorry.
    • Ginger's pose in her school picture, and Lois' reaction when she first sees it.
  • The 'A' Ticket:
    • Macie finds out that she and Miranda are going to be lab partners. Her textbook abruptly fall off the desk.
      Macie: Oops. Hope that's not a sign of things to come.
      Her notebook falls off, too.
      Macie: Or that.
    • Courtney gives us this doozy:
      Courtney: I'm just fascinated by Ginger's, well, Gingerisms. Oh, I like that word. Add Gingerisms to my list of Courtneyisms.
  • Come Back Little Seal Girl:
    • Mrs. Gordon's class (especially Carl) is excited to see a mummified hand...
      Lois: The hand's already dead, right Carl? I mean, there's no other way you can kill it, right?
    • When Carl goes to sit down in the audience of the talent show, his seat collapses. Lois tells him to "cool it".
    • Since Macie decided to go solo, Ginger and Dodie volunteer as curtain pullers for the show. They open the curtain and Lois shouts some encouragement...
      Lois: Way to pull that curtain, girls! Rock and roll!
      Audience member: Shh...
    • The end of the episode...
      Courtney: How come we never hug, Miranda?
      Miranda: Ew, Courtney.
      Courtney: I'm serious. Let's try it.
      Courtney throws her arms around Miranda who looks terrified and disgusted.
      Courtney: (patting Miranda on the back) There there, that's quite enough of that.
  • I Spy a Witch:
    • Macie continually fainting at Carl and Hoodsey's Halloween pranks (which don't even faze Lois). At first, Ginger and Dodie think she is acting as part of the school play that they are rehearsing.
    • Blake has an "accident" at the sight of Maude's spirit taking over Hoodsey's body. When Carl finally lets him leave, he runs out of the doghouse screaming for Winston.
  • Blizzard Conditions:
    • When Ginger complains to Carl that the dog he's watching peed on her sleeping bag...
      Ginger: Carl... look what Muffin did to my sleeping bag!
      Carl: So? You should see what Hoods did to his.
      Hoodsey: Hey, you promised!
    • Lois facepalming after Dodie happily announces that school is closed.
    • Blake's warning to Winston when he's distracted behind the wheel:
      Blake: Winston! Employ caution!
    • Dodie and Macie taking Polaroids of every little thing for their survival report on their rescue of the Griplings, akin to Courtney in "Carl and Maude".
    • Courtney and Blake fighting over a discarded almond when stuck inside their limo.
    • After the Griplings are rescued, Courtney takes charge of Ginger's sled and knocks over Macie's box of "essentials" including lip gloss, Parcheesi and luncheon meat. The girls pass the ruined box as they chase after Courtney...
      Macie: Oh no! That was a fresh pimento looooaf.
    • When everyone is snowed in at the Foutley's house with no food or power...
      Courtney: If anyone has a right to freak out about this whole mess it's me! I'm the one who was trapped in a blizzard, missed a nail appointment and am now stuck wearing pyjamas with feet on an empty stomach!
      Winston: I urged you to have that scone this morning, madam.
    • Courtney has to wear pink feet pajamas, Blake wears Carl's clothes and Winston has to make do with Lois's fluffy pink bathrobe.
    • Courtney decides to raise everyone's spirits by singing her own version of "Greensleeves".
    • She also orders Winston to sit on a steak to thaw it.
    • Courtney finds a jar of what she thinks are chocolate-covered raisins, but after digging her hand in them, she discovers that they're actually Carl's earwigs. She throws the jar in the air (which Dodie snaps a picture of) and soon everyone is running and screaming around the kitchen trying to get the earwigs off themselves. Carl sees the now-empty jar on the floor and is devastated.
    • After Lois comes home from work (driven by the National Guard), Courtney sees the truck driving away and bolts out the door while still wearing pajamas. A news helicopter captures footage of her chasing the truck.
      TV Reporter: ...And earlier this evening, our StormCam captured an unidentified young woman who, despite freezing temperatures and inadequate footwear, braved the blizzard of the century.
  • Deja Who?:
    • When Ginger (who is still in the midst of an identity swap with Courtney) is dining with the senator's son, he makes judgmental comments about Dodie and Macie and Ginger goes off. Courtney watches the entire thing unfold on TV while sick in bed.
      Ginger: I may be Courtney Gripling, but I'm no snob!
      Courtney: But I am a snob! I am! (covers face with blanket)
  • An "Even Steven" Holiday Special:
    • Hoodsey's cringeworthy dancing at the beginning and end, hoping for "the gift of rhythm".
    • Dodie's reaction to Ginger telling them that she's 1/4 Jewish:
      Dodie: Okay... I'm converting.
    • When "Santa" (Jonas) tells Brandon Higsby in the nicest way possible to go away...
      Brandon: You're a lot less attractive in person, you know.
    • Carl's new Christmas lawn decoration: a neon outline of a reindeer that lifts its leg and urinates.
    • Jonas falling victim to Carl's prank mistletoe, which sprays water on anyone who leans underneath it.
  • Summer of Camp Caprice:
    • On the first day of camp, Courtney wears an outfit that's more appropriate for a safari.
    • When Darren and his father witness Chet Zipper unwillingly being dropped off at military camp...
      Chet: No, please! Let me go to Grandma's! (his parents quickly shut the car door and drive off)
      Mr. Patterson: (uneasily) See? Zipper can hardly wait to start.
    • Hoodsey watching a telenovela (Spanish soap opera) then yelling at Carl when he changes the channel.
    • Joann randomly exclaiming "Nose drops!" at the start of one scene.
    • Macie waddling up the dock in full swimming gear determined to rescue the source of distant cries for help (Miranda).

    Season 2 
  • Never Can Say Goodbye:
    • When Carl, Hoodsey, and Brandon find out that Mr. Licorice ran away on his own.
      Hoodsey: You didn't, like, change his diet or anything recently, huh?
      Brandon: His diet was the same as always: organic fruit, organic vegetables, and oodles and oodles of ORGANIC LOVE! (collapses to the floor sobbing)
      Carl: Maybe that's the part he didn't like.
    • When Miranda is too busy in her relationship with Darren, Courtney gets all emotional and needy.
      Courtney: Miranda was my right hand, and now that she's gone, it's like, well, all I have left is...the left. The left, you see? (shoves her left hand in Ginger's face) The left!!
      Ginger: I' to go work on things with Darren.
      Courtney: I need both hands, Ginger, both hands. And you forgot to check my breath.
    • Miranda forcing Darren to call her "Schmoo".
    • Miranda and Darren are in the middle of a lovers' spat. Miranda suddenly stops and realizes it's their first fight as a couple and proceeds to celebrate, then gives Darren directions as to how they're supposed to make up.
  • Gym Class Confidential:
    • The slow-motion montage of Carl's gym class playing dodgeball.
    • When Joann asks what's bothering Hoodsey, he comes up with a random Lame Excuse about feeling bad for Mary Todd Lincoln.
      • During the same scene, Joann says a couple of gems. When Hoodsey says he can't talk to Carl about being embarrassed of showering in gym class, Joann calls him a "budding exhibitionist", then adds:
        Joann: Remember, Robert, modesty is good. It's one thing that separates us humans from the lower primates, like Carl Foutley.
    • When the girls try to help Macie prepare herself for viewing the educational puberty film, Dodie suggests they start with reading books on the reproductive system (courtesy of Lois). Macie flips through the pages of one and faints at what she sees.
    • When the girls finally watch the film, Courtney gets steadily more uncomfortable, resulting in a sudden retching sound from her.
      Miranda: My shoes!
      Courtney: I wasn't prepared for that.
      Miranda: Courtney...
      Courtney: Don't make a scene!
      Miranda: Make a scene?! These are only my favorite shoes! Why didn't you throw up on hers? (points at Mipsy's shoes)
    • Hoodsey's body odor sending everyone in the boys' locker room running and screaming.
      Brandon: You smell like monkey cake!
      Blake: Revolting!
  • Fast Reputation:
    • Macie sees a girl dancing at a Wild Teen Party...
      Macie: That girl's going to twist her spine all the way to the emergency room.
  • The Nurses' Strike:
    • Ginger and Lois clean Courtney's floor so that she gets reflected in it...
      Courtney: I didn't think it was possible!
      Miranda: Neither did I.
      Courtney: I look even better reflected in a floor than in a mirror!
  • TGIF:
    • The Foutley car breaks down on the way to school. Carl excitedly wonders if it'll explode, which Lois assures him it won't. Cue the car suddenly catching on fire.
    • While the Gripplings give Ginger and Carl a ride to school, the limo goes through a pothole, tripping Carl up. He accidentally hits the button to open the sunroof - and Ginger's homework flies outside.
    • Before the Gripplings show up, Carl is trying to get people to stop - by recreating the famous Show Some Leg scene from It Happened One Night.
    Carl: How rude. Why won't they stop?
    Ginger: Maybe because you're a four foot flasher in a hockey mask?
    • Ginger rants about how uncouth her family is compared to the Gripplings. Macie muses that she sometimes wishes she was born into a family of trapeze artists.
    Ginger: But Macie, you're afraid of heights.
    Macie: I know. That's when I picture it, I also picture a big safety net.
    • Buzz warns Lois that the F-13 mould could destroy the house.
    Lois: But I haven't finished paying for it yet!
  • Losing Nana Bishop:
    • When Hoodsey is trying to give a eulogy for his grandmother, the waves from a passing speedboat cause their funeral-on-a-boat to rock back and forth, which sends the casket rolling from one side of the room to the other. Also, Hoodsey nearly knocks over a tall candle with the microphone cord, but casually catches it without even looking at it.
    • When Nana Bishop is being laid to rest...
      Dave: Oh, Mother! (falls into the grave)
      Joann: David Charles Bishop, get out of that grave this instant. You're upsetting the children.
      Hoodsey: Hey, I want to try! (he jumps in, but Joann catches him by his jacket and pulls him out)
      Joann: Robert Joseph!
    • When the Foutleys and Hoodsey are watching one of Jonas' old home videos, Grandma Foutley playfully tosses Carl. She tosses him too high and he hits his head on a light fixture before falling to the floor.
      Carl: Hey!
      Ginger: That certainly explains a lot.
      Carl: They have social workers for those kinds of problems.
      In the video, Grandma Foutley gestures "Shh" and Jonas stops filming.
  • Lunatic Lake:
    • Lois sees a report on an escaped lunatic on the news...
      Lois: Ha! Put that in a Velour jogging suit and you got Joann Bishop!
    • Carl filming his horror movie with Lois at the end...
    • Joann gives us some great lines in this episode:
      • "Those clams were pure poison! ... Carl Foutley served me rancid shellfish!"
      • "I don't want you! I want the OTHERS!"
  • April's Fools:
    • Pretty much the entire episode.
  • Family Therapy:
    • Courtney enthusiastically singing her own theme song at Mipsy's birthday party, while Miranda is forced into being the most deadpan backup singer ever.
    • In the waiting room at Macie's parents' office, Dodie tries to make conversation with another patient by mentioning a recipe for "self-esteemed vegetables" in a magazine titled Mental Health Now.
    • When Macie gets the opportunity to talk to her parents... in ten weeks...
      Ginger: You had to schedule an appointment to talk to your own parents? THAT'S IT! (she heads for the office door, completely ignoring the receptionist)
      Receptionist: Young lady, you can't... It's against the rules, dear! They're in a session!
  • No Hope For Courtney:
    • When Courtney loses her popularity, she sits alone at the lunch table all scruffy with messy hair and baggy clothes. A passing student, thinking she's homeless, drops a coin onto the table prompting an angry snarl from her.
    • When she finds out Hope hasn't come to her party, she starts banging her fists the floor crying "Why? Why? Why?" and Dodie offers her hands for Courtney to pound on so she won't bruise herself from pounding on the floor. Courtney obliges.
  • Next Question:
    • Ginger, per Dodie's advice, finally asks her English teacher and quiz team coach, Mr. Gardner, out on a date...on a stage in front of an entire audience and live on public access. The situation makes this a prime example of Cringe Comedy.
      Ginger buzzes in after a question
      Mr. Gardner: Lucky?
      Ginger: Mr. Gardner, I was wondering if you might want to catch a movie with me or something.
      Ginger smiles as Mr. Gardner stares at her in shock. The camera pans across the audience all with their mouths agape, especially Dodie's.
      Lois: Did she just say what I think she said?
      Mr. Gardner: Uh, question.
    • After the show, Lois and Dodie try to console Ginger in the girls' bathroom...
      Lois: Oh, Ging, you're not the first kid to make a fool of yourself over a teacher. You're just the first to do it on public access.
    • When Dodie confesses to Lois that it was all her fault, Lois gives her an epic Death Glare.
  • Driven to Extremes:
    • After Ginger has just been egged by the class and found out that their evil substitute teacher doesn't even care that her house was TP'd...
      Ginger: Well, you know what? I don't care!
      Dodie: You know, even with egg dripping off her face, somehow she makes that line work.
  • And She Was Gone:
    • After Ginger feeling down over Ms. Zorski's reaction to her poem about a girl who wanted to disappear, Dodie gives Ginger some advice...
      Dodie: Sometimes when my mom is feeling down, she locks herself in the bathroom and screams into a hand towel. (offers Ginger her napkin) Do you want to try doing that?
    • At lunch, after her friends attempt a heart-to-heart, Ginger bellows out hilariously "I am not, I repeat, I am NOT depressed!"...Gilligan Cut to her and Carl moping in the living room.
      Lois: If one of you doesn't say something, I'm gonna have to call one of those parental help hotlines
    • The next day, Ginger finds Courtney with black hair and goth make-up and acting like an Emo Teen in hopes of getting extra attention. When Ginger raises her voice and insists she doesn't want the attention, Courtney gets all weepy and says "stop yelling at me! I'm in a fragile emotional state". Ginger then delivers a line made brilliant by Melissa Disney's delivery.
      Ginger: Everyone...everyone has lost it! And they think there's something wrong with me?!
    • And then there's this exchange, during a meeting with the school psychologist:
      Psychologist: Ginger, has there ever been a time where you've wanted to disappear?
    • Courtney in group therapy is moaning about people using her hair care products and the psychologist replies about Courtney's need for attention, which provokes a bemused look from her.
    • Carl is worried he's made a girl in his class disappear. He tries unsuccessfully to get information...
      Carl: Mrs. Gordon, do you have any information on the whereabouts of Noelle Sussman?
      Mrs. Gordon: Carl Foutley, we are conducting a class about Helen of Troy. I will only accept questions that are relevant to Helen of Troy.
      Carl: Does Helen of Troy have any information on the whereabouts of Noelle Sussman?
    • Then later when Carl and Noelle meet up at her new school and she's reading the book they both love
      Noelle: Hello Carl (sweetly)
      Carl: So, ahhh, you didn't think you were going to make off with that library book did ya? (nervously)
      (Noelle walks over to the fence, passes the book, and they make eye contact while the atmosphere gets romantic)
      Noelle: Carl? (Carl looks up) This is what my voice would sound like if we were underwater! (garbled)
      Carl: Amazing
      (Noelle does a martial arts chop, gymnastics, the worm, moonwalks)

    Season 3 
  • Wicked Game:
    • Throughout the episode, Dodie grows more and more annoyed by Ginger constantly being accompanied by Darren. When he sits down at lunch with the girls, she finally reaches her boiling point over corn.
      Ginger: Hi, sweetie. Look, saved you my corn.
      Dodie: What if one of us wanted your corn? Ever think of that?
      Macie: Good gravy, woman. It's a nutritionally useless starch.
      Dodie: Not the point, Macie. Not the point. It would've been nice to be offered.
      Darren: Do you want the corn, Dodie?
      Dodie: Not from you! From her!
      Ginger: (hands her the corn) Want it?
      Dodie: No thank you!
  • The Easter Ham:
    • After Brandon quits working for Carl and Hoodsey's door-to-door Easter candy selling business, he starts his own, complete with his own song, which he sings while donning a feathery yellow chick costume.
      Brandon: (shrilly and off-key) Chick, chick, chick. We're the Chickie Chiiicks. And we got some treats for YOUUU.
  • Heat Lightning:
    • Mrs. Dave asking Hoodsey if he's "one of those Romanian orphans".
    • Carl and Hoodsey running a 1.5-mile stretch of extension cords from the doghouse all the way to Blake's treehouse at the Gripling estate for their new air conditioner, which Lois said their own electricity wouldn't be able to handle.
    • Ginger fantasizes about kissing Sasha only to come back to reality puckering up to a frog held by one of the campers.
    • Hoodsey and Mrs. Dave rolling on the ground fighting over who added a fifth king to the deck in their game of poker.
  • Fair to Cloudy:
    • Dodie and Hoodsey are walking home from Ginger's house and Dodie is ranting that Ginger inviting Darren to their annual county fair trip is a violation of the "best friend/boyfriend pact".
      Hoodsey: Um...could we not talk? Because when you get all military-like, it's scary and confusing.
    • Courtney during pretty much the entire episode.
  • Stuff'll Kill Ya:
    • The Mocoloco Frothinator:
      • Whomever drinks one ends up with Wide Eyes and Shrunken Irises, the Mocoloco Frothinator Leitmotif playing.
      • The girl who drinks one in the opening ends up walking robotically to school,. causing a lot of odd things happen to her by simply walking by them, including making someone's toupée fly off!
      • When Ginger is ordering her first Mocoloco Frothinator, but the machine used to make it is very loud.
      Ginger: (shouting over machine noise) I was thinking about going for the extra shot of espresso!
      Barista: Not for a first-timer. It's pretty intense.
      Just as the machine stops, Ginger continues to shout.
      The cafe patrons stare at her. She pays and leaves with her drink without saying a word.
      • Lois and Carl are postulating why Ginger is not at the dinner table. Ginger then comes in "fast-forward mode", dumping everyone's untouched dinners in the sink, letting the faucet run over them a bit, then goes back to her room, all while explaining her plans in Motor Mouth.
      • While she is doing lots of homework (to the point of rows of homework organized on her floor), she manually speed-dials (that is, pressing the keys super-fast) Daren while talking to him in the same Motor Mouth. Cut to Dodie, who was the one who really got the call.
      • After Dodie throws away Ginger's Mocoloco Frothinator:
      Ginger: Hey! That wasn't even finished yet!
      Ginger: Don't go for the trash. Please say that you won't go to for the trash.
      Ginger: Iwasn'tgoingforthetrash...
      Ginger: *goes for the trash, but Dodie and Macie stop Ginger*
    • "You will make coffee for me... now!"
    • When Carl gives Hoodsey what he thinks will be his last goodbye, he squishes his face with his hands like a ball of dough.
    • Hoodsey tells Carl that if anything ever happens to him, he can have his racecar bed, but he "might want to change the mattress".
  • Battle of the Bands: